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Greetings learner drivers and driving enthusiasts! It’s officially the end of September. You know what that means—we’re waving goodbye to summer and saying hello to autumn. Dreading the dark mornings? Hate the idea of taking driving lessons in the freezing cold? It’s not the end of the world—learners are still passing their test, despite the turn in the weather. In fact, autumn and winter can be the best time of year to learn to drive. Both seasons provide learners with experience in tackling icy roads, non-stop rain and everything else us Brits are known for putting up with!

Instead of dwelling on how quickly this year is passing us by—and checking the weather forecast to see if we’re due any last-minute heatwaves—let’s take a look at this month’s top learner drivers. We’ve picked out our top customer reviews in September. Take a look below to read about their experiences with us.

1. There’s a reason everyone recommends us…

Back when PassMeFast was only a glint in our eye, we made a point at looking at what other driving schools had to offer. Sadly, we learned that most driving schools tended to lack a personable attitude. This meant that learners had barely any interaction with anyone other than their driving instructor. We didn’t agree with this approach.

From the moment you book onto a course with PassMeFast, you’ll be assigned your very own Booking Agent. They’ll be there with you every step of the way—assigning you a top instructor and offering support throughout the build-up to your theory and/or practical test. Harv experienced this first-hand from us and his instructor, Ralph…

“I have had nothing short of professional, excellent, exceptional and extremely attentive service from both PassMeFast and Ralph.

I have found PassMeFast to be very supportive and exemplary in their conduct with me from day one.

My tuition has been incredible. I would recommend Ralph to anyone and he is a diamond asset to PassMeFast. Extremely informative, patient, polite and constructive with criticism. Never once did I feel uncomfortable. I felt very at ease and happy throughout the course. I have learnt a thousand times more with Ralph than I did in my previous tuition with the AA and I have had less tuition time.

This is life changing for me and my family. I will always be grateful and thankful to Ralph. To pass first time is the cherry on top! Thanks you to PassMeFast for your service and providing an instructor nothing short of brilliant!”

2. Helping you figure out what’s best

A difficulty many learner drivers have is on deciding how many hours of tuition they need to get test-ready. If you’ve already had some driving experience, it just doesn’t make sense to fork out for an entire beginner course. Of course, if you guess wrong, you end up either taking more hours than needed, or you end up with too little—meaning you have to pay for even more lessons.

Lizzie wasn’t in need of a long driving course, as she’d already had some driving experience under her belt. Her problem, however, was in deciding how many lessons she would need before she was ready to take the driving test. Fortunately, she came to the right place. Although we offer course assessments for learners, our sales team are also very experienced in helping learners pick the the ideal course length. With our help, Lizzie realised she needed a 10 hour driving course. It certainly paid off!

“Really great service from start to finish, all the staff I spoke to were really informative in helping me choose the right length of course for me. My booking agent Charlotte was fantastic and answered all my queries quickly. My instructor Phil was absolutely amazing and really got my confidence up quickly! So happy to have passed and so glad I chose PassMeFast!”

With PassMeFast, you can decide how intensively you’d like to take your course—working with your instructor to fit lessons around your schedule. Not sure what course you might need? Head on over to our driving courses rundown or speak to our sales team directly on 0333 123 4949.

3. Don’t settle for anything less than perfect…

Want to know the secret to learning to drive successfully? Finding yourself the best instructor. It’s essentially like a partnership—if you work well together, then it pays off. If, however, you end up clashing with your instructor’s teaching style, it creates a less-than-optimal learning environment. PassMeFast has been around for a few years now. Needless to say, we’ve seen plenty of learners come to us after having bad experiences with other driving instructors.

Stephanie learnt this first hand—with 3 previous instructors, she hadn’t had the best learning experience. Fortunately, PassMeFast only work with top-drawer DVSA-approved instructors. We carefully consider which instructors would be best, taking note of any preferences our learners might have. After assigning Stephanie PassMeFast-favourite Riaz, she managed to fly through our 20 hour course and pass first time!

“After having 3 previous instructors I decided to do a PassMeFast course and I’m more than happy that Riaz was my instructor. He made me feel comfortable from beginning to end and from the minute I met him he made me feel so at ease with how patient and calm he was throughout every lesson, which was so beneficial for me as I am normally a very anxious person anyway. Riaz clearly explained everything to me and always asked me what I felt less confident doing so we were able to pinpoint the areas that I needed more reassurance in. He was such a lovely gentleman and was happy and chatty which helped with my silence when concentrating because I never once felt awkward.

