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Greetings learner drivers and driving enthusiasts! It’s the end of the month, so you know what that means—we’re back with a new edition of our favourite customer reviews. While you were busy trying to enjoy the last dregs of the hot weather, learner drivers across the UK were flexing their newfound driving skills and passing their practical test.

To celebrate this month’s top performers, we’ve picked out our top 5 customer reviews in August. Take a look below to read about their experiences with PassMeFast.

1. Say goodbye to waiting times…

One of the biggest issues that learners have when beginning their journey towards learning to drive is long driving test waiting times. No matter how eager they are to get on the road, they end up having to wait weeks or even months for a viable test date. This is especially annoying if you’ve only got a few areas you need to work on before your test.

Orla was looking to complete a quick refresher course to brush up on roundabouts, so she picked our speedy 5 hour course. And, with one of our fast-track practical tests, she didn’t have to worry about waiting around long…

“PassMeFast is one of the best companies and I highly recommend it to anyone that wants a quick test. I had previous lessons every now and then so I needed a more intensive course. With PassMeFast I managed to pass my test – only 3 minors with the 5 hour course in just 2 days! Anthony was my booking manager and he was amazing with how efficient he was in finding me a test to match my busy schedule. Also my driving instructor Ifzal was engaging and made me feel more at ease with my driving during the past two days, especially when I  told him how nervous I can get with roundabouts.

Thank you so much PassMeFast”

2. If at first you don’t click…

Want to know what the key is to successfully learning to drive and passing your test? It doesn’t just come down to how much effort you put into your learning—it’s also down to how well you click with your driving instructor. Just think: if you’re a beginner driver, you’ll end up spending 40-50 hours in the car with your instructor. Needless to say, it’s important that you and your instructor are on the same page. Now, we don’t mean that you have to be best friends, but it is vital that your learning style and your instructor’s teaching style are compatible.

Gwendolen didn’t quite click with her first instructor—it happens! Fortunately, PassMeFast CX Adviser Natalie was on the ball—helping her find the perfect instructor for her learning style. Spoiler alert: it worked out perfectly!

“PassMeFast was brilliantly easy to book with, my CX Adviser Natalie was really helpful and replied straight away.

I didn’t click with my first instructor and Natalie helped find me a new instructor and get me back on the road asap, being able to keep my test date that was already booked.

My new instructor, Graham, was brilliant and I couldn’t recommend him more. I was completely at ease and progressed learning more and more really quick with him, he took the stress out of the whole thing and was a really good teacher.

I took my test last Wednesday and passed first time with 4 minors, couldn’t be happier.”

Get to know some of PassMeFast’s top instructors with our Meet an ADI series. Our latest interview looks at PassMeFast ADI Peter.

3.  Time is of the essence

The biggest debate for learner drivers is whether traditional hourly lessons or intensive courses are more cost-effective. The upfront price of an intensive course can often be off-putting for learners, compared to the price of single lessons. And yet, you also have to take into account how much time you’re willing to spend on learning. Traditional lessons can take weeks or even months to complete—compared to intensive courses that can help you learn in a shorter amount of time.

Charlotte definitely struggled with this debate. However, with a busy work schedule and a personal deadline, she decided an intensive course was the way to go. Did it pay off? You bet it did!

“PassMeFast is definitely an investment but for me it was really worth it. I went into it saying that I want my test before this, I don’t want to do loads of hours and I have a constant work schedule. They worked around me completely and they dedicate staff to you. I passed today after 15 hours packed into one week with Shahzad. He was constantly telling me how to improve and ensured he explained things fully to me. Thanks to him my parallel park is great! PassMeFast is definitely life changing for people who don’t feel like driving the normal way is intensive enough and who might just not have the time. A big thank you and a huge recommend though I wouldn’t make the decision lightly, I did an assessment course before I began and they really helped me make the decision.”

With PassMeFast, you can learn in an intensive or semi-intensive manner depending on your schedule and personal preference. Not sure which course is best for you? Take a look at our driving courses rundown and give us a call on 0333 123 4949 once you’ve decided!

4. Lost for words…

With a great selection of course packages, stellar customer service and a fleet of top instructors, PassMeFast often leaves its learners lost for words. This was certainly the case for Daniel

“Passed in 1 week. Best decision I’ve made.”

After squeezing in 15 hours of lessons in 1 week and passing first time, we can see why he’s happy with his decision to learn with PassMeFast.

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5. Build up your confidence

Learning to drive can often be a stressful experience—you have to retain a lot of information and work on honing your driving skills in time for your practical test. Sometimes driving anxiety or test day nerves can get in the way. If you’ve got the right instructor, however, you’ll be able to learn in a comfortable and stress-free environment.

Aidan found the instructor of his dreams in Nahida who helped him build up his confidence over his 25 hour course. And, what do you know: in less than 4 weeks, he passed with only 5 minors!

“PMF were professional from the word go (thanks Joanne!). Understanding what I needed (to pass in less than 4 weeks) and helping me find the right instructor for me (so so important in my opinion). On that, I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor. She was essential to my passing. Nahida’s sense of humour, her clear instructions and teaching style made it easy to learn, and filled me with the confidence needed to get my license. She’s brilliant, as is PassMeFast! Thanks!”

Already got your test booked in? Get yourself up to speed with your chosen test centre with our handy test centre guides!

*Some instances of grammar and punctuation have been corrected; otherwise, reviews are as written.

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The road to driving doesn’t have to be long with PassMeFast!

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