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In what seems like no time at all, we’ve officially reached the end of the month of May. With bank holidays at the start and end of the month, however, we certainly haven’t had much to complain about. Of course, whilst you might have been enjoying an extended weekend or two, there were some grafters out there who spent hours behind the wheel every single day—intent on shedding their learner driver status. Yep, that’s right, we’ve seen plenty of learners ace their driving test this month!

If you’ve been putting off learning to drive, these inspirational success stories will have you raring to go in no time! Check out our top customer reviews in May below.

1. Giving you all the support you need

As a driving school that’s been around for a few years, PassMeFast has all but perfected the art of taking learners from beginners to experts in no time at all. Now, we don’t just find students tests and match them up with a top DVSA-approved instructor—we’re there with them every step of the way. Our CX Advisers are on hand to answer questions, offer solutions to any problems that arise and give handy tips. We might be fast, but that doesn’t mean we stint on support.

Now, whilst we’re more than familiar with our students thanking us for our help, we were pleasantly surprised by one of our latest reviews this month. Ryan provided us with an in depth review detailing his entire journey with PassMeFast. After taking a break from learning to drive, he finally decided to take the plunge and get back behind the wheel. And he chose PassMeFast to help him do it!

“I took lots of driving lessons and a test when I was 18. I failed the practical test and effectively gave up. Fast forwards 20 years. A new job opportunity presented itself – but to get to the office by public transport would have meant one bus, three trains and a twenty-five minute walk each day… Not ideal!

Cue PassMeFast! I took their online assessment, which established that I’d need a 30 hour course. I specified that time was of the essence, as I had delayed my start date at the new job by a month, so I could concentrate fully on getting my test passed.

The team at PassMeFast were nothing short of amazing. I don’t know how they did it, but they managed to somehow fast track me and secured bookings for both my theory and practical tests well within the specified time period.”

And that’s not all we did! We’re always looking for ways to help our learners ace their theory test. That’s why we compiled top theory test revision resources for those looking to master their theoretical knowledge—and Ryan took full advantage…

“In terms of the theory test – they were able to provide tons of revision materials. Using the revision materials and techniques…I scored 50 out of 50 on the multiple choice test and 60 out of 75 on the hazard perception.”

We then matched Ryan up with one of our top instructors in his local area who got him up to test standard in no time…

“The driving instructor they assigned me was a chap called Alan Laidler. I cannot recommend this man highly enough. However, I’ve no doubt that any instructor PassMeFast assign will be a professional of the highest calibre.

Alan guided me through 30 intensive hours of training, some lessons were up to 4 hours in duration. The entire time he was very professional and patient, and I also found we got along really well on a personal level, sharing jokes and stories – he was a really nice guy.”

And what do you know? Ryan passed his test with flying colours and was more than happy with his experience with PassMeFast. He even offered some great parting feedback and advice to anyone debating taking lessons with PassMeFast…

“Learning to drive is not easy, and it is stressful at times. Having a solid team behind you like the professionals at PassMeFast helps to remove some of those additional elements of stress and uncertainty. They’ve got your back, they’ve got the experience, advice, support and encouragement you need.

Finally passing my test has been an incredibly rewarding experience – I just wish I had a the PassMeFast team behind me 20 years ago.

Bravo, PassMeFast. Bravo.”

2. No matter what your level of experience is

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Not all learner drivers that come to PassMeFast are complete beginners. We get plenty of learners who have bags of driving experience under their belt—whether they’ve taken a short break from driving, have recently failed a test or even have experience with driving abroad. If you’ve already mastered most of the intricacies of driving, PassMeFast’s refresher courses are the ideal option.

Jessi already had experience with driving on US roads, but needed more practice with right turns and parallel parking as a right-hand side driver on UK roads. We were more than happy to help her—matching her with top instructor Umer. Though she originally booked on for 10 hours, Jessi realised she needed an extra 5 hours—we were more than happy to oblige! Her tuition clearly worked a charm, because she passed with only 6 minors!

“I feel very proud to be a PassMeFast success story. I drove confidently and competently for years in America and initially only signed up for 10 hours, including my test session. Once I actually got in the driver’s seat, my instructor Umer recommended 5 more hours and I’m so glad I did–it wasn’t until my last 2 hour block before the test that I was observing sufficiently and feeling at home maneuvering on the other side.

Passed my practical on the first try with only 6 minor faults out of a possible 15…feel really good about that and so appreciative to have gotten the help!”

