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It’s officially time to say goodbye to the month of April, and boy, has it flown by—what with the much-needed bank holidays and the scorching weather. Having to forgo a barbecue (and a rare chance of getting that killer tan) in favour of sitting behind the wheel of a car on these rare sunny days takes some commitment! Luckily, this is a quality that PassMeFast’s top learners have in spades. Yep, this month they cracked on with their lessons, and sailed their way through their driving tests.

So, without further ado, we’d like you to give a round of applause to our latest batch of newly qualified drivers! Read all about their experiences with PassMeFast below in our top customer reviews in April.

1. No matter how little experience you have

If you’re a beginner to the world of driving, it can be incredibly difficult to figure out what kind of driving lessons to take. The most common choice for learners is hourly lessons that take place once a week. As we’ve discussed in hourly lessons vs intensive courses, however, this isn’t always the best option. Beginners need more time to retain information and build up muscle memory, so taking long breaks between lessons isn’t ideal. That’s why PassMeFast offers intensive (and semi-intensive) courses. With our top instructors, learners are able to get to grips with basic skills and move their way up to advanced manoeuvres in no time at all.

Take Liam, for example. He was a complete beginner to driving, so he decided to take our 40 hour course. He opted for a relatively intensive pace—fitting 2 hour lessons in every day with his instructor Julie. And what do you know? In just 4 weeks, Liam passed his test first time!

“It was a very pleasant experience. All the staff at PassMeFast were very helpful and always answered any queries I had in a timely manner. My instructor Julie was excellent as well; her main focus was you as her student and she was really patient and always gave me feedback to where she thought I was and if I wasn’t grasping anything she would come up with very helpful alternate solutions.

I would definitely recommend both PassMeFast and my instructor Julie. I had no previous experience of driving and I did the 40 hour course over 4 weeks, so had 2 hours each weekday and the occasional weekend lesson too and I passed first time 🙂 Thank you everyone.”

With PassMeFast, it doesn’t matter what your experience level is—we’ve got courses to suit all types of learners. Plus, you can learn at a pace that suits you and your schedule. You can get a closer look at our courses on our driving courses rundown.

2. Making sure you’re up to scratch

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One of the difficulties that learner drivers face is trying to figure out how many driving lessons they actually need in order to get up to test standard. If it’s been a while since you’ve been behind the wheel, or you’ve been practising with your family, it can be a struggle to gauge where you’re at in terms of driving experience and skills. PassMeFast is well aware of this struggle, which is why we offer learner drivers the option to take a course assessment with an experienced, local instructor. During this one-hour assessment, the instructor will critically assess your driving skills and use their expertise to work out how many hours you’ll need before you take the driving test.

Jacob took one of our course assessments and was told that he only needed our 5 hour refresher course to get test-ready. Working with top instructor Raj, Jacob ironed out his bad habits and passed his test with flying colours!

“My experience with PassMeFast was brilliant. They acted fast too. I started with an assessment day to confirm I can drive and that I could go for the test with minimal lessons as they believed I could pass.. unfortunately the same instructor wasn’t available for my lessons so they appointed me Raj. If it wasn’t for him acting on the things I needed to fix before the test I would have failed.

He was patient, and very helpful. Really good instructor and I would recommend him for anyone that wants to pass. He’s honest and gives you his professional opinion and he’s really helpful. […] I’d give him 10/10”

If you’re not sure how many lessons you need to get up to test standard, you could book a course assessment with PassMeFast today. Alternatively, you could find out how many hours you’ll need in just a few minutes. Simply head on over to our course recommender tool and answer a few questions. Once you find out your ideal course, give us a ring on 0333 123 4949 or book a course online.

3. Matching all of your requirements

Think the only way to take a driving course is to take a week off work? We’d forgive you for making this assumption. After all, most intensive driving schools take this approach—urging learners to book 5 days off of work so that they can complete their lessons in one go. Of course, this can be incredibly disruptive. If you can’t afford to book any time off, your hands are tied. Not with PassMeFast, though. Instead, we allow learners to take their driving course as intensively as they’d like. We put the learner in charge of setting the pace and work to find a test that suits you.

As a trainee teacher with no time for regular lessons, Chloe was more than impressed with PassMeFast’s flexible approach. Within a week, we managed to find her perfect test date (matching all of her preferences) and an instructor who was able to fit her 15 hours in around her busy schedule. It was just what Chloe needed—she passed with only 3 minors!