He made me feel like I shouldn’t doubt myself and even when I doubted myself, he always made my moods change to being positive. Fantastic instructor, was a pleasure to meet him and don’t think I would have passed first time without him. Thank you so much.

Also would like to mention how fast my test was booked in. As I had limited time as my theory was about to run out. Riaz was able to sort out a test for me before that date, which I really appreciate. From me booking with PassMeFast, I did 20 hours straight away (doing 3 hours a day) meaning I passed in over a week.”

Looking to take a driving course as intensively as Stephanie? Book a course with PassMeFast today!

4. Look forward to your lessons…

As we’ve said, PassMeFast thinks it’s important for learners to get on with their instructors. No one wants to dread going out for their driving lessons—it doesn’t set you up for a good lesson. After all, learning to drive can already be a stressful experience for many, especially if they’re dealing with driving anxiety or test day nerves. With the right instructor, however, learning can be an absolute breeze.

Our instructors are renowned for going the extra mile for their students, and no one knows  this better than Jen. She found the perfect source of encouragement and teaching from none other than Riaz. With him, she was able to build up her driving skills and confidence in next to no time at all. And what do you know? She passed her test with flying colours!

“I passed my test last week with PassMeFast! Riaz was the best driving instructor I could have hoped for!  Not only was he an excellent and patient teacher, but also a great person who I looked forward to driving with.

I couldn’t imagine ever having the skills to pass my test but Riaz made sure that I had the confidence needed and was a constant source of encouragement. Riaz also worked the lessons around my schedule and even gave me an extra lesson the night before my test when I was feeling nervous.

I can’t recommend Riaz enough and I am so happy that I got such a great instructor who was not only a knowledgeable and skilled teacher, but also went out of his way to make sure I was ready for my test.

Thank you Riaz!”

Get to know more about our instructors on our page dedicated to PassMeFast ADIs.

5. It’s never too late to learn…

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Interestingly, many people in the UK convince themselves that they’re too old to learn to drive. Once they reach a certain age, they’re certain that it’s a pointless affair. Unfortunately, this can be an issue for those looking to progress in their career. Driving is a key skill that many jobs require, after all. So, what can you do? PassMeFast firmly believes that it’s never too late to learn to drive. In fact, we’ve seen countless drivers pass their test—from Cheryl who passed after 24 years to Richard who got his licence at 70 years old! Needless to say, we make the so-called impossible possible.

Ryan was experiencing the very same struggle—believing that at 38, it was likely he’d never learn to drive. With his future career on the line, however, he soon decided to take the plunge. Fortunately, he found PassMeFast. We were able to arrange his course and assign him a driving instructor in next to no time. With his experienced instructor, Jake, Ryan was able to pinpoint his weaknesses and get his confidence up in time to pass his practical test!

“At 38, it was becoming increasingly probably that I would never learn to drive, and I had become comfortable with that. However, for me to progress in my career it was becoming necessary to finally learn to drive and pass my test. The first instructor I had continually let me down by cancelling lessons and by being overly negative about my performance, so I put a stop to the relationship and I decided to give an intensive course a go to just get it done and dusted.

I found PassMeFast on Google, and within a few days I had my theory test booked, which I passed first time. Another few days passed and I had a practical test booked and an instructor arranged. Jake was eager to call and understand where I was with my skills, and we had an initial assessment that still left me nervous. However, I needn’t have worried. He identified my weaknesses and by using a regimented but cool approach, we fine tuned my skills until I was confident behind the wheel, then he added skills every day that we worked together.

Over the course of three weeks I went from nervous wreck to confident driver and today I passed my practical test first time. I’m now a fully paid up member of the driver club, and I have Jake to thank for this. He comes highly recommended by me, as does the PassMeFast operation. Faultless.”

*Some instances of grammar and punctuation have been corrected; otherwise, reviews are as written.

Eager to see your experience join our monthly roundups? Want to have your picture join our top pass photos? All you’ve got to do is get the ball rolling—check out our courses and prices, and give us a ring on 0333 123 4949 to get everything booked in. Or, if you’d prefer, book your course online.

Book a course with PassMeFast, and look forward to hitting the open road in no time at all!

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