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Greetings PassMeFast readers! We’ve officially reached the end of what’s certainly been a turbulent and trying March. Something that’s been keeping us going strong here at PassMeFast is the number of learners who still managed to ace their practical and get their hands on a full driving licence this month.

If you’re looking for something to cheer you up, you can’t go wrong with our latest batch of success stories. Check out our top customer reviews in March 2020 for a much-needed mood boost!

1. Perfect for a quick confidence boost

If you’re an experienced driver looking for one last push to get you over the finish line and on your way to posing with your full driving licence, there’s one simple answer: a refresher course. Ranging from 5 to 15 hours, depending on how much you need to work on, refresher courses are ideal for fine-tuning your skills and getting you test-ready in no time. That’s exactly what Patrick was on the lookout for. He already had experience with driving abroad—he just needed some practice on UK roads.

We sorted Patrick out with our 5 hour automatic course in East Yorkshire. He worked with local instructor, Neil, to work on getting to grips with driving on the left-hand side of the road and ironing out any bad driving habits. Once he was ready, Patrick headed to Hull test centre to put his skills to the test. Unsurprisingly, Patrick passed with flying colours. Here’s what he had to say about his PassMeFast experience:

“Had a great experience. After having a less than professional experience with my first (not PassMeFast) instructor I had a very short timeframe to prepare for my test and decided to try PassMeFast. I was linked up with Neil as my instructor and had a brilliant experience. He worked with me to understand what I needed and worked to plan lessons that maximise our time. He was a great teacher and very supportive. Would recommend to anyone.”

2. If you’ve got a need for speed…


When it comes to picking a driving school, it’s vital that you make the right choice. If you choose the wrong school, you could end up lengthening your learning process by weeks, or even months! When you’ve got your heart set on passing by a certain date, then, it can be frustrating to be told that it’s impossible. With PassMeFast, however, meeting your preferences and availability is our top priority. So, when PJ  came to us with the intention of taking lessons intensively and passing fast, we were more than happy to oblige.

We started off by booking PJ onto our 10 hour automatic course, matching her up with CX Adviser Elliot, who took care of all the admin work. Once PJ gave her requirements to Elliot, he worked hard to find her the perfect test date. Next, PJ took to the roads around Greater London with instructor Anne—paying close attention to driving test manoeuvres and parking. Once her hours were up, all that was left for PJ to do was take her practical at Bromley test centre. And what do you know? She passed first time with only 2 minors! Here’s what she had to say about her experience:

“Amazing company, from the day I rang up and showed my interest until today the day I passed my test I have been completely happy with the service I have received. Elliot from the call centre has been brilliant. He’s supported and helped me throughout this whole experience and Anne, my driving instructor, is amazing! We started on a Monday and by Friday I passed my test with 2 minor faults. Recommending this company if you’re wanting to pass quickly and safely. Thank you both very much!!!”

3. Giving you the knowledge to pass your test

One of the best ways to prepare for the driving test is by familiarising yourself with your local area—testing your skills against the most challenging road features and traffic systems. It’s for this reason that PassMeFast makes sure that learners are matched up with a local ADI. These ADIs know the ins and outs of their local area and, as they’ve accompanied so many learners on their tests, they’ll also have some familiarity with the test routes favoured by test centres. This is exactly what Michelle was looking for when she came to PassMeFast.

We booked her onto our 15 hour refresher course. Michelle then took to the roads around Cheshire with instructor Phillipa. Together, they worked on building up Michelle’s knowledge of the area around Buxton test centre. They also focused on perfecting the arts of parallel parking, roundabouts and crossroads. Once her hours were up, Michelle flew through her practical and ended up passing with only 3 minors! This is what she thought of her experience with PassMeFast:

Phillipa is a brilliant instructor. She is very calm and patient and completely put me at ease. She is very knowledgeable instructor and is very familiar with the area; which was a big worry of mine, as I had only had two lessons around the area prior to my lessons with Phillipa. We covered every eventuality with regards to routes etc. and luckily I passed with 3 minors. I am so grateful to Phillipa and PassMeFast for making it so easy. I would recommend Phillipa as a driving instructor and PassMeFast to anyone. I no longer have to rely on public transport. Fantastic!!!!”

4. No fuss, no muss


Despite what you might think, a lot goes into the process of passing the driving test. For starters, you can’t even go about booking the practical until you first pass the theory test. (Which, contrary to popular myths, isn’t as easy as you’d think.) Once that’s sorted, you’ve then got to spend your time looking for your ideal test date. With most test centres, you’re facing long driving test waiting times—meaning, you could be spending days trying to find that ideal test date! Unless, of course, you make like Chiara and get PassMeFast to sort it all out for you.

PassMeFast operates on a purely no fuss, no muss basis. As soon as Chiara came to us, we booked her onto our 5 hour manual course. We sorted her out with a theory test and, as soon as she passed, started looking for a suitable practical test date. While we did that, Chiara took to the roads around Greater London with instructor Winston—working on those pesky manoeuvres! Once her hours were up, Chiara took the plunge at Tolworth test centre. To say she was successful would be an understatement. She passed first time and is now a member of the exclusive zero minors club! This is what she had to say about her PassMeFast journey:

“PassMeFast offered a fantastic and friendly service. The CX Advisers were always quick to respond to my questions. They were flexible when I needed to change my test date, and always did the best to offer a suitable and convenient time. The instructor they provided was fantastic, and I was thoroughly prepared for my test. I’m pleased to say I passed first time. I would highly recommend this service!

5. Providing you with top instructors

Driving schools are nothing without their hardworking driving instructors. After all, it’s the instructors who are on the front lines—taking learners from inexperienced, nervous beginners to safe, confident pros. PassMeFast knows this all too well, which is why we’ve taken the time to carefully build up our fleet of instructors over the years. We only use the best DVSA-approved instructors around to teach our courses to learners across the UK. This is exactly what Adam was looking for.

With experience already in the bag, Adam picked our 15 hour manual course. We sorted him out with top instructor Andy who helped him build up his confidence on the roads around Essex, not to mention master the different types of roundabouts and manoeuvres. Before he knew it, Adam was going in for his test at Southend-on-Sea. Looks like he picked the right driving school—he passed first time! Here’s what he had to say about his experience with us:

“Did a 15 hour course with Andy Shaw, best driving instructor anyone could ask for. Andy makes you feel really at ease and helps you out wherever he can. Got me a first time pass with only 7 minors! PassMeFast did amazing in finding me a test as well. I asked for earlier and they managed to sort one within 2-3 weeks for me! Couldn’t fault them, Matthew the booking man and Andy the instructor at all!”

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*Some instances of grammar and punctuation have been corrected; otherwise, reviews are as written.

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