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Greetings PassMeFast readers! We’ve reached your favourite time of the month yet again. August is officially coming to a close and what a month it has been. The driving test booking system is now available to the general public and PassMeFast has never been busier! Though it’s certainly difficult to only pick out a handful of learners from the many that have passed this month, we’ve just about managed it.

Yep, that’s right—we’ve compiled our top five customer reviews from August, just for you! So, if you’re looking for a good pick me up, or you need that last nudge to get started on your own learning journey, you’ve come to the right place!

1. Working around your schedule

One of the main difficulties that people have when learning to drive is attempting to fit their driving lessons in around their schedule. Some driving schools will make this even harder by pushing you to complete your course in a 5-day format—meaning you have to take time away from work or other commitments. PassMeFast likes to do things a little bit differently. It doesn’t matter how long or short your course is, we ensure complete flexibility. Once you book onto a course, you’ll be able to work with your instructor to figure out what your availability is like in order to slot your lessons in. This is exactly what Sophie was looking for.

With some experience already under her belt, she booked onto our 30 hour manual course. Her CX Adviser, Emily, matched her up with local instructor Naeem in the Greater London area. Much to Sophie’s delight, Naeem helped her fit in lessons well in advance—allowing her to stick to her schedule without any last minute changes. After focusing on manoeuvres and getting to grips with the local area, Sophie was finally ready to take her practical at Uxbridge test centre. Looks like she picked the right driving school! Sophie passed first time with only 1 minor! Here’s what she had to say about her learning experience:

“Passed yesterday with 1 minor! My instructor Naeem was firm but fair, and after not having any lessons during lockdown I was worried it would impair me; however, we got back into the swing of things pretty fast. He was always on time and punctual, and would ask me when I was free a week in advance and worked with my schedule as I worked late shifts. Emily, my CX Adviser, was very good at communicating and keeping me up to date on what was going on even during the lockdown. Although it is a lot of money, I would say it’s worth it for the structure of the course and for the security of knowing you’re in safe hands.”

2. Staying on the ball

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Though PassMeFast is dedicated to keeping the learning journey as simple as possible for anyone looking to become a qualified driver, unforeseen circumstances sometimes make it difficult—namely, when the DVSA cancels a learner’s driving test. When this happens, learners are left wondering what will happen next. Rather than leave them in the lurch, however, PassMeFast keeps learners completely updated every step of the way with the process of rebooking. This is something that Neha found out firsthand after her test was cancelled due to lockdown.

As she was only after a quick refresher, Neha booked onto our 5 hour manual course. Working with instructor Fateh, she familiarised herself with the roads around Greater London and worked on building up her confidence. After her original test was cancelled in March, our CX Advisers worked on getting her a new test date. This month, Neha was finally able to take her practical at Wood Green test centre. Her hard work certainly paid off—Neha’s now a fully qualified driver. Here’s what she had to say about her PassMeFast experience:

“I was extremely happy with the PassMeFast service. They were very thorough and professional and excellent with communication. A special shout out to Elliot who was great with all the help, especially with my test getting cancelled due to the virus and all the additional effort required because of that.

My instructor, Fateh, was very good. She made sure to make me feel comfortable while ensuring that she covered every small detail properly. I really liked her attitude and style as a teacher/instructor.”

3. Standing by you every step of the way

Learning to drive can be a pretty stressful experience if you don’t choose the right driving school. With some schools, you’re matched with an instructor and that’s that. You don’t know anything about test dates or cancellations. You’re completely in the dark and you have no-one to get in contact with. When you book a course with PassMeFast, however, you’re assigned your very own CX Adviser. They’ll get in touch with you whenever there’s an update with your course—not to mention being on hand for any questions you might have along the way. This certainly helped Alex when he had to take a break from learning due to lockdown.

