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Greetings PassMeFast readers! We have officially hit the end of the month of July—it certainly flew by, for us at least. We’ve been slightly distracted by the increasingly good weather—catching the rays whenever we get the chance! With schools officially breaking up for summer and hundreds of holiday-goers taking to the roads en masse, you’d expect many learners to press pause on their driving journeys and take a long break. It seems like PassMeFast learners are made of sterner stuff, however. Yep—we had quite a few top achievers get their hands on their licence this month!

If learning to drive has been on your to-do list for quite some time, we get the feeling that our latest success stories will have you ringing up to book in right away. Check out our top customer reviews in July and wish our newly qualified students a congratulations!

1. Forget beating around the bush

No-one likes to wait around for anything nowadays. So, why should driving be any different? Well, unfortunately, it’s not always so simple. With most driving schools, you either get a 5-day course, in which you need to book an entire week off work, or traditional hourly lessons that are weeks apart. Either method can be pretty detrimental to the learner. If you don’t have the time to take a 5-day course, you end up with hourly lessons that don’t give you enough time to build up any experience.

PassMeFast is a little bit more flexible. Our intensive and semi-intensive courses are designed to fit around the learner’s schedule. Got university? Work full time? Busy social calendar? It doesn’t matter with PassMeFast. We find you a perfect test date and work your lessons around your time so that you get passed in a timeframe suited to you.

Nathan was pleasantly surprised by our efficiency, and was pleased to find that he didn’t need to wait around to take his 20 hour driving course. And what do you know? It seems to have paid off! With the help of his instructor Paul, Nathan passed with only 3 minors!

“PassMeFast were great and efficient got everything done with no waiting around and ensured I had everything I needed. My instructor Paul was the best instructor I could have asked for very patient. Thorough and overall professional about everything.

I will and already have been recommending people to choose both PassMeFast and Paul if they want to learn to drive in the future. I passed with only 3 minors on a 20 hour course (With previous experience 3 years ago).”

If the thought of waiting months or even years to get your hands on a full driving licence has you groaning in despair, have no fear—PassMeFast is here to save you! Our crash courses can be taken as intensively as you’d like. Whether you’re looking for a manual or automatic course, need a theory or practical test, we’ve got something for you.

You can get a full look at course descriptions, prices and videos in our driving courses rundown!

2. Giving you VIP treatment

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PassMeFast prides itself on being different to the many other driving schools located across the UK. That’s why we’ve taken care over the years to carefully craft and cultivate not only our driving courses, but also our customer service. When learners book in with us, they’re assigned their very own CX Adviser who handles their course and any queries they might have.

Your PassMeFast CX Adviser will keep in touch with you every step of the way in your driving journey. Whether they’re giving you a quick congratulations on passing your theory test or trying to find you that all-important test date, your CX Adviser is always working hard to help you. Chiedza was over the moon with her CX Adviser, Alex, who helped her sort out her test date and lessons in a timeframe suited to her. It definitely worked wonders—she passed first time!

“A great big thanks goes to my CX Adviser Alex, who went above and beyond to ensure that I completed my driving as soon as possible! Thank you Alex!

Another great thanks goes to my driving instructor Mark, who was a fabulous teacher! All thanks to Mark I passed first time! Thanks a million!”

If you’re not keen on having to deal with long waiting times, and you’ve got your eyes set on getting your licence within a certain timeframe, get PassMeFast to book you a fast-track practical test!

3. Pairing you up with experts

Want to know the trick to passing your driving test without breaking into a sweat? Obviously your enthusiasm helps, but without the right instructor, it can end up being a wasted effort. If you find yourself almost in tears after every lesson because you can’t understand what your instructor is trying to teach you, or you don’t entirely agree with their methods, it’s a sure-fire way of convincing you that driving isn’t for you—even though you’re not the problem!

PassMeFast makes point of only using the best and brightest driving instructors across the UK. In fact, we only use instructors that are grade A and B, and DVSA-approved. And the best part? They’ve all got bags of experience under their belts. So, if you’re like Arpejio, and you suffer from test day nerves, or have had a few practical test misfires, you’ll find yourself in safe hands with PassMeFast’s top instructors. After failing the driving test a few times, Arpejio was able to put the past behind him and finally pass!

