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Though it seems like just yesterday we were celebrating the end of February, here we are again, coming to the end of another month. This time, we’re waving goodbye to March and the temperamental weather that came with it. Before you start looking ahead to bank holiday weekends and promises of sunshine, we’d like you to join us in congratulating our latest batch of newly qualified drivers.

We’ve managed to narrow down our list to five top success stories which will undoubtedly provide a bit of much-needed inspiration if you haven’t got your full licence yet. Read on to see our top customer reviews in March.

1. Helping you become a pro in no time

Though some things are worth a long wait, PassMeFast doesn’t believe in prolonging your journey towards getting your hands on a full driving licence. In fact, one of our biggest selling points is our promise of a speedy journey. By offering intensive courses and fast-track practical tests, PassMeFast guarantees learners a faster and more efficient learning experience than taking traditional hourly lessons. Your instructor will have you more than prepared for your test date which will be chosen to suit your availability and personal timeframe

Chloe found out just how efficient PassMeFast courses can be. Mere days after booking in for our 15 hour driving course, her CX Adviser Jordan managed to get her the test date she wanted and paired her up with a top instructor. And what do you know? Chloe passed first time—plus, she joined our zero minors club!

“I had the best experience possible with PassMeFast! I first booked my course and thanks to Jordan everything was sorted within a few days of me paying my deposit!! I then was assigned with my test date which was very fast and my instructor Muhammad who was the best instructor I could have asked for. He helped me so much and never left me to make silly mistakes, he was always on time and explained stuff properly.

I passed 1st time with 0 minors with a 15 hour course! Bear in mind I had only driven a few times beforehand. I am so grateful for the whole of PassMeFast team and I really recommend this company to anybody who is looking to pass fast! Thank you very much.”

Still not sure if intensive courses are really worth it? Check out the pros and cons of traditional hourly lessons vs intensive courses.

2. Matching you with the best instructors

PassMeFast student holding certificate and P plates

PassMeFast is one of the leading driving schools in the UK, helping hundreds of learners get their full driving licence every year. We wouldn’t be where we are today, however, if not for our fleet of DVSA-approved driving instructors. Our instructors have bags of experience under their belts and are pros at taking learners from beginner to expert in next to no time at all. Plus, they’re some of the friendliest you’ll ever meet!

No-one knows this better than Millie. She booked a course with PassMeFast after realising it would save her more money than just doing the lessons and test individually in her area. She was then paired up with an “amazing” instructor, Zbigniew, who helped her pass first time with only five minors! No wonder she wanted to give us more than five stars!

“My experience with PassMeFast was the best! I’ve never felt so comfortable! I had previously taken lessons but they were costing me too much money. I worked out that I would pay £662 if I had done the lessons and test individually in my area. I chose a 15 hour course AND booked my (fast tracked) driving test for a date that I chose through PassMeFast for just £530!

The driving instructor I had, Zbigniew, deserves an award! I have never felt so comfortable and happy. Zeebee told me everything I needed to know, went through all of the test regulations with me and really made me believe that I could do it! Thanks to everyone at the PassMeFast team including Adam (my CX Adviser) and Zeebee (my amazing instructor) I passed first time with 5 minors.

I have already recommended PassMeFast to ALL friends and family of mine and I can’t wait for them to book so they can see for themselves how great these courses and the PassMeFast team really are! Thank you again, so much!”

PassMeFast only uses grade A and B instructors to teach our driving courses. It doesn’t matter how much experience and confidence you have (or don’t have… yet!) your PassMeFast instructor will have you test-ready in what seems like the blink of an eye.

If you’d like to get to know some of our instructors, our Meet an ADI series will do the trick. Here, we interview one of our top instructors each month. You can find these interviews in the driving instructors section on the PassMeFast blog.

3. Forget waiting around

One of the biggest gripes that learner drivers have with the driving test is the long waiting times that they have to deal with when booking directly with the DVSA. Depending on your location and your chosen test centre, you could be waiting around for months! You could, of course, sit at your computer and wait for test cancellations—but who has the time for that?! The PassMeFast fast-tracking team does! Our team does all the heavy lifting for you—getting you the driving test you want, at a date and time to suit you. It’s just that simple!

