Parking Prowess, Proof that 2020 isn’t All Bad and Qualified Key Workers—It’s Our Top 5 Pass Photos From July!

Collage of July's top 5 pass photos

Well, well, well. Lookie what we have here. It’s a treasure trove of our favourite pass pics! That’s right—our top pass photos of the month series is BACK! And man does it feel good. The world may look different, the world may feel different, but we’re pleased to report that the visual proof of our lovely learners’ achievements are just as top notch and inspiring as ever!

Lord knows we’ve waited long enough, so let’s not delay it any further: it’s time to check out our top 5 pass photos from the month of July!

The support he needed

Crewe-local Scott has the honour of kicking off our first post-lockdown list of driving champs. He needed a licence to help him get to and from his very important job as a support worker. Having already taken and failed a driving test before approaching PassMeFast, we decided that our 5 hour refresher course could be just what Scott needed. He hit the roads of Cheshire with instructor Noel and worked on his skills until he felt confident and test-ready.

Would it be enough to earn him a licence? The following image should answer your question…

Pass photo of PMF student Scott

Wahey! Scott passed the test and can now call himself a qualified driver! Here’s what he had to say about the whole experience:

“I failed my first test and decided to pay for a 5hr PassMeFast course. My instructor Noel was brilliant and got me where I needed to be and I passed with 2 minors.”

A great result—well done, Scott!

Parking prowess

We head to Rotherham in South Yorkshire, now, to take a nosey at the pass story of NHS worker, Rebecca. With quite a bit of driving experience already notched up, Rebecca signed up for PassMeFast’s 25 hour course. The area she really wanted to focus on was the manoeuvres, so we set her up with local instructor, Roy, who got to work teaching her how to bay park, parallel park and pull up on the right.

Once these skills were firmly nailed down and Rebecca was feeling confident behind the wheel, it was time to head to the test centre. And here she is less than an hour later:

Pass photo of PMF student Rebecca

Pass certificate in hand and licence in the (metaphorical) bag! Rebecca earned a first time pass and is now hitting the road as a qualified driver. Congratulations!

Godfred’s year

Did you know that PassMeFast courses are available in Gloucestershire? Well you do now because it’s where we find our next newly-qualified driver!

Godfred had already taken a couple of driving tests but hadn’t quite managed to cross the finish line with a pass. That was about to change in 2020, though! He booked in for our 5 hour course and hit the road with instructor Naheem to polish up his skills. Turns out a refresher course was just what Godfred needed, because next time he went to the test centre, he returned with this:

Pass photo of PMF student Godfred

A driving test pass certificate—woohoo! Godfred was even nice enough to leave us a 5 star review:

“All I can say is PassMeFast has helped me a great deal—helping me pass and get my full licence and [they] have a collection of excellent driving instructors who can make it happen. Thanks a lot PassMeFast!!!!”

You’re too kind, Godfred! Thank you for the lovely words and bravo on a great achievement!

The key to success

Let’s head back up north and pay a visit to St Helens to meet key worker, Ellie. We have another refresher course success story on our hands here, as Ellie booked our 5 hour course along with a practical and theory test. Ellie made quick work of the latter, and once that theory test certificate was in her clutches we sent her off for lessons with local instructor, Ann.

They proved to be quite the dream team! Check out the result of their hard work:

Pass photo of PMF student Ellie

Yep—Ellie managed to pass her driving test first time! This care worker now has a safe, enjoyable and convenient way to commute to her job. Big cheers all round! Congrats, Ellie!

Test-ready to road-ready

Rounding off proceedings we have key worker, Kelly, from Bedfordshire. She wasn’t a complete newbie to driving when she came to us, but still had a long way to go on her learning journey. She wanted to master the manoeuvres and get test-ready, so we set her up on PassMeFast’s 30 hour course.

Once an emergency test was booked, Kelly started hitting the roads of Luton for driving lessons with her instructor, Hassan. He did a great job of perfecting her skills, because we soon received this lovely pass picture:

Pass photo of PMF student KellyKelly managed to pass her test first time with just 4 minors. What a result! Excellent job, Kelly—we hope you’re having a great time making the most of that new licence!

Thank you!

PassMeFast would like to say a big thank you to all of the key workers we’ve helped over the past few months. Not only are you providing vital services for our nation during this challenging time, but you’re also keeping our spirits up here at PassMeFast HQ with your belting pass stories! You’re an inspiration to all and we’re very grateful.

Looking to learn to drive yourself? To get an idea of availability in your area, give our team a call on 0333 123 4949. You can also peruse our courses and prices over on the website. For more driving inspo, be sure to check out our key worker hall of fame and top customer reviews of July. We’re also pleased to announce the return of our monthly news roundup, which will get you up to date with the latest happenings in the driving world.

Until next time, good luck and happy driving!

By Isobel Robb

Isobel enjoys the freedom of the open road and loves driving to new places. She's here to offer helpful hints and tips to improve your motoring skills. When not keeping up to date with the latest driving info you can find her discovering new restaurants or exhausting her Netflix subscription.

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