Our Top 5 Pass Photos in November

Collage of November pass photos

Fizz, boom, pop—November is here! Or rather, November has been and (almost) gone. We hope yours has been filled with fireworks, fuzzy socks and festive treats. Ours certainly has! Luckily, consuming one too many pumpkin spice lattes did not stop us from keeping track of all the amazing learners who passed their test this month. Yes, the PMF alumni community continues to grow as more skilled drivers get the DVSA stamp of approval.

As always, it hasn’t been easy, but in order to give you a glimpse of the kind of success stories we love, we’ve picked our top 5 pass photos of the month. So, stop what you’re doing for just a few minutes and see if these dazzling drivers inspire YOU to hit the road…

Automatic pass

Kicking proceedings off this month is the lovely Tanya. She had no time for gear changes and clutch control, so set her heart on an automatic course. With quite a bit of driving experience behind her, everyone agreed that 10 hours should do the job. And it did! Check out her beaming face below:

Pass photo of PMF student Tanya

Tanya managed to pass the test first time and only picked up 1 minor—impressive stuff! Here’s what she had to say about her PMF experience:

“Using PassMeFast was easy, reliable and overall a great experience for me personally. My instructor Sajid was a pleasure to work with—forever putting my mind at ease over my driving ability. He was happy repeating himself and listening to my non-stop chattering through nerves!

I would recommend PassMeFast to anyone. I passed 1st time today with 1 minor. Good luck to all those in the future with their driving journey.”

Brilliant work, Tanya—congratulations!

Hero with a zero

Next up we have star student James. He hit the road with Shamsher for a 15 hour manual course. They devoted most of the time to polishing up on the manoeuvres and calming James’ pre-test nerves. In just 1 week, James had completed all of his lessons and was ready for the big day…

Pass photo of PMF student James

…and he smashed it! Not only did he pass first time—he walked away with a completely clean sheet! That’s right: ZERO minors! What an incredible achievement, especially given the short time-frame in which he did it.

James’ story is a shining example of just how effective intensive courses can be. You learn everything so quickly that it’s all still fresh in your mind by the time your test rolls around.

Great work, James—well done!

Leave the nerves at the kerb

Nerves are a really common problem for learner drivers. It’s completely understandable—being in control of a car for the first time is daunting enough without having the added pressure of being marked on everything you do!

Finding the right instructor is one of the best ways to combat any anxieties you might feel behind the wheel. That’s why, at PassMeFast, we select instructors with plenty of experience, who know how to keep students calm and build up their confidence.

Alisha found this to be the case when she met her instructor, Ann. After a 25 hour course, this happened:

Pass photo of PMF student Alisha

Despite feeling nervous about the test, Alisha passed first time and only picked up 3 minors!

She put it all down to her brilliant instructor:

“Passed my driving test first time with PassMeFast and my driving instructor Ann. Can’t thank her enough for all of her help and patience. I was extremely nervous on the day of my driving test and she managed to keep me calm and control my nerves.”

Nothing beats great teamwork! Congratulations Alisha—enjoy the open road!

Passed in a flash 

Sometimes the number of days between a learner getting in contact with us and passing their driving test is so short that we barely have time to snap a picture! Luckily, John’s instructor managed to capture his moment of qualification, so we can share his story with you.

Pass photo of PMF student John

John had lots of driving experience, so came to PassMeFast for a quick refresher course. In just a few days, he was set up with an instructor and secured a test date for the following week. Turns out 5 hours was all he needed because he aced his test—picking up only 3 minors!

Congratulations John! We’re glad we could pass YOU fast (couldn’t resist!).

Refresh for success

Rounding off this fabulous gang of new drivers, we have Aneyka. She already knew how to drive, but wanted a 5 hour refresher course to work on her parking skills and perfect the manoeuvres. We set her up with top-notch ADI Noel and they got to work. After mastering pulling up on the right and proving she could get in and out of any bay with ease, Aneyka was ready to take on the test! Let’s see how she did…

Pass photo of PMF student Aneyka

She sailed through, obviously! Check out her reaction to securing that pink licence:

“I PASSED! I would like to thank the team for everything. The support was amazing from start to finish. I’m so so pleased I chose PassMeFast. Noel is an absolute legend—thanks for all the help. Highly Recommended.”

Aww, thanks Aneyka! We’re glad your hard work paid off. Congratulations!

Ahhhh, nothing like a bunch of happy faces and driving success stories to put us in a good mood! We hope our top pass photos gave your day a boost, too. Maybe they even motivated you to start your own driving journey…If they didn’t do the trick, you might want to check out our top customer reviews in November.

If you are looking to get that driving licence in the bag, now is the perfect time to work towards that goal. You can squeeze in lots of new skills before the year is over and beat the January rush for test dates! Stay ahead of the curve and strike while the iron (or pass-envy!) is hot. After all, no one enjoys taking the bus in winter.

Want to know what your options are? Take a look at the different courses we offer or give us a call on 0333 123 4949 and our friendly team will be happy to advise you on what’s best for your particular situation. Good luck and happy driving!

For all of the latest driving news and tips, keep checking in with the PassMeFast blog.

By Isobel Robb

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