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Hello learner drivers and motoring enthusiasts! We’ve finally hit the end of October—we hope you had a spooky and enjoyable Halloween. With the clocks having turned back, the mornings might not be as dark—but they’re certainly colder. Whilst you might be reluctant to get out of your warm bed, the icy cold winds haven’t stopped learner drivers from passing their tests across the UK.

To celebrate this month’s top newly qualified drivers, we’ve compiled our top 5 customer reviews in October. Take a peek below to see what their experiences were like with PassMeFast.

1. Fitting your course around your availability…

Learning to drive can be a challenging and long journey. Once you’ve passed the theory test, you have to sort out your driving lessons. If you decide to take hourly lessons over intensive courses, you can end up taking week-long or even month-long breaks between lessons. It can get even more difficult trying to fit lessons in if you’ve not got much availability. It’s for this reason that a lot of people give up trying to drive.

Claire already had some driving experience under her belt, but still felt nervous about getting behind the wheel. And with 3 children at home, she didn’t have much in the way of availability. Thanks to her friend, though, she found PassMeFast. We were able to offer her a flexible 25 hour course with PassMeFast ADI Ann, which she passed first time. And the rest, as they say, is history…

“I’m 32 with 3 children and was nervous to start my driving lessons. I heard about PassMeFast through a friend so I booked a 25 hour course and got an amazing instructor called Ann. Not only was she professional and encouraging, she was a lovely lady who made me feel so at ease throughout my driving experience. I would 100% recommend PassMeFast and especially Ann. To top if off I passed first time and I couldn’t be happier.”

With PassMeFast, flexibility is key. No matter what your availability or experience level is, you can fit one of our intensive or semi-intensive courses around your schedule. If you’re not sure what type of course you’re in need of, head on over to our driving courses rundown.

2. Boosting your confidence…

Learning to drive takes a lot of time and effort. You have to ace the theory test and retain information on the Highway Code, road signs, car maintenance and much more. Once you’re on the road, it’s a whole new kettle of fish. You’ve got to hone a realm of driving skills ranging from clutch control to moving through the gears smoothly to hazard perception. When you start, you’ve got your instructor acting as a safety net. As you progress, however, your instructor steps further back—eventually leaving it entirely in your hands. Understandably, this can be incredibly nerve wracking for learners.

William often suffered from nerves and anxiety when he was behind the wheel in the past. Once he booked in with PassMeFast, however, he soon sped ahead. With PassMeFast instructor Jake, he boosted his confidence and managed to pass his test first time—with only 1 minor!

“Had a great experience with PassMeFast and my instructor Jake was excellent. In the past I would be extremely nervous and anxious when behind the wheel, but with the help of Jake, I soon became extremely comfortable behind the wheel and during our course I was rarely nervous at all.

Jake is always punctual and extremely friendly and a great instructor helping me to pass first time with one minor, I owe almost all of this to Jake and his ability to teach how to drive. He is brilliant at assessing a driver’s weaknesses and come the test I knew that he had taught me perfectly and that it was down  to me now to drive like he taught me and pass the test. It’s hard to imagine a better instructor.

The PassMeFast course is also extremely good and the emails back and forth with Adam made it so all the arrangements needed were easy and simple to sort out.”

3. If at first you don’t succeed…

Whilst the practical test is a nail-biting exercise for many learners, there’s something even worse in store for some: failing. Imagine getting back to your practical test centre after finishing your test route, only to have your examiner turn to you to tell you that you’ve failed your test. If that wasn’t disheartening enough, you’ve then got to look at the driving test faults you picked up on your feedback sheet. As you can imagine, many learners opt to give up after their first failed attempt.

Helen’s son was determined to pass his driving test and certainly wasn’t looking to give up after failing. Realising that he needed a bit of work on his driving, he took our 10 hour refresher course with Peter. And what do you know? He passed his test with flying colours!

“I got in touch with PassMeFast for intensive tuition for my son who had failed his test the first time round. From the minute I got in touch they were super helpful, knowledgeable and great communicators. They were in touch with me every step of the way, right through from the initial booking to wishing my son good luck for his test and then congratulations when he passed! My son did the 10 hour course which he said was brilliant, he learnt so much in that time thanks to his excellent instructor Peter.”

Not sure what your next steps should be after failing? Read up on our handy guide detailing what to do if you fail the practical test.

4. Accommodating your every need…

If there’s something that PassMeFast understands, it’s that every learner driver is different. Some have heaps of experience and confidence, and others have never sat behind a wheel before. Similarly, whilst some learners have empty schedules, others struggle to find a driving school that fits lessons and a test date around their limited availability. And that’s where we’re head and shoulders above other driving schools—we offer intensive and semi-intensive courses that can fit around even the busiest of calendars.

Kerrie was looking for a driving school that could find her the perfect test date and instructor. She certainly came to the right place. We were able to find her a test date suited to her availability and preferences. And, with PassMeFast instructor Sue, she was able to build up her confidence and pass the practical test!

“PassMeFast were fantastic, so helpful and fast in getting you started with your instructor and finding tests to suit your availability. They were really accommodating to me, in finding someone who suited me for my lessons.

I had “Sue B” she really was amazing, friendly and funny. Everything was explained to me clearly as to what does and does not need to be done and why. She really does help you have a greater knowledge and confidence in driving.

I couldn’t thank PassMeFast and Sue enough.”

5. Speeding up the entire booking process…

As we’re sure you know, in order to take the practical test, learners must have already have taken the theory test. This is because your theory test pass number is needed in order to book a practical test. In most cases, learners pass their theory test and go on to take the driving test as quickly as possible. Some learners, however,  take a long break—usually due to time or monetary constraints. What you might not know, is that your theory pass certificate runs out if you’ve not passed your practical within two years.

If the theory test wasn’t a walk in the park for you, understandably, you wouldn’t want to have to resit it. Fortunately, PassMeFast is experienced with fast-tracking practical tests and speeding up the entire booking process. Paige‘s theory certificate was about to expire, and she faced the predicament of having to retake the theory test. Luckily for her, she came to the right place. PassMeFast got her booked on for a 10 hour course and helped her pass in no time!

“I am so glad I decided to contact PassMeFast. I had a very restricted time limit to take my practical test as my theory was about to expire. The staff at PassMeFast were extremely helpful, they assigned me an instructor and booked me a test almost instantly.

My driving instructor Dean was amazing. I have had lessons and driving tests in the past with other instructors and failed a number of times. However, after only 10 hours with Dean, he gave me the confidence boost and reassurance I needed to pass this time.

I can’t recommend PassMeFast and Dean enough.”

Looking to get passed fast? Book yourself a fast-track practical test with PassMeFast.

*Some instances of grammar and punctuation have been corrected; otherwise, reviews are as written

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