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As a leading driving school, PassMeFast helps thousands of learners to pass their driving test each year. We take great pride in seeing the roster of PassMeFast alumni grow each month—and we’re pleased to report that July was no exception.

To celebrate this, we wanted to highlight some of this month’s star performers and share what they had to say about their PassMeFast experiences. Their reviews stand as a testament to the hard work that learners and instructors put in.

Without further ado, check out the top customer reviews in July below!

1. When we say fast, we mean fast!

It is, perhaps, natural that some learners are sceptical when they hear our name for the first time. After all, how fast can you really pass? Well, thanks to our intensive courses, you could be on the road much sooner than you might think. No one knows this better than Mawata. Her theory test certificate was due to expire soon, so she needed to sail through her practical test—and she did just that!

“The service received from PassMeFast was great! I took a 25 hour course with one week to spare before my theory ran out! My PassMeFast rep was quick to respond to queries and was very helpful and kind! Overall the PassMeFast company was brilliant in finding my practical and guiding me through this experience!

My instructor Riaz was always on time..

I passed my practical test the first time!”*

Looking to get passed fast? Avoid the long driving test waiting times—book onto a PassMeFast course and get your licence in weeks with a fast-track practical test.

2. Finding the right fit…

Sometimes, even the most enthusiastic learner driver can run into trouble when they’re learning to drive. Problems can often arise when a learner’s driving instructor isn’t the right fit. After all, if you don’t gel well with your instructor, your learning process won’t run smoothly—and, sadly, some learners are put off driving as a result. 

Fortunately, our instructors know how to get the best out of all learners, and are adept at matching their teaching style to suit each student. Nicola, for example, had already dealt with other instructors before coming to PassMeFast. We were able to help her forget about her bad experiences, overcome her nerves and pass.

Want to know the best part? She passed on the so-called unluckiest date in the calendar, Friday the 13th—and did so in style, getting zero minors!

“I passed my test first time on Friday 13th July with 0 minors!! My instructor was called Philip and he was absolutely AMAZING! Anything you could ever want in an instructor! He was kind caring and most of all he listened! His method in teaching is fantastic as I’ve had 3 instructors before not from PassMeFast and I’ve never really understood their way in teaching but Philip is fantastic and I’ve also found a friend for life! Really thank you to all those at pass me fast (Alex) for putting my nerves at ease and replying to all my emails! but most of all thank you to Philip for being an absolutely amazing instructor!”

Want to hear more about our top instructors? Get to know them in our Meet an ADI series—our latest post looks at ADI Shamsher

3. Don’t let nerves get the better of you…

No two learners are the same. Some are raring to go and sail through their entire driving course without a single hitch. Other learners have a much harder time, having to deal with driving anxiety. Sadly, this can turn the practical test from a stressful situation into a potential nightmare.

Liam was one candidate dealing with exactly this issue—but, luckily, he was paired up with the perfect instructor. Her guidance enabled him to overcome his nerves—and pass with only 2 minors!

“Just passed first time with 2 minors, So happy. My instructor was called Kaniz and she is absolutely amazing, her method of teaching is very relaxed but very professional. She makes you feel very confident and understands if you are getting nervous or stressed out and manages to calm you down and work on your problems. (I kept messing up about an hour before the test and she pulled me over and told me to breathe which worked)

The team at passmefast are great, they will always keep you up to date via email and telephone and will make sure you get the right instructor for you. I honestly cannot thank everyone enough. This company is exactly what you need if you want to pass and want to pass in a short amount of time. “

He even had a handy tip to share with learners suffering from test day nerves

“P.S. If you are feeling nervous before the test, have 2 bananas about half an hour before it and I guarantee you’ll quickly calm down and become focused.

Good luck to everyone who has an upcoming test and thank you to PassMeFast and Kaniz,”

4. Instructors know best

Though PassMeFast has expanded across England, it’s never lost sight of the importance of local knowledge. That’s why we work with instructors who know their patch like the back of their hand, ensuring that our learners quickly become adept at driving around their local area. After all, the more familiar you are with the roads surrounding your test centre, the more relaxed you’ll be in your test!

This was certainly the case for Sara, who managed to pass her test first time due to her instructorRahimi—getting her up to speed with the West Didsbury test routes. 

“I found Rahimi through PassMeFast. Anthony at PassMeFast was amazing! […] I passed from beginning to end in 6 days! I was extremely nervous in the beginning. Rahimi is the calmest and most patient person I know. He gave me confidence and taught me all the routes in West Didsbury! I passed in my first attempt with only two minors and it’s all because of him! Very very highly recommended! He makes manoeuvres so easy you can do them in your sleep!!!!”

Got your test booked? Find all the information you need to know about your chosen test centre with PassMeFast’s test centre guides.

5. Ready for anything…

At PassMeFast, we’ve helped learners persevere through all manner of difficult experiences. One problem that is all too common is the DVSA cancelling a learner’s test—often at short notice. When this unfortunate situation arises, students often end up having to wait weeks or even for the next available date at their test centre.

Stu was ready to take his practical test after a 15 hour course. Unfortunately, the DVSA cancelled his first test date. Luck was on his side, though, because PassMeFast was able to get him booked in for a test the following week! He passed with only 4 minors.

“Excellent service! Within 2 weeks (15 hours) I was able to have a comprehensive course with an excellent tutor (Noel). Absolute pleasure to learn from, perfect temperament and teaching style.

The team are very easy to deal with, and quick to respond should anything go wrong (My first test date was cancelled by the centre, and they had me rebooked and good to go within a day, for the following week!).”

*Some instances of grammar and punctuation have been corrected; otherwise, reviews are as written.

Ready to join PassMeFast’s monthly pass photos? It couldn’t be any easier to start your driving journey. Simply give us a ring on 0333 123 4949 or book a course online. The road to driving doesn’t have to be long with PassMeFast!

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