Dealing with Delays, Automatic Passes and a Hole in One—It’s Our Top 5 Pass Photos From September!

Happy September everybody! It’s back to school season and we’re pleased to say that PassMeFast has numerous pupils to be proud of this month. In fact, we’re extra pleased for the latest bunch of newly-qualified drivers. This is because many of them have patiently waited out some hefty COVID-related delays on their driving courses. As we always say, though, patience and perseverance does pay off when it comes to learning to drive! This month we have 5 excellent examples to prove our point.

Shall we just get stuck in then? Let’s reveal our top 5 pass photos from September

From delay to hooray!

Say hello to Matthew from Nottingham. Like many learners, he was very eager to get his hands on a licence when he signed up for PassMeFast’s 20 hour manual course. Things were off to a flying start when Matthew passed his theory test and started lessons with local instructor, Darren. Sadly, though, our old friend (read: mortal enemy) corona decided to show up and throw a spanner in the works. D’oh!

Luckily, Matthew was very understanding and patient. As soon as lockdown restrictions were lifted, our team got to work securing Matthew a practical test date. One that was sorted, it was a case of hitting the roads of Nottingham with Darren to finish what they had started. Then, this happened:

Pass photo of PassMeFast student Matthew

No wonder he’s a happy chap—Matthew passed his test first time with just 4 minors! Ahhh, all’s well that ends well. We’re so pleased for Matthew and hope he is enjoying hitting the roads as a qualified driver. Well done!

Wakefield wonder

Let’s take a quick jaunt over to West Yorkshire, now, where we meet our next star pupil. Judy had built up quite a lot of driving experience before getting in touch with PassMeFast, so came to us for a refresher course. It was decided that our 10 hour manual course would be the perfect fit! Pretty soon, Judy was taking the wheel under the expert tuition of instructor Hamid.

Once the hours were up, it was time to head over to Wakefield test centre for the big event! Here’s the picture that landed in our inbox a short while later:

Pass photo of PassMeFast student Judy

Wahey! Judy passed the driving test and is now a fully qualified driver. She even left us a very nice review describing her PassMeFast experience:

“I passed my test first time with PassMeFast. [I] was impressed with the service from Rory, who booked my test for me and responded to my emails quickly and sometimes on the same day. My driving instructor was patient and very professional. [I] will definitely recommend PassMeFast and their instructors.”

Thank you for the kind words, Judy! We’re thrilled that you enjoyed your PassMeFast course and wish you the best of luck on the road!

No gears, no tears

Time to head south! Our next top pass photo winner hails from the big smoke. Yep, PassMeFast learner, Emily, signed up for our 15 hour automatic course in London. She decided that ditching the gears would be the best way for her to earn a licence quickly and, despite a few lockdown-related delays, she turned out to be right! Following lessons with her experienced instructor, Bala, Emily headed off to Bromley test centre to put her skills to the test.

Let’s take a look at the outcome…

Pass photo of PassMeFast student Emily

A first time pass! And to top it all off, Emily passed the test first time with just 1 minor. That’s a cracking achievement! Excellent work, Emily! We’re thrilled to bits for you and hope you’re having a great time putting that new licence to good use!

Refreshed and raring to go

Next up we have yet another refresher course success story! Berkshire resident, Rojan, decided to go for PassMeFast’s 5 hour automatic course in the hope that it would turn him from learner to qualified driver as soon as possible. The fact he’s made our list shows that this was a good shout!

Rojan wasn’t new to the driving test, but he needed a fresh take on learning to drive that would help him cross that finish line. Looks like he came to the right place! His Booking Agent, Elliot, set him up with local instructor, Nejoum, who helped Rojan brush up his driving skills.

With the course hours complete, Rojan was feeling test-ready and raring to go. Just under an hour later, this happened:

Pass photo of PassMeFast student Rojan

Rojan got to show off his practical test pass certificate! What a top day. Rojan took a few moments to thank his Booking Agent for organising every aspect of his course:

“I dealt with Elliot and he was great. Very friendly and helpful.”

Glad to hear it, Rojan! We expect nothing less from our fine team. Congratulations on passing your driving test—time to hit the road!

Hole in one

Last but by no means least, we’re going to check in with a student based in the West Midlands. Lily had only racked up a few previous hours behind the wheel, so decided to opt for PassMeFast’s 40 hour course. Soon after signing up, she began taking lessons with Birmingham-based instructor, Steve. Things were going swimmingly until—you guessed it!—lockdown hit. Around the halfway point of the course, everything had to be put on hold while the country braced for a difficult time.

Ever the optimist, Lily stayed patient and positive, even after the DVSA cancelled the initial practical test she had hoped to take. Come late August, though, it was back to all guns blazing! Lily got back to work with Steve and we booked her a new test date for early September.

This is Lily moments after her very first driving test:

Pass photo of PassMeFast student Lily

She smashed it! Yep—Lily aced her test to earn a first time pass. From what we’ve heard she then celebrated the achievement with her family. How lovely!

Brilliant job, Lily! Enjoy life as a fully qualified driver!

That’s a wrap on this month’s top pass photos. If you’re still itching for some top driving content, be sure to check out our top reviews from September and the monthly news roundup. We’re off to start prepping for the wave of new pass photos coming our way in October!

If you fancy joining the ranks of the fabulous drivers listed above, a PassMeFast course is all you need. Take a look at our range of courses online, or give us a ring on 0333 123 4949 to find out more.

Until next time, good luck and happy driving!

By Isobel Robb

Isobel enjoys the freedom of the open road and loves driving to new places. She's here to offer helpful hints and tips to improve your motoring skills. When not keeping up to date with the latest driving info you can find her discovering new restaurants or exhausting her Netflix subscription.

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