Traffic Problems, A Frenzy of First Time Passes and Keeping Your Eye on the Prize—It’s Our Top 5 Pass Photos From October!

Collage of the top pass photos from October

Thanks for joining us for our monthly countdown of our favourite pass photos! Now, normally around this time of year we’d be cracking jokes about Halloween and providing costume suggestions. As 2020 has pretty much been one long, drawn-out version of Halloween, though, we decided it’s probably best to just get straight down to the good stuff. (Hey, maybe next year we could all go dressed as a 2020 calendar—spine-chilling!)

Here it is, then: the good stuff. Feast your eyes on our top 5 pass photos from the month of October

Back with a bang

We start proceedings off with a pass story that starts all the way back in the good old days of 2019. The future looked bright, none of us had ever heard of coronavirus, and Nathan from Berkshire decided to sign up for a PassMeFast driving course.

After having some hiccups with the theory test, Nathan decided that his life was a bit too hectic to accommodate driving lessons, so he decided to put his course on hold. This year, though, he gave us a ring and told us to book him a new test and find an instructor in his local area. So we obliged! Nathan was soon working on his driving skills with the help of instructor Mani and our 20 hour course.

Nathan certainly didn’t have any hiccups with the practical test, because when the big day came he passed first time with 2 minors! Here he is with his certificate:

Pass photo of PMF student Nathan

Wahey! Great job, Nathan—enjoy hitting the road.

Eye on the prize

Let’s move on over to Doncaster, now, where we meet PassMeFast student Charlie (you may recognise her from Teen Mum UK!). She also went for PassMeFast’s 20 hour course, having already built up some previous driving experience. Despite having to deal with a few schedule mix ups with her first instructor, Charlie never took her eye off the prize! We set her up with instructor Andrew and she put in the hard graft to come out with a first time pass!

Here she stands as a fully qualified driver:

Pass photo of PMF student Charlie

A fantastic result. Charlie was even nice enough to leave us this lovely 5 star review:

“Did a 20 hour course over 4 days. Did 5 hours a day (I had previously had around 10 lessons over 10 weeks). I had an instructor called Andy and he was amazing, so understanding. I was so nervous but I passed yesterday 1st time with a handful of minors. PassMeFast were amazing and kept me updated. I only had to wait 5 weeks for my test. Would recommend to any learner.”

Thank you so much, Charlie! Congratulations on a great achievement!

Cheers to ditching the gears!

Time to head to the nation’s capital next, where PassMeFast student Bradley went for one of our automatic courses. With the gears out of the way and a 10 hour course booked with local instructor, Anne, Bradley was soon perfecting his parking and roundabout skills.

Eventually, all that was left to do was show off what he’d learned in front of an examiner. Here’s how it went:

Pass photo of PMF student Bradley

Fantastically, of course! Bradley aced the test to earn his licence. Let’s see what he had to say about his PassMeFast experience:

“They are well organised and efficient. No chasing up driving instructors. The one I had was perfect, allowing me to complete my test and achieve my goal of passing within 10 hours. It speaks for itself. PassMeFast are great by me!!!!”

And your driving achievement and kind words are great by us, Bradley! Very well done indeed.

All’s well that ends well

Next up we get acquainted with Wolverhampton-native, Brooke. Having recently failed a test, he decided to go for one of PassMeFast’s refresher courses and settled on 15 hours. As his theory test had also expired, he added one of these onto his package too. Now, it wasn’t all smooth sailing. Brooke may have missed his first theory test by, somewhat ironically, getting stuck in traffic. Nevertheless, he prevailed!

Brooke passed his next theory test, completed lessons with instructor Alla and was soon moseying on down to Featherstone test centre. Around an hour later he posed for this picture:

Pass photo of PMF student Brooke

Get in! Brooke passed his test and is now the proud owner of a full driving licence. Woohoo!

First time frenzy

Rounding off this month’s top pass photos we have the lovely Jo, from Blackpool. She had plenty of driving experience and just wanted a quick refresher course to polish up her skills and get test-ready. And that’s exactly what we gave her!

After passing her theory test (first time, we might add!), Jo hit the road with instructor Andrew. The two got to work perfecting her driving until she was feeling nice and confident for the practical test.

She was right to feel confident, too, because here she is after acing the test first time:

Pass photo of PMF student Jo

Wowzer! Great work, Jo. Time to hit the road and make the most of that new licence!

There you have it! Our top pass photos from the month of October. If this has given you a kick up the bum to get your own driving future sorted, you should know who to call by now. Hint: it’s us!

Yep, give PassMeFast a ring on 0333 123 4949 and you’ll soon be making the leap from learner to qualified driver. To get an idea of what we have to offer, have a browse of our courses. We have something for everyone! You don’t need to take our word for it, either—check out our top reviews from the month of October, or read our October 2020 news roundup.

We’ll be back next month with a brand new roster of lovely pass photos.

Until then, good luck and happy driving!

By Isobel Robb

Isobel enjoys the freedom of the open road and loves driving to new places. She's here to offer helpful hints and tips to improve your motoring skills. When not keeping up to date with the latest driving info you can find her discovering new restaurants or exhausting her Netflix subscription.

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