A Major Go-Getter, A Perfect Score and A Licence For Family Fun—It’s Our Top 5 Pass Photos From October!

Collage of the top October pass photos

Gather round all of you ghosts, ghouls and (turns out we have a fairly lenient door policy here) members of the general public, for it is time to reveal PassMeFast’s top 5 pass photos from the month of October. Mwahahahaha!

Hopefully that laugh comes off more celebratory than sinister because, truth be told, there’s nothing spooky to see here. Rather, we’re going to present you with 5 of our lovely learners who smashed their driving goals this month. No tricks—all treats!

So, come out from behind the sofa, pop the big light on and let these inspiring pass stories banish your fears and brighten your day!

Movin’ on up!

The honour of kicking off proceedings this month goes to the very impressive Michael from Newark. Not content with working his way through one life goal, Michael decided to tackle three at once. Learn to drive? Check! Move house? Check! Start a new job? Check! (Anyone else get a sudden urge to take a nap?) Here at PassMeFast, we’re all about the intensive approach, but Michael’s putting us to shame with how much he’s fitting in!

Before embarking on a major move from Newark to Rochester, Michael signed himself up for our 25 hour manual course. As you can imagine, it wasn’t a completely straightforward process. In fact, Michael had to complete the first half of his course at his original location and the second half in his new home. And that new home was more than 100 miles away!

The good news is that PassMeFast covers both Nottinghamshire and Kent.  Always up for a challenge, our trusty booking agents were able to make the necessary arrangements to transfer Michael’s course over to his new digs.  And soon enough, this happened:

Pass photo of PassMeFast student Michael

Michael passed his test FIRST time! Before he scooted off to get on with achieving some other life goals, he was nice enough to leave us with a few words about his PassMeFast experience:

“Excellent service, really helpful staff sorting out changing instructors when I moved. Both Craig and Tony were brilliant instructors. Thanks guys!”

Excellent job Michael—your work ethic is inspiring! Have fun out there on the road.

Job’s a good’un  

Time to head to London now, where we meet Stephen from East Dulwich. Like many of the people who come through PassMeFast’s doors, Stephen needed to secure a licence as a requirement for his job. Tempted by our time-saving intensive lessons and fast-tracked tests, he booked a 20 hour automatic course. Soon, Stephen was hitting the road with instructor Kabir, who helped him to hone his driving skills until he was test-ready…

Pass photo of PassMeFast student Stephen I

…and it looks like they both did a sterling job! Stephen was such a great driver that he managed to pass on his first attempt—no mean feat! Here’s what he had to say about his journey to becoming a fully qualified driver:

“PassMeFast delivered on their promise. Their driving instructor Kabir was really good. Professional and patient and was instrumental to me passing on my first attempt. I can’t thank them enough and I fully recommend them to all learner drivers out there.” 

Ahh, thanks Stephen—we do aim to please! Enjoy hitting the road as a qualified driver!

The perfect comeback

Let’s head closer to PassMeFast HQ and pay a visit to Bradley in Manchester. He wasn’t a complete newbie to driving, but still had plenty to learn, so went for our 25 hour course. Working with instructor Nahida, Bradley was able to polish up his existing skills and master a whole range of new ones. Then off to the test centre he went! Sadly, the first attempt didn’t quite go to plan and Bradley wasn’t able to get his hands on that certificate. He wasn’t about to let that get him down, though!

Bradley signed up for our super speedy 2.5 hour refresher course and secured another fast-tracked test. Then, he got right back on that horse:

Pass photo of PAssMeFast student Bradley

This wasn’t a case of second time lucky, it was a case of second time perfect! Bradley managed to pass his second test without picking up a single fault. Hello brand new licence and hello zero minors club! What’s the verdict, Bradley?

“PassMeFast were fantastic to work with and delivered a speedy turnaround on every request. Can’t recommend enough for their quality service and fantastic instructors! Thanks so much guys!”

You did the real hard work, Bradley! Very well done indeed!

Doing it for the fam

Back down south now, where yet another PassMeFast learner was about to cast off those L-plates. Kingston-based Amy was eager to earn a driving licence for the freedom and convenience it would bring to her family. Luckily, she knew just who to call!

We set her up on our 20 hour course with instructor Ravi, and they got to work making sure that Amy would be ready and raring to go when test day arrived. And would you look at that:

Pass photo of PassMeFast student Amy

She was! Amy passed her driving test first time, much to the delight of her family and friends. Nice going Amy! Enjoy making the most of that licence!

Easy in theory…

You didn’t think we’d get through an entire top pass photos piece without including a refresher course success story, did you?! As if. We’re going to round things off by learning a little about the driving journey of Adam from Manchester. He had lots of previous driving experience, but needed a few hours with a top instructor to ensure all of his skills were up to test standard.

There was also the small matter of the theory test. Adam learned the hard way that this first hurdle isn’t as easy as many people think!  Nevertheless, he persevered and soon came out with a pass. Then it was on to the biggie!

One 5 hour refresher course with instructor Riaz down, it was time to take on the practical test…

Pass photo of PMF student Adam

And he smashed it first time! Here’s how Adam summed up his PassMeFast experience:

“Very good training from my driving instructor Riaz. He guided me fantastically enough to pass first time. Would highly recommend.”

Nothing beats a knowledgeable instructor! Congratulations Adam and good luck for your driving future.

That just about does it for our top pass photos from October! If any of this month’s stories struck a chord and you fancy getting in the driver’s seat yourself, give us a call on 0333 123 4949 to discuss your options. Or, if you’re still flirting with the idea and not ready to commit, there’s no harm in having a browse of our courses via the website.

Appetite for driving inspo and pass stories not completely satisfied yet? Head over to our top reviews and news roundup.

Until next time, good luck and happy driving!

By Isobel Robb

Isobel enjoys the freedom of the open road and loves driving to new places. She's here to offer helpful hints and tips to improve your motoring skills. When not keeping up to date with the latest driving info you can find her discovering new restaurants or exhausting her Netflix subscription.

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