If you’ve already got driving experience under your belt, you might be wondering which course package is right for you. If our driving courses rundown hasn’t helped you make up your mind, you can try out our course recommender. Just answer a few questions and you’ll get your perfect PassMeFast course!

3. Nothing is too much for us

Want to know what makes PassMeFast one of the leading driving schools in the UK? Hint: it has something to do with our top staff and instructors! When learner drivers come to us to help them get their full licence, we start by matching them up with one of our CX Advisers. These hard workers graft behind the scenes—finding perfect tests, matching students with local ADIs and answering every query every step of the way. No matter how many questions or preferences you have, our CX Advisers will sort you out. And that’s not all! Our ADIs are second to none with their teaching—with years of experience on the job, they’re able to get learners up to speed in no time!

After failing the driving test multiple times with different instructors, Charlie was a little nervous about going in for her practical. Fortunately, her CX Adviser Charlotte managed to match her with the perfect instructor—Doug. After passing her theory test and taking our 20 hour course, Charlie finally got her hands on a full driving licence!

“Charlotte arranged everything from booking theory test to finding instructor and honestly I couldn’t have asked for more. She was quick to reply to emails, available on the phone and nothing seemed too much for her. I have been trying to pass on and off for 10 years and have failed 5 tests with 3 instructors so safe to say I was nervous!

She allocated Doug from D&A driving school manual and automatic based in Waltham abbey. Doug was amazing and taught me to keep calm after a mistake to stop me panicking and making more, he quickly picked up on all areas that needed improvement and rectified the problems. I passed my theory and driving test within 2 months of starting with PassMeFast and I could not recommend them enough!”

4. Matching you with the best instructors

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One of the biggest challenges that people face when learning to drive is finding the right instructor to learn with. Whilst you can practise with family and friends (provided they meet the DVSA’s guidelines), it pales in comparison to the tuition of a professional who knows what they’re doing. Of course, many people can’t really be bothered with the effort of trawling through the DVSA’s database for local ADIs. Fortunately, PassMeFast only uses fully qualified ADIs located in your area—so you don’t have to bother checking your instructor is DVSA-approved.

After struggling to find local instructors—and having a couple of bad experiences along the way—Allie finally had enough and decided to book in with PassMeFast. With her top instructor Prem and our 35 hour course, Allie passed first time!

“I had such a great experience with PassMeFast! I was finding it hard to find an instructor in my area and was messed about a few times. So when PassMeFast took over it was great!. They gave me honest advice when I called and booked over the phone. It was so easy they took over and booked everything for me!!. My instructor Prem was great. I passed first time and I’m so happy I’ve finally done it!!. I wish I’d found PassMeFast sooner. Thanks : )”

PassMeFast only matches up learners with trusted, qualified, local instructors. So, no matter what your experience level is—or how much confidence you do or don’t have—they’ll be able to get you to test standard in next to no time. If you’d like to get to know more about our instructors, head on over to our driving instructors section for our exclusive Meet an ADI series!

5. Getting you on the road ASAP

No-one likes to wait around for things, which is why more and more learners are ditching hourly lessons in favour of intensive courses. Instead of spending months learning to drive, you can get on the road in weeks or even days. Of course, this is all null and void if you’re still suffering through long driving test waiting times. That’s why PassMeFast specialises in fast-track practical tests. Our fast-track team keep an eye out for test cancellations and snatch them up so that you can get passed in your preferred timeframe. We’re not called PassMeFast for nothing!

Hanna already had plenty of driving experience, but needed a bit more practise before she went in for her driving test. With her instructor Noel, Hanna mastered her manoeuvres with a 15 hour course, soldiered through a failed test and passed the second time around!

“I had the 15 hour course as I had done 30 hours previously but had postponed for a year. I highly recommend PassMeFast! Although I didn’t pass on my first attempt I passed on my second and could not have done it without the support and patience of my instructor Noel. He made me feel confident and finessed the manoeuvres in a way that didn’t seem so scary and difficult!

I was always kept up to date from the main office and they were always on the end of the phone for any questions or queries. It is so good that you have people constantly checking for You for cancellations and they can get you booked in quick ? would highly recommend! Thank you to PassMeFast for helping me pass my test ???”

If you’re looking for more success stories from PassMeFast, you can check out our top pass photos of the month! And don’t forget to read up on May 2019’s biggest news stories!

Raring to go and get out on the roads? You could end up on our next top customer reviews roundup! To get started, simply take a look at our course packages on our course prices page. Then, give us a ring on 0333 123 4949 or book your course online.

*Some instances of grammar and punctuation have been corrected; otherwise, reviews are as written.

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