Magnificent Seven! Victoria’s PassMeFast Story

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It’s not unusual to experience a few bumps along the way to getting your licence. All of us will experience our fair share of ropey lessons, of course. Meanwhile, statistically, more than half of us will fail a test at least once. As they say, though, “the harder the struggle, the greater the reward”. Persevere, and the feeling when you finally pass will be incredible.

One person who certainly knows how that feels is Victoria. She’d already spent plenty of time behind the wheel, but didn’t quite manage to crack the practical test. After a decade off the roads, though, she decided it was time to give it one more try—this time, with PassMeFast. Let’s read her story to see how it went!

Driving background

Animated manual and automatic gearboxes

Like many of our learners, Victoria came to PassMeFast after a long break from driving. In fact, it had been ten years since she last took a driving test! It would probably be fair to say that, for Victoria, the road to driving didn’t run smooth. Here’s what she had to say:

I’d failed my test SIX times, with the last time being ten years ago. I had no confidence at all in my ability to drive, but as a single parent to two teenagers, it was a skill I really needed to have.

Though taking a few attempts to pass isn’t out of the ordinary, Victoria decided she needed to switch things up for her next try. This meant ditching manual cars in favour of automatics—and, of course, swapping hourly lessons for a PassMeFast intensive course.

Victoria’s course

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On the recommendation of a friend, Victoria decided an intensive course was the right way to go. She just had one thing to figure out: how many lessons would it take to get test-ready?To get an expert opinion, she decided to take a one-hour course assessment lesson with one of our instructors.

Not a beginner, but with a lot of ground still to cover, our mid-range 25-hour course turned out to be the perfect option for Victoria. We paired her up with local instructor Akbar to take her for automatic lessons in the Manchester area.

Victoria was able to balance an intensive schedule with her work as an editor, fitting in sessions over the course of three weeks, with each lesson lasting around three hours. She got on well with her instructor, describing him as:

Brilliant. Great sense of humour and patient, but didn’t take any excuses!

There was only one thing left to do—the practical test itself, which Victoria took at Sale test centre. How would it go?

The result

Victoria's pass photo

As you can tell from the photo above, she aced it! Not only was it lucky number seven for Victoria when it came to passing, but she even joined our exclusive zero minors club. Yep, that’s right: she impressed her examiner so much that she didn’t make a single fault!

After the test, she headed off to enjoy a celebratory Chinese takeaway with her kids. She still had time to leave a few thoughts for anyone considering booking an intensive course in the future, though:

I’d especially recommend an intensive course to anyone who has previously struggled with driving, or who is nervous or low on confidence. I went from failing six times (in a manual car) to passing with no minor faults in an automatic. I can’t wait to buy my first car!

Thanks for all the kind words, Victoria, and best of luck for your driving future!

Victoria’s story is a real inspiration to anyone looking to get on the road, and serves as proof that it pays not to give up! So, if you’re feeling motivated to (re)start learning to drive, make this the day you begin. Call PassMeFast on 0333 123 4949 to discuss your options with our team. We’re happy to help!

By Andy Boardman

Andy has been part of the PassMeFast Blog team from the very beginning. He'll provide you with plenty of useful motoring advice, helping you to get the most out of every trip. When he's not writing here, you're most likely to find Andy on the way to his next destination.

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