Alex booked onto our 10 hour course in March. He worked side-by-side with instructor Shahzad to familiarise himself with the roads around Greater Manchester and get test-ready. Unfortunately, he hit a bump in the road when lockdown was announced. Like many other non-key workers, Alex had to wait months for the next available test date. With his CX Adviser, Sam, however, he was assured that we would do everything in our power to get him a test date. Fast-forward to August and Alex is now a full licence-holder after passing his test at Cheetham Hill! And not only that, he managed to become a member of the zero minors club! This is what he had to say about his journey:

“Sam S has helped massively throughout my whole experience with PassMeFast. From my first test date before lockdown which got cancelled to then during lockdown where Sam kept me up to date with any major updates and also gave me reassurance when 2 of my tests got cancelled, to then finally having a test date after lockdown. Highly recommend PassMeFast! I passed with 0 minors thanks to my instructor Shahzad who was absolutely spot on. Highly recommend Shahzad to anyone in the Manchester area!

Thanks again!”

4. Offering top notch tuition

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If you’re looking to learn from the best, you don’t have to look further than PassMeFast. Since the inception of our driving school in 2016, we’ve been putting together the best fleet of driving instructors around the UK. All of our instructors are DVSA-approved and have helped countless students pass their tests with flying colours. So, if like Israel, you want to get your hands on a full driving licence, our instructors will be more than happy to help.

As he was only looking for a quick refresher, Israel booked onto our 5 hour course. We paired him up with top instructor Salim, who helped him become more comfortable with the driving test manoeuvres and roundabouts. Unfortunately, due to lockdown, Israel had to wait until August to take his practical at Wood Green test centre. The wait was clearly worth it though—he passed and has had nothing but kind words to say about his instructor:

“Request for Salim he passed me within 10 hours. He’s very easy to work with and is a really good teacher.”

5. Easing your nerves

If you’ve been struggling with learning to drive, it can be all too easy to give up. This is especially true if you’ve spent years going from instructor to instructor with no luck. The trick to overcoming your nerves, however, is to find the right kind of instructor. PassMeFast’s instructors are experienced in helping all kinds of learners—from beginners to advanced learners to those who suffer from driving anxiety. This is exactly what Annie was on the lookout for.

Annie already had heaps of experience, but she needed to work on building up her road sense, confidence and judgement. So, she booked onto our 15 hour manual course. After asking for an instructor experienced in helping nervous drivers, we matched her up with instructor Will. Together, they worked on ironing out Annie’s bad habits and had her raring to go for her practical at Cheetham Hill. And what do you know? She passed! Here’s her summary of her experience with PassMeFast:

“I have been trying to pass my driving test for ages, like 15 years. My nerves always got the better of me and I couldn’t seem to get the hang of the practical side of it. It came to a point where I thought I was never going to pass as I failed my test numerous times too. As it had been around a year and a half since I last tried to pass, I booked a 15 hour crash course with PassMeFast and was assigned to Will. PassMeFast, were really helpful in giving advice and info when I needed it, didn’t pressure me to book the course as some companies do.

Due to certain reasons, the only test that was suitable for me was in a week’s time. Will managed to get all my 15 hours arranged in the week, re taught me EVERYTHING, stayed miraculously PATIENT with my mistakes, and I am happy to say that I PASSED MY TEST TODAY! Couldn’t have asked for a better instructor, he really is a miracle worker. Highly recommend PassMeFast, its definitely money well spent!”

If these inspiring stories aren’t enough for you, sink your teeth into our top pass photos of the month instead. Or, you can have a gander at our key worker hall of fame. If you’d prefer to update yourself on the latest developments in the world of driving, head on over to our top news stories in August!

*Some instances of grammar and punctuation have been corrected; otherwise, reviews are as written.

By Bethany Hall

Whether you’re a learner or a pro driver, Bethany is here to help. From defensive driving to the Highway Code, she’ll tell you everything you need know about driving. If she’s not on the road, you’ll probably find Bethany with her head in a book or binge-watching the latest TV show.

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