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Greetings PassMeFast readers! The month of September is officially over—boy, it certainly flew by! Holidays are officially over (sob) and school’s back. At least those enjoying freshers’ week got to revel in a bit of a heatwave. We certainly hope that’s not the last we’ll see of the good weather—we’re just not ready for weeks of endless torrential rain. Though you might have found yourself too preoccupied to do much this month, the same can’t be said for some of PassMeFast’s top students!

We’d like you to join us in congratulating PassMeFast’s latest batch of newly qualified drivers. To give you a behind-the-scenes glimpse of how our driving courses work, we’ve put together the top success stories of the month. Get the full lowdown in our top customer reviews in September!

1. It will change your life

Choosing to learn to drive means opening the door to countless new possibilities. It makes sense to invest in such a crucial life skill—but this doesn’t mean that it can’t be cost-effective. The trick is knowing what to look out for and what to avoid. Traditional hourly lessons, for example, can drag the learning process out over a lengthy period. Though they may initially seem cheaper, many learners find they end up building skills slowly. The end result is that this so-called cheaper option ends up costing more in the long run.

Luckily, there’s an alternative: intensive and semi-intensive driving courses. This learning method enables learners to build up their skill set more quickly and efficiently. One learner who benefited from this approach was Sophie. In choosing PassMeFast’s 10 hour course, she got plenty of bang for her buck. Oh, and more importantly, she passed! Here’s what she had to say about her experience:

“Going with PassMeFast was hands down the best decision I have ever made. Doing one lesson a week was just not for me, and doing a 10 hour intensive course got me to test standard which I never thought I would get to. I would also highly recommend my instructor Graham who was fantastic and is clearly very good at his job!

Of course, our 10 hour course is far from the only option. In fact, we’ve got something for every learner! Simply head on over to our prices page to see what’s on offer. For a more in-depth look at what each course entails, read up on our driving courses rundown. You’ll find course descriptions, prices and helpful course videos!

2. Patience is a virtue (that all PassMeFast instructors have)

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Think back to any negative learning experience you’ve had in the past. Whether it was maths class in high school or your parents teaching you how taxes work, we guarantee these experiences probably have one thing in common: an incompatible teaching style. If someone’s a bit too impatient with us, or uses a condescending tone, it hinders our progress in the subject. The exact same principle applies when it comes to driving. If your driving instructor keeps getting annoyed at you, or moves from topic to topic too quickly, you’re not going to be able to develop your driving skills properly.

PassMeFast instructors, meanwhile, are adaptable. After just a short time together, they’ll be able to gauge what teaching style works best for you. Whether it’s a patient approach or a firmer hand, they’ll do whatever it takes to make sure learners are comfortable and progressing well in their lessons. Nick knows this well. He took our 25 hour course with instructor Michael and was amazed at his understanding approach. Michael’s tuition must’ve worked wonders, because Nick passed first time! His glowing review certainly tells you all you need to know about his learning experience with PassMeFast:

“I would give 10 stars if I could! Charlotte at PassMeFast was always very accommodating and helpful with information and bookings. If you can whatever you do ask for Michael as your instructor. Not only does he treat you with respect and is never patronising or condescending, but he is also a fantastically understanding and patient teacher who you can have such a good laugh with as well!

After 25 hours he had me test ready and I passed first time with 8 minors. Keep up the great work!”

If you’re ready for the PassMeFast experience, you can book with us online or over the phone on 0333 123 4949. All you’ve got to do is specify which tests you need (theory and/or practical), which transmission you want (manual or automatic) and what your overall availability is. Then, we’ll sort out the rest!

3. For those looking to give it another try

As a driving school that’s been going for over a few years now, PassMeFast has dealt with all types of learner drivers. Often, learners come to us after having taken a long break from learning to drive. Whether it’s due to driving anxiety or the cost of lessons, many learners give up for years until they decide enough’s enough. Of course, it can be nerve-wracking to get back behind the wheel after so long, which is why it’s important you choose the right driving school.

Holly first started learning to drive over 15 years ago, but had to take a break. Upon deciding to give it another try, she came to PassMeFast. Realising that those pesky gears might be the source of some of her frustration, she opted for our 20 hour automatic course with instructor Jasbir. Something seemed to have clicked—after completing her course in under two weeks, Holly passed her test first time!

“I was extremely nervous before starting my lessons due to a poor learning experience approximately 15 years ago. Years later I decided to give it another try but use an automatic car instead. I purchased 20 hours of lessons and completed these in a week and a half and passed first time! I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons and felt much more comfortable, this was especially due to my instructor who was amazing! Jasbir was very patient and thorough with instructions. I would highly recommend PassMeFast and Jasbir.

If you’ve taken a break from driving and you’re not entirely sure how many hours you need, you needn’t worry. Simply chat to a member of our team by calling 0333 123 4949, or use our course recommender tool. Just answer a few simple questions and you can discover your ideal PassMeFast course!