Mohammad had just failed his test for the first time and was looking to get back behind the wheel for another try. He tried to book a test with the DVSA directly, only to be faced with waiting times as long as 3 months. Fortunately, PassMeFast was able to get him a perfect test within 3 weeks!

“Start to finish a great experience with PassMeFast. I contacted them after failing my first attempt at the practical driving test. I wanted to book myself in at the earliest opportunity however the official DVSA website indicated I would need to wait at least 2-3 months, which was not ideal.

The team, in particular Adam, was very understanding and happy to commit to finding me a test at an earlier date. They took into account my preferred dates for another test and booked me back in at a preferred date within 3 weeks. Finally, I was grateful for the updates and overall communication throughout the process. Really grateful for the help and keep up the good work!”

Want to get a test date ahead of waiting times? Book a fast-track practical test with PassMeFast today.

4. No matter how long it takes

PassMeFast student holding certificate

As a driving school that’s been around for a few years now, we’ve seen our fair share of learner drivers. Despite what you might assume, not every learner manages to pass their test first time. Whether it’s a severe bout of the dreaded test day nerves or a silly mistake that led to your own driving test horror story, there are plenty of reasons why learners fail their test. What’s most important—and what we tell all of our students—is that you try again.

Chris took this advice to heart during his journey with PassMeFast. After a 35 hour course, his learning journey had a few hiccups along the way, but he managed to finally get there with his fifth attempt. With the help of his patient instructor Gian, he passed with only 3 minors!

“Just like to say thank you to PassMeFast for helping me find my instructor Gian. We got on from the word go and there were no problems whatsoever. I originally booked a 35 hour course with a practical, which I failed and the 3 attempts after that (put that down to old age) but finally passed last week on the fifth attempt with 3 minors. All things said and done Gian is a top class instructor with 30 years driving experience and dare I say it the patience of a saint. Once again many thanks and I will be recommending PassMeFast to other people.”

Still not sure you’ll be able to pass your test? It doesn’t matter how anxious you are or how old you are when learning to drive, anything is possible when you put your mind to it. Take PassMeFast alumna Cheryl, she passed 24 years after she first started learning!

If you’re eager to be the next source of inspiration for future PassMeFast learners, check out our course prices or head on over to our driving courses rundown to see what’s on offer. Once you’re ready, give us a ring on 0333 123 4949 or book a course online.

5. Helping you every step of the way

PassMeFast doesn’t just take your money and just leave you to your own devices. No—we’re there every step of the way. From the moment you book onto a course, we’ll have assigned you a CX Adviser who will be there to help you get a test date you want and pair you up with one of our top instructors. Still got to take your theory test? Our advisers will fast-track that for you too! And if you’re unlucky enough to have your test cancelled by the DVSA, we’ll get you a new test date in no time.

After his theory test certificate expired, Richard needed to pass his theory test—he passed with flying colours thanks to the useful advice of his CX Adviser. He picked our 20 hour course, and after a cancellation mishap, he not only passed—he joined our exclusive zero minors club!

“Excellent, had previously failed my test 5 times, then I found PassMeFast online so tried them. They then sorted everything: booked my theory (which had run out), gave me advice on what apps to use for revision, booked all my lessons with an instructor and booked my test. Then when it got cancelled by the DVSA, which is out of their control, rebooked it for the following week.

Excellent customer service. In the end passed my test with a clean sheet no faults at all, it only took a month from when I first contacted them to when I got my pass certificate.”

Still got to take your theory test? PassMeFast can add a theory test onto any of our courses. If you’re looking to pass it the first time around, we’ve got the perfect solution: our ultimate theory test revision resources guide. Trust us: you’ll fly through your theory test.

Already had some driving experience? Not sure which course is best for you? Answer a few simple questions with our course recommender and find out your ideal PassMeFast course.

Looking for more driving inspiration? Check out our top pass photos from March—or get the latest scoop in our March 2019 news roundup!

It doesn’t matter how much experience you have, whether you need to take your theory test or even what transmission you want to drive—PassMeFast has something for everyone. Take one step closer to getting your hands on a full driving licence today—check out our course prices and book in over the phone on 0333 123 4949 or book online.

*Some instances of grammar and punctuation have been corrected; otherwise, reviews are as written.

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