“PassMeFast are fantastic; I had some previous driving experience but as a trainee teacher had no time for regular lessons anymore. I had a very short window of time in which to do 15 hours and my test. Todd was the person who sorted all of my booking out, even though I asked them to search for a new test time he never made me feel like I was being difficult.

Within only a week or so they had found me an instructor and a test to suit me perfectly and they kept in touch often with updates. I ended up passing with just 3 minors and I can’t thank them enough- will definitely be recommending to anyone who needs a quick course.”

Looking to start your learning journey? Feeling a bit nervous? Our instructors have bags of experience and will be able to get you up to test standard no matter what your confidence level is like. So, if you’d like to be a source of inspiration for other learners—like Cheryl, who passed 24 years after she first began learning—check out our course prices and book in online or over the phone on 0333 123 4949.

4. Helping you achieve your goals

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Learning to drive is a goal for many people across the UK, but with the wrong lesson format and long driving test waiting times, it can be difficult to actually achieve anything in your chosen schedule. It’s why many decide to forgo learning altogether or just give up after a few lessons. With PassMeFast, however, your dreams can soon become reality. If you’re intent on becoming a fully qualified driver in a certain time frame, we can make sure it happens. Our CX Advisers are pros at finding test dates weeks—or even months, in some cases—ahead of DVSA waiting times. Once they’ve found you a test date, they’ll match you with one of our top, local instructors who will have you up to test-standard in no time.

Michael gave himself a month to learn to drive and pass his driving test. Fortunately, he came to the right place. After a 20 hour course with local instructor Saqib, Michael not only flew through his driving test, he joined our exclusive Zero Minors club!

“I set myself a target to pass within a month of starting the program and PassMeFast made sure that achieved that.

They assigned me to Saqib and he is by far the best instructor I had. He didn’t “hold my hand” through the lessons he likes to hear what you think of the manoeuvre/general driving that you are practicing to really make sure you understand what your doing. If your not sure he’s there to help you!

I passed my test first time and with zero minors and I put that credit to Saqib’s teaching methods.

I Would recommend him and this scheme to anyone who wants to pass fast.”

Don’t fancy dealing with long driving test waiting times? Book a fast-track practical test with PassMeFast and skip the long wait.

5. No matter how many bumps in the road there are

Try as we might, sometimes, things aren’t always smooth sailing for our learner drivers. Whether it’s a false start to the practical test or a last-minute test cancellation from the DVSA, bumps in the road are always a possibility on the journey towards getting your full driving licence. If you learn with PassMeFast, however, you’re guaranteed a quick solution to any problem that comes your way. Had your test cancelled by the DVSA? That’s fine—we can get you another one booked in ASAP. Failed your practical? Our refresher courses will have you back up to speed in no time.

Ricky started off with some seriously bad luck. Not only did he have his test cancelled by the DVSA, he also failed his first test. At this point, though, he found out just how efficient PassMeFast can be. With the help of his CX Adviser, Rory, and his instructor, Adel, Ricky was able to take another test a few days later—after a quick refresher course to get his confidence back up—and passed within a few weeks of his first failed test.

“So glad I went with PassMeFast and got passed within the time forecasted.

From start to finish I have always felt confident that I was being looked after – I booked the 35 hour course with theory bolt on having not taken a lesson for over 20 years. Even though there were some bumps in the road (first exam got cancelled by DVSA and I failed my first practical on a very silly careless mistake of my own doing) these were not through faults of either my amazing instructor Adel or professional CX Adviser Rory. In fact if anything they both went the extra mile to get me through these setbacks (exam replacement date was found only a couple of hours after cancellation and for a date only a few days later) to pass my practical second time around (booked a five hour second course and had passed just over a fortnight from my first failed test).

Things don’t always go perfect to plan but Adel and Rory were simply spot on in their approach and attitude and I will always be grateful to them. Adel knows his stuff and each lesson had just the right balance of what was needed to be focused on and what needed to be maintained at the same level. He also made me feel confident and comfortable to learn and always had sound advice.

Yes I would absolutely recommend them – you are awesome and there simply aren’t enough superlatives to say.”

Regardless of how much experience you’ve had or what transmission you’re looking to drive, PassMeFast will be able to help you get passed in no time at all. Take the first step today and check out our course prices. Once you know what course you want, give us a ring on 0333 123 4949 or book online.

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*Some instances of grammar and punctuation have been corrected; otherwise, reviews are as written.

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