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Greetings learner drivers and motoring enthusiasts. We have now officially hit the end of November. You know what that means… we’re mere days away from decking the halls and digging out the Christmas tree. We can just hear the Christmas carolling already! Whilst you’ve been busy trying to get ahead with your presents—or dreading the mere thought of it—we’ve helped countless learners to pass their driving tests across the UK. Yes, even the bitter weather and the approach of impending festivities haven’t stopped them.

We’re here to celebrate these hardworking, newly-qualified drivers. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of our top 5 customer reviews in November—giving you a behind-the-scenes look at their experiences with PassMeFast.

1. Helping you achieve your goals…

For some people, learning to drive is a walk in the park. Clutch control? Pfft, easy. Multi-lane roundabouts? Could do it with my eyes closed! (Word of advice: don’t!) For others, however, it can be a long and painful process. If you’re a nervous driver, or you lack the natural confidence that some learners have, lessons can end up being something you actively dislike. And, as we’re sure you know, it’s difficult to excel in something that you hate. Before long, months—or even years—have passed and you’re no closer to getting your hands on that full driving licence.

Shona already had some driving experience under her belt. But with a lack of confidence in her driving abilities, she put off going in for her test for 10 years! Fortunately, she came to the right place. Through PassMeFast, she found the perfect instructor, Ann, who gave her the confidence boost she needed. And what do you know? She passed!

“Today I passed my test with Ann first time. After ten years of wanting to pass but lack of confidence holding me back, I decided to re take my theory, which I passed first time and then booked 10 hours with PassMeFast. Ann, my instructor was amazing. I can’t even put it into words what an amazing friendly hard working lady she is. Over this last week she’s made me believe in myself corrected me where I went wrong and was always there with all the questions I had. We had such a laugh but relaxed me to learn and remember everything.

Well it just shows because I did it today I passed!!! She has got me through this test and changed mine and my children’s lives for the better. I can’t thank her enough. Anyone who wants to learn to drive in the Lancashire area I 110% recommend Ann. Thank you to Ann at PassMeFast! Who did pass me FAST!”

Looking for more motivational driving stories? Check out Cheryl’s pass story. If you’d like to start writing your own story, however, simply book a course with us today!

2. Offering exceptional customer service…

When you’re learning to drive, the time you spend behind the wheel is only one part of the story. Here at PassMeFast, we understand that getting great customer service when you’re off the road is equally important. That’s why we centre our company values around our customers, ensuring you get the best service possible. As part of this commitment, every customer has their very own dedicated CX Adviser. This team of superstars looks after our customers from start to finish, making everything run like clockwork and sorting out any issues that may arise.

This was particularly important to Ally, who decided to go with our 15 hour course. Not only was she pleased with her instructor, John, she was also pleasantly surprised at how welcoming her CX Adviser, Jordan, was. The combination of the two and Ally’s hard work paid off—she passed with flying colours!

“Jordan was my correspondent, and she was quite brilliant. She responded in a timely manner and had a real human response to her which is so often lacking these days. Respectful and warm sums up our conversations and her demeanour.

John Barker was my teacher. If you live around York? Request him. After our 15 hours together I feel like we know each other incredibly well and he really does go beyond the call of duty. His token phrase? “I’ll bend over backwards for you.” He wasn’t kidding.

We had a tough love relationship because that’s what I needed and asked for, though I’m sure he flexes to other personality types.

I picked PassMeFast on a whim having googled and it paid off. Thank you both!”

Looking for the perfect driving course? Not sure how many hours you need? Check out our driving courses rundown to find out which is best suited to you. Alternatively, if you’d like to know more about our CX Adviser, you can meet PassMeFast CX Adviser Natalie in an exclusive interview!

3. Helping you with whatever you need…


PassMeFast helps thousands of learner drivers across the UK pass their driving test every year. That’s a huge number of individual journeys—and we’ve become adept at making sure each of them runs as smoothly as possible. This is the case for learners who are just starting out on the road, as well as for those who already have experience. Some even come to us hoping to exchange an existing licence—such as switching from an EU licence to a UK one.

For Tabitha, it was a move across the pond that brought her to PassMeFast. She’d been living in the UK for almost a year—marking the end of her US passport’s validity—and needed to pass a UK driving test. She already had buckets of experience with roads in the US, but had to get grips with what her driving examiner would be looking for in the practical. PassMeFast paired her up with Warren, which worked wonders!

“I was coming up on the one year anniversary of moving to the UK. This also meant the end of validity of my US passport. PassMeFast was great in getting me a driving test scheduled, and pairing me up with an instructor.

I didn’t need much help learning to drive so to say, but I needed to know about the things that the test proctors would be looking out. The instructor I was assigned was brilliant. He knew the test proctors, the routes, the things to look out for. He was a very talented driver and had some great tips for various driving manoeuvres.

Additionally Sam was great at keeping in touch with me throughout the process, making sure I had what I needed and checking in on me the day before my test.

Luckily I can say I passed on the first attempt.”

4. Matching you with top instructors…

PassMeFast knows how nerve-wracking the entire process of learning to drive can be. That’s why we aim to make everything as simple as possible. For starters, we take care of the entire booking process and do all the hard work of finding you the perfect test date. More importantly, however, we find an experienced, DVSA-approved instructor in your local area to teach you all the skills you need to pass your test and become a safe and confident driver.

Tim was slightly apprehensive about learning to drive, having put off doing it for years. Our CX Adviser, Charlotte, was his guardian angel—matching him up with top instructor Susi. After taking our beginner 40 hour course, Tim passed his test first time!

“So for years I put off driving through not really needed to do it and nerves but I decided it was time. I went to the PassMeFast website and paid for an intensive course of 40 hours. Charlotte was my CX Adviser and she was quick with responses and answered all questions I need answering. I was assigned Susi as my instructor and from the minute I got in the car Susi was amazing, she kept me calm even when I was psyching myself.

Today I went for my first test and through Susi’s amazing work and teaching I passed first time, I thought I’d failed straight away because of my nerves but I kept going and I’m glad I did because I’m so happy I passed!! I would recommend PassMeFast and Susi to anyone….thank you!!”

5. Getting you on the road ASAP…

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There’s a reason our name is PassMeFast—and that’s because we’ve perfected the art of helping learner drivers to pass in next to no time. We’re fully aware that most learners don’t want to waste months or even years learning to drive. That’s why we enable our students to take our courses in as intensive a manner as they’d like. And with our fast-track practical tests, some learners finish their lessons and pass in as little as a week!

Jemma was keen to get on the road, which is why she came to PassMeFast. She was interested in taking our 30 hour course intensively, and managed to complete it in 7 days. Her dedication paid off—she passed first time with just 4 minors!

“I was in a real hurry to learn how to drive and Pass me Fast went above and beyond to sort a 1 week course for me. My instructor John was amazing, he made me feel at ease the whole way through and also on my test. I did 7 days driving and passed my test first time. I would highly recommended John if you are nervous or anxious or even if not.”

Looking to pass fast? Simply book yourself a fast-track practical test with PassMeFast!

*Some instances of grammar and punctuation have been corrected; otherwise, reviews are as written. Looking to join our top customer reviews or pass photos of the month? Head on over to our course prices page and give us a ring on 0333 123 4949 once you’re ready to get booked in. Alternatively, book your course online instead.

By Bethany Hall

Whether you’re a learner or a pro driver, Bethany is here to help. From defensive driving to the Highway Code, she’ll tell you everything you need know about driving. If she’s not on the road, you’ll probably find Bethany with her head in a book or binge-watching the latest TV show.

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