“Brilliant experience with PassMeFast. From the adviser Aimee to the swift bookings she got for me in regards to my theory test and practical. She went above and beyond, was really understanding of my needs and booked me the best driving instructor I could have wished for in Salim.

Salim has such passion for what he does, it gives a positive effect on the lessons and as a nervous student who has failed several times before. He really reassured me that this time I would overcome any previous nerves or driver errors I may have done in the past and with his guidance and sharp eye for detail, he corrected small driving faults I made leading up to my test and praised what I was doing right which gave me the confidence to pass almost faultlessly on the day.

Thank you again Salim. You’re truly great at what you do and I’ll recommend anybody to go with PassMeFast.”

If you’d like to get to know a bit more about some of PassMeFast’s top driving instructors, our Meet an ADI series might be just what you need! Simply head on over to our driving instructors section and read up on our exclusive interviews!

Already decided you want to start learning with a PassMeFast instructor? Get the ball rolling today and book online, or over the phone on 0333 123 4949.

4. At your pace

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If the thought of sitting behind the wheel for hours on end has your muscles groaning in despair already, you might be wondering how PassMeFast might be a good fit for you. After all, we’re all about offering fast-paced solutions, right? Wrong. Our courses aren’t just designed for those who like to live life in the fast lane; they’re also perfect for people who just want to fit a couple of hours in here and there. Yep, that’s right—you can take a PassMeFast course at a pace suited to you.

When you book in with PassMeFast, you’re the one specifying timeframes and preferred test dates. So, if you want to take your time with your course, that’s entirely your prerogative. Your CX Adviser will take your dates into consideration when getting your course sorted out, then your assigned instructor will work with you to slot lessons in when you want them. As someone trying to juggle work and learning to drive, Naomi was overjoyed when she found out she could fit her lessons around her schedule.

“Very helpful staff who emailed to let me know all the information and also to check how I was getting on during the week. I would 100% recommend this to anyone who doesn’t have loads of cash laying around as it has the option to pay monthly.  I would also recommend to those who like myself find it hard to fit things in when at work. Great experience thank you!”

5. No nonsense

If you’re only just delving into the realm of learning to drive, it can be very difficult to navigate around the countless driving schools out there. Even worse, it’s almost impossible to figure out exactly what you’re getting. With some schools offering ‘guaranteed passes’ that end up costing you an arm and a leg, and others pushing you to take a week or so off work, you’re often left wondering if they have any other surprises or requests hidden up their sleeves.

PassMeFast are firm believers of keeping things simple and transparent. So, when you book onto a PassMeFast course, there’s no hidden fine print or surprises that you need to be wary of. We find you suitable dates for your theory and practical tests, we pick out a local, qualified instructor to take your lessons and we make sure you get your course finished in time to take your driving test. Beau was overjoyed by how well we met his specifications. It certainly paid off—he went from a beginner to a fully qualified driver in just 15 hours!

“PassMeFast does exactly what it says! I had 15 hours as a beginner and still passed first time which surprised even me! The team are great and work everything around your needs, can’t thank them enough for everything they did.”

Interested in taking a PassMeFast course? Have a look and see if we cover your area. If we do, head on over to our course prices page to see exactly what’s on offer. If you’re a little bit stumped by the sheer volume of choice, our course recommender will tell you your ideal PassMeFast course!

Interested in reading even more success stories from PassMeFast’s latest qualified drivers? Check out our top pass photos of the month! If that’s still not enough for you, feast your eyes on July 2019’s top news stories.

If learning to drive has been on your to-do list for some time now, why not make this the summer you finally get your hands on that full driving licence? Just think of how many road trips you might go on! It couldn’t be simpler to book in with PassMeFast. All you’ve got to do is head over to our course prices page to see what we’ve got on offer. Once you know what you want, give us a ring on 0333 123 4949, or book online.

*Some instances of grammar and punctuation have been corrected; otherwise, reviews are as written.

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