Our Pass Photo of the Week—Yung Filly!

This one’s been soooo hard to keep under wraps — Yung Filly has just passed with PassMeFast!

Here’s our favourite YouTuber-slash-rapper’s pass story:

Going from YouTube to U-Turns

Filly came to us way back at the end of 2020 in the middle of lockdowns. But that didn’t put our Filly off — he doesn’t like to Take Time, so he booked a 20-hour PassMeFast course with theory and practical test. We discussed what he needed and started fast-tracking Filly to freedom!

Asking Awkward Questions

Now, Yung Filly’s a very busy guy so he had to fit his driving course into an already hectic schedule. If Filly isn’t on-set filming, then he’s probably on the way to the set for filming — good job he’s got the energy levels to leave the Duracell Bunny exhausted!  We worked closely with him to get a theory test and off he went…

Filly’s the one normally Asking Awkward Questions over on YouTube, but this time he was on the receiving end. No sweat, though, he took the theory in his stride, smashed it out of the park and moved on to the next stage of his PassMeFast course!

Yung Anne steps to the mic

With the theory test boxed off, it was time for us to get a practical test. No easy feat with the post-pandemic backlog to swerve around… 😩

Eventually, we secured the ideal test date, Filly managed to find some gaps in his diary for his lessons, and we started assigning his instructor.

Luckily for Filly, he lives near a PassMeFast OG — Anne S! She’s been working with us for a while, so we knew they’d get on like a booth on fire. Yung Filly and Yung Anne arranged the best days to collab and off they went…

Yung Filly and his driving instructor Anne

Chunkz, we think you better watch out — it looks like Filly has a new best mate!

So, Filly’s lessons went well. But driving lessons aren’t much use without a successful test at the end. How did our Yung star get on?

Time to Fill-y the tank

Yung Filly only went and passed his driving test first time 🙌 He even treated us to two pass photos — you can see the other on his IG.

Great work, Filly — time to get on road to your next video shoot!

Book Now

Inspired? We can do it for YouTu…

It was a lot of fun helping Filly get on the road! You don’t need to be a YouTube sensation to pass your test first time, and we’ve got everything you need to get your licence.

Book Now

We help you with all the awkward theory questions and can get your ideal test dates (no matter how busy you are!). All of our instructors are as fantastic as Anne and give you the expert 1-2-1 tuition you need to get your licence.

Follow in Filly’s footsteps and build your PassMeFast course today — we’ll get you on the road ASAP!

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By Sam Plant

Sam spent the first 2 years of his PassMeFast career with the Customer Experience team, and now he’s sharing his driving experience with the rest of the world! When not writing, you can find Sam reading, playing games, or following Port Vale.


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    Zaishan Amin

    Hi do automatic driving lessons in stoke on trent ST37HS

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      Sam Plant

      Hi Zaishan,

      We do cover Stoke (it’s also my hometown!). Pop your postcode in here to find all our prices in your area.

      We look forward to getting you on the road!


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