Unexpected Blessings, Proof That It’s Never Too Late and a Missing Paperwork Problem—It’s Our Top 5 Pass Photos From September!

Can we let you into a little secret? September is our favourite time of the year. It’s sunny but not stifling, good TV returns to our screens and everyone (well, nearly everyone) is feeling motivated to start planning for the new season. While the back to school vibes are flowing, why not kick start your own driving journey? Just a thought!

Forget New Year’s resolutions, see; now is the best time of year to start getting your life in order. You’re all refreshed from summer and ready to switch from vacay to work mode. Today we meet a bunch of people who did just that!

You may have already spotted a couple of these faces in our pass photos of the week, but keep your eyes peeled for a couple of new additions! This is your chance to take a deep dive into the incredible pass stories you’ve already heard a little about, and to hear about some brand new driving accomplishments that are sure to impress and inspire. So, what are we waiting for?! Let’s get stuck into our top pass photos from the month of September!

A bumpy ride

You know what’s worse than failing a practical test? Being too ill to make your test appointment and missing out on it altogether! That’s what happened to poor PassMeFast student, Lai. (Don’t worry, this story has a VERY happy ending.) Thankfully, the team at PassMeFast were able to get the DVSA to provide another test free of charge (no mean feat, let us tell you!) and Lai continued working through her 5 hour course with instructor Riaz in Manchester.

Lai already had a few practical tests under her belt that she hadn’t managed to pass, but we knew with a top instructor like Riaz, she could get the job done. It was a good thing, too, because her theory certificate was about to expire. Talk about piling on the pressure! You can imagine how thrilled we were, then, when this photo came through:

Pass photo of PMF pupil Lai

Lai was able to persevere and pass her test to finally earn that licence—just in the nick of time! Here’s how she felt about it all:

“I passed my test today, couldn’t believe it. I had failed many times before. Riaz helped me in many ways and put in a lot of effort. I can’t thank him enough and also Rachel the ADI manager, who helped arrange a test within my tight schedule. Thank you PassMeFast.”

That wasn’t the end of the good news, either. We later got word that Lai was expecting a baby. How about that—a new licence and a new baby! Congratulations on your achievement Lai and good luck with the new addition to your family!

Practical magic

Sticking to the Greater Manchester area for a little while longer, next we turn to new driver Dan. He signed up for our 35 hour course and got to work perfecting his driving skills with the help of his talented instructor Arshad. Though it took Dan a few goes to ace his theory test, he only needed one shot at the practical!

Here he is showing off his completely clean sheet after passing his test with flying colours. We’re talking zero minors—not a one!

Pass photo of PMF student Daniel

Seriously, we’re gonna need a bigger room to hold all of the PassMeFast pupils who’ve earned a spot in the zero minors club. Anyway! Back to Dan. Here’s what he had to say about his driving journey:

“Couldn’t be happier with my experience with PassMeFast! Top service from booking my tests up until passing and couldn’t have asked for a better instructor.”

Cheers, Dan! You should be really proud of yourself with a result like that. Enjoy making the most of your new licence!

Don’t stop her now!

Let’s wander over to West Yorkshire, now, where we can learn about the incredible pass story of Stephanie. She took our 48 hour automatic course with instructor Shahid. Get ready, because her achievements prove that it’s never too late and you shouldn’t give up on your driving dreams!

What are we talking about? Well, Stephanie managed to pass her driving test FIRST time at the age of 60! Now, here at PassMeFast, we know that age is just a number and you’re never too old to pass the test. Then again, it can be harder for people of a certain age to learn to drive—at least in comparison to younger drivers. Given that she was also dealing with some nerves behind the wheel, we were brimming with pride when we received this particular pass photo:

Pass picture of PMF student Stephanie

Woohoo! Here’s how Stephanie herself felt about the entire process:

“I was having trouble finding an automatic instructor in my area and came across the website for PassMeFast. The lady who took my call was brilliant, couldn’t have been more friendly and helpful. PassMeFast are in touch constantly, checking everything is OK with the instructor and that you are happy.

The instructor was brilliant, so patient and full of humour so you are relaxed from the start—especially important if you are very nervous, as I was. I am pleased to say that after my lessons, and at the age of 60, I have passed my test first time. Shahid and PassMeFast made that possible.”

Thank you for the kind words, Stephanie, but you deserve the biggest pat on the back for all of your hard work! Congratulations!

Passed without the paperwork*

Howdy North Yorkshire! We’re in your neck of the woods for our 4th top pass photo, which comes courtesy of Adam. He went for our shortest course, the 5 hour refresher, to help nudge him over that finish line. Despite having to organise lessons around a pre-planned holiday (lucky for some!), Adam was able to fit in all of his lessons with instructor Andrew before the big day.

The morning of the test there was a slight hiccup: Adam couldn’t find his theory test pass certificate. Game over, right? Well, not necessarily.  Adam decided to not get too worked up about it and headed to his practical appointment anyway.

Cut to 5 minutes after the test:

Pass picture of PMF student Adam

He did it! Adam performed incredibly well on his test, managing to scoop that pass certificate with just 1 minor on the score sheet. Not too shabby at all! Great work Adam—we wish you all the best for your driving future.

Big ups and no downs 

Rounding off a month chock-a-block with perfect pass photos we have Tolulope from London. She was a complete beginner to driving, so booked a 48 hour automatic course, to be taken at a semi-intensive pace. We set her up with experienced instructor Anne and they got to work! Here’s what happened on test day:

Pass photo of PMF student Tolulope

Tolulope smashed it! She managed to pass first time and can now proudly wear the badge of fully qualified driver. Let’s see what she had to say about her PassMeFast experience:

“I passed first time with Anne today. She was so awesome, so understanding. She was able to adapt to my schedule as I work part-time. Big ups to the PassMeFast team. Y’all are awesome. I couldn’t recommend PassMeFast enough. I never thought I would be saying I passed. Gonna start looking for a car now!”

Ahhh, we’re so happy for you Tolulope! your journey proves that hard work really does pay off. Congratulations!

And that’s a wrap! We hope you enjoyed our delightful selection of learners from the month of September. Maybe one day it’ll be your beaming face up there!

In the meantime, if you fancy perusing some more timely driving content, check out our top reviews from September and the monthly news round-up. We also have a brand new pass photo of the week to look forward to!

Until then, good luck and happy driving!

*Even though it’s not always necessary and it worked out out fine in the end for Adam, we do recommend that you bring all required paperwork to your practical test.

By Isobel Robb

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