Courses Cut Short, Fast-Tracking Fiends and Some Major Multitasking—It’s Our Top 5 Pass Photos From June!

Collage of our top June pass photos

Howdy driving fans! Good on you for carving out the time to check in with the latest instalment of our top pass photos of the month, especially when you could be out enjoying all of that sunshine. We sure hope we’re not disrupting your tanning schedule. Just kidding! The only tan you’re getting right now must be from a bottle, because we’re in the midst of another classic British summer.

Despite promises that a record-breaking heatwave is just around the corner, the PassMeFast team will only believe it when we see it. You see, we’ve been burned (sadly, not by the deliciously warm rays of our absent friend the sun) too many times. Despite nice weather and success on the football pitch being two things British people have been trained not to expect, every year we allow ourselves to dream. So, our fingers are crossed, but we remain skeptical (and layered up!). Sigh.

Anyway! We don’t need the sun to bring us joy this June, because we have lots of lovely learners to celebrate. Yes, the PassMeFast students have been out in force, all striving to kick off their summer by earning a brand new licence. Join us as we focus on a select few who really knocked our socks off. It’s time for our top 5 pass photos from the month of June!

Life in the fast-track lane

Let’s get this party started with Anisah. She came to PassMeFast for a course that would complement her 10 hours of previous driving experience and get her ready for the practical test. Speaking of tests, she also took full advantage of PassMeFast’s fast-tracking service and asked us to book her a theory and practical test. With everything soon organised for her, it was time to start up the engine on Anisah’s driving journey!

Looks like our 35 hour course was exactly what she needed…

Pass photo of PassMeFast learner Anisah

That’s right! After passing her theory test first time, Anisah managed to do exactly the same when it came to the practical. Oh, and FYI, that’s Anisah on the right. The bloke on the left is her fabulous instructor Mani, who looks both pleased as punch and ready for summer to arrive. What a combo! Great work guys—and enjoy that open road Anisah!

Cut short for a clean sheet

Worried that you might pick the wrong PassMeFast course and end up booking too many or not enough hours? Fret no more! If you do end up needing to add to your course hours, PassMeFast can make that a doddle. Similarly, if your instructor is adamant that you don’t need to use all of your hours and you go on to pass the practical test without completing the full course, we will refund you the difference. Someone who can attest to that is Joshua, who booked PassMeFast’s 30 hour automatic course.

By the time he’d clocked up 20 hours behind the wheel, his instructor let us know that he was already good to go (to the test centre, that is). Knowing that our instructors have the knowledge and experience to make such calls, we sent him off to his practical!

And would you look at that…

Not only did Joshua pass, he did it with flying colours! Yep, we have yet another addition to the zero minors club. Cue the streamers, marching band and popping bottles. Congratulations Joshua!

Tipped for success

Even if you’re just taking a quick refresher course, finding the right instructor is a must. Luckily for Paul, we knew exactly who to pair him up with! He spent 5 hours polishing up his driving skills with top notch ADI Noel and then this happened:

Pass photo of PassMeFast learner Paul

Job done! Paul passed his test first time and only picked up 2 minors. Let’s see what he had to say about his PassMeFast experience:

“Great service. Kept me informed throughout the entire process and also [offered] good help with hints and tips to get me passed. Driving instructor Noel was brilliant—relaxed but informative teaching style. Would definitely recommend if you want to pass your test quickly.”

So glad we could be of help Paul! And the rest of you know by now that if you want to get in on those ‘hints and tips’ Paul is talking about, you can find them all over the PassMeFast Blog. But enough about us—well done Paul!

Swerve the admin to smash the test

At PassMeFast, we can organise all of the boring stuff involved in learning to drive (like booking tests and researching the best instructors in your area) so you can focus on the driving itself. It saves lots of time and makes the whole process much more enjoyable for the learner.

Kayley found out first hand that this is the most efficient way to secure a driving licence. She took our 20 hour course and managed to pass first time! Here she is right after the magical moment:

Pass photo of PassMeFast learner Kayley

Kayley was also nice enough to leave us a positive and detailed review. Not ones to shy away from a bit of praise, here’s a taste of what she had to say:

“I took a 20 hour course with my amazing instructor Ann. She helped me get to the driving standard I needed and I passed first time. Thank you PassMeFast and Ann for all your help in getting my test and lessons booked for me in no time. I would definitely recommend PassMeFast. Not a bad comment to make about them. Absolutely amazing and efficient company.”

Thanks Kayley! We are flattered and thrilled in equal measure. Big well done on passing your test first time and good luck on the road!

Study, work, drive, repeat. 

Even though we specialise in intensive courses, we understand that not everyone’s schedule can accommodate this approach. That’s why we also offer semi-intensive courses. At the end of the day, the best way to learn to drive is whatever suits you! So, our learners decide the pace, and we do our best to meet their needs.

Hamza, for example, was determined to pass his test as quickly as possible, but had to squeeze his lessons in around work and exams. Considering he was taking a 30 hour course on top of these commitments, we were very impressed with his multitasking skills.

Our admiration didn’t stop there, either, because Hamza went on to ace his test first time! Check it out:

Pass photo of PassMeFast learner Hamza

What a guy! He was also nice enough to stick around just long enough to offer some kind words about our service:

“Great experience with PassMeFast. Their service is very good, they’re very easy to communicate with and they employ top instructors.”

Cheers for that, Hamza. Enjoy hitting the road as a fully qualified driver!

And that’s a wrap on June’s top pass photos! Don’t despair—we’ll be back with another round in just a few short weeks. Until then, you can keep yourself busy by having a gander at June’s top reviews and our monthly news roundup.

Fancy competing for a spot on our top pass photos yourself? Time to get serious about learning to drive! Give our team a call on 0333 123 4949 to learn more about your options, or browse our selection of courses online.

Good luck and happy driving!

By Isobel Robb

Isobel enjoys the freedom of the open road and loves driving to new places. She's here to offer helpful hints and tips to improve your motoring skills. When not keeping up to date with the latest driving info you can find her discovering new restaurants or exhausting her Netflix subscription.

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