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Collage September pass photos

We’ve reached the end of another month and, with this one, another season. Yes, it’s time to wave goodbye to summer (sob) and say hello to autumn! Don’t fret, though—it’s not all dark mornings and plummeting temperatures.

In fact, if you think about it, this time of year provides the exact conditions under which us Brits are designed to thrive. It’s not too hot, it’s not too cold and the sun still makes the odd appearance! Plus, who doesn’t love an excuse to pull out the fluffy socks and pop the heating on?!

If you’re not ready to accept that summer is gone and don’t quite want to embrace the changes, we have other news that is sure to give your mood a boost—it’s time to reveal our top pass photos from September! Practical test pass certificates are being given out left, right and centre to PMF students this month, so let’s celebrate some of our favourite snapshots of their ‘woohoo!’ moments. Enjoy!

It’s always best to assess

First up this week is the lovely Tara. Her pass story provides a great example of how a course assessment is a quick and easy way to get yourself on track to pass as soon as possible.

Tara had some previous driving experience but, as that was a few years ago, she wasn’t sure where to start now that getting her licence was a priority. Enter the course assessment. After an hour in the car with one of our top ADIs, she was recommended the 25 hour course. Judging from the photo below, it was the perfect choice!

PMF student Tara pass photo

Tara completed the course and ended up passing her driving test first time! Here’s a bit of what she had to say about her PMF experience:

“If you want to pass quickly, want to focus on it and are dedicated, then I would recommend an intensive course.”

Tara’s right—intensive driving courses take hard work and determination, but they are the best way to get your licence fast. Congratulations Tara—excellent work!

Out with the old…

As you’re probably all aware, at the end of 2017 major changes were made to the practical driving test. Some manoeuvres were scrapped, new manoeuvres were introduced, and sat navs now came into play.

For people who had been learning to drive with the old style of test in mind, this presented something of a pickle. Did they need to start the learning process all over again? Should they forget about practising the three-point turn? Was it time to invest in a sat nav? (The answers to these questions are no, no and… well, yeah, probably!)

PMF student Christopher found himself in exactly this scenario—he had lots of driving experience, but it all took place before the test changes. Not to worry, we said. As long as you have the basic driving skills down, getting test-ready usually just involves a few tweaks here and there (plus a bit of practice). Christopher took our 15 hour course and here’s what happened:

PMF student Christopher pass photo

He passed, of course! Yep, the new test format is nothing to worry about—just ask Chris! And remember: learning to drive isn’t just about knowing how to perform in the test. It’s about making sure you are ready to take on the roads alone in a safe and skilful manner. Congratulations Chris!

You can drive but you can’t hide!

She might not appreciate it, but we don’t want to miss the opportunity to give a shout out to Sophie, who passed her test with flying colours this month. She came to PMF wanting a driving licence and something she could hold in front of her face. We decided to help her get the item that, it turns out, provides both—a practical test pass certificate:

PMF student Sophie pass photo

Did we mention she passed first time with only 3 minors?! Nice try being modest, Sophie, but we see you and your great achievement!

Passed him fast

Now on to a man who made the whole thing look easy. Steven came to us with a little bit of driving experience under his belt, and a lot of determination to get passed fast. He took our 30 hour course with ADI Ann. Here he is after a couple of weeks of lessons:

PMF student Steven pass photo

Yep, he passed his test first time! Here’s what he had to say about learning to drive with PMF:

“Passed 1st time. Ann was great. Would definitely recommend.”

Straight to the point and spot on! Well done Steven!

Aced it in an automatic

Rounding off this month of delightful new drivers we have Charlotte. She had a bit of previous driving experience and came to the decision that manually changing gears was just not for her. So, we set her up on a 20 hour course in an automatic with ADI Michelle. In just over 2 weeks she managed to pass the test first time—picking up only 2 minors along the way!

PMF student Charlotte pass photoUh oh, looks like Shamsher better watch out—another ADI is looking to steal his selfie king crown!

Just kidding, of course. We love it when the instructors get in on the photo action, especially when they obviously made such a great team. Excellent work from both Charlotte and Michelle. Congratulations all round!

Thanks for checking out another month’s selection of top pass photos. Scrolling through all of your happy faces and picking out our favourites really is one of the best parts of the job! Be sure to check in October to see who aced their test and how each new pass story can help the rest of us on our various driving journeys. Alternatively, check out our top reviews in September, to get a glimpse of exclusive learner experiences with PassMeFast.

Has reading about other learners’ experiences motivated you to hit the road yourself? Well, you’re in the right place. PassMeFast offers a range of courses that can help any type of learner get to grips with driving and throw off those L-plates. Check out our list of courses online—or, if you want to talk through your options, give our team a call on 0333 123 4949. The road to driving doesn’t have to be long! Take your first step today.

As always, for the latest driving news and tips, keep checking in with the PMF blog!

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