4. A course designed to suit you

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If there’s something that PassMeFast knows all too well, it’s that no two learners are exactly the same. Some are more than content to take things at a (relatively!) leisurely pace. Other learners, however, have an exact timeframe in mind. They want their practical test booked at a particular test centre, with tight time constraints. Fortunately, PassMeFast is able to fit your lessons and tests around you.

Take our fast-tracking team, for example. They’re incredibly experienced in finding those ideal test dates—often weeks or even months ahead of DVSA waiting times. This means that learners can get their full licence within just weeks of booking in. Caitlin already had some experience under her belt and didn’t want to waste time. That’s why she was pleasantly surprised with PassMeFast. We managed to book a test on the day she wanted and, with the help of her instructor Naheed, she breezed through her 20 hour course. And would you look at her now! She passed her test with only 3 minors!

“Setting up my course was a breeze, Adam was really helpful and able to set up exactly what I needed getting me a test on the exact day at the exact centre I needed. My instructor Naheed was really helpful and nice. He knew what he was doing and was able to teach me in a way that worked best for me. As I’d already had around 40 hours of lessons 2 years ago we mainly worked on manoeuvres which was super helpful. I passed my test on Friday with only 3 minors! I can not thank Pass me Fast and specifically Naheed enough for being so amazing!

5. Dealing with the admin so you don’t have to

If there’s a single word guaranteed to make anyone groan in despair, it’s admin. Unfortunately, there tends to be plenty of it when you’re learning to drive. Learners battling through the process alone will first need to deal with booking both their theory and practical tests. This often means resigning yourself to a test date months away, or desperately searching for an early test date yourself. Fantastic if you have hours of time on your hands, and like spending that time constantly hitting the refresh button—not so much for anyone else. And even then, the ordeal isn’t over.  You then have to figure out how to fit your lessons around your test date. If you don’t time it well enough, you could end up having to take more lessons than you need to. Or worse, you might end up needing to reschedule your test!

For learner drivers who don’t particularly want to suffer, PassMeFast offers the perfect solution: your own dedicated CX Adviser. Forget dealing with admin yourself—they’ll do it for you! They’ll take the time to find the perfect theory and/or practical test, and then match you up with a DVSA-approved driving instructor. Karl was beyond pleased with his CX Adviser, Matthew, who helped make his learning process easy and stress-free. After a quick 5 hour refresher course with instructor Ibrar, Karl passed first time with only 3 minors!

“Matthew (my CX Adviser and Ibrar (My instructor) I both found very professional and efficient at there jobs.I need to do my theory twice and this was easily re-booked for me to save any stress.Matthew was very accommodating changing locations for me when doing my practical, and I found ibrar very easy to drive with. He knew what was required for me to pass, and kept it direct and simple.As a result I passed first time with only 3 minors so I’m very delighted!! Big thanks to my guys getting this sorted for me.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a beginner driving course or a refresher driving course, PassMeFast has something for everyone. Even if you’re just looking for an earlier practical test, we can help—simply book a fast-track practical test and you’ll be on the road in no time!

Still not entirely sure whether you’re ready to take the plunge and learn to drive? Well, if our customer reviews weren’t enough, our top pass photos of the month might just do the trick! If you want to stay updated on the latest changes in the world of motoring, you might also enjoy our top news stories in September.

Despite what your friends or family might have told you, learning to drive really doesn’t have to be a long or painful process. If you decide to learn with PassMeFast, we can help you get your full driving licence weeks or even months earlier than you would with traditional, hourly lessons. Whether you want to keep things at intensive or semi-intensive pace, we’ve got something for you. To see what’s on offer, simply have a gander at our course prices page. Once you’re ready, you can book online or give us a bell on 0333 123 4949.

*Some instances of grammar and punctuation have been corrected; otherwise, reviews are as written.

By Bethany Hall

Whether you’re a learner or a pro driver, Bethany is here to help. From defensive driving to the Highway Code, she’ll tell you everything you need know about driving. If she’s not on the road, you’ll probably find Bethany with her head in a book or binge-watching the latest TV show.


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    Carl Robinson

    Hi, I hope you can help, I’m really worried, I’m not proud of this, very disappointed in myself for a stupid mistake and need advice.
    I have recently booked a speed awareness course as I was caught last month. The course is booked for Sat 9th Nov this year. 
    Yesterday I got caught by a speed trap van parked in a layby and I’m now very worried, more annoyed with myself for this stupid error. The traffic was calm and weather dry, I was sat behind a lorry going slow on a dual carriageway and decided to pass the lorry, the trap van got me as I went round the bend. Any advice is much appreciated, I think I may have been doing 75mph in the 50mph zone… 

    1. Reply

      Bethany Hall

      Hi Carl,

      I’m afraid if you’ve been caught committing another speeding offence, then unfortunately your course offer will be rescinded. Instead, you’ll need to pay the speeding fine and take the penalty points.

      Hope this helps.


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