A Race Against Time, Top Marks and New Beginnings—It’s Our Top 5 Pass Photos From December!

Collage of December pass photos

Here’s a double dose of good news: 2020 is nearly at an end and we have 5 lovely pass photos to share from the month of December! The lockdown may have prevented us from enjoying our monthly countdown in November, but we’re back with one last hurrah before we wave goodbye to 2020.

Like many people, PassMeFast was thrilled to hear that driving lessons and tests were back up and running in early December. Lots of our lovely learners hit the road to start or complete their driving journeys. Today we’re celebrating 5 students who earned their pink licences this month. So here they are—our top 5 pass photos from December!

Short on time but big on self-belief

We start off in West Yorkshire, where we meet Huddersfield local Lily. She wasn’t a complete newbie to driving, but wanted to pass her theory test quickly and build up her confidence behind the wheel. PassMeFast’s 35 hour course caught her eye, so she signed up for that, along with a theory and fast-tracked practical test.

Lily made quick work of the theory test and it was soon time to turn to the practical side of things. We set her up with one of our local instructors, Darren, and they got to work getting Lily confident and test-ready. Her practical was booked for mid-December, giving them plenty of time to complete the course hours. That was until our good friend ‘Rona decided to make things a little more tricky. The country was plunged into a second lockdown and poor Lily lost out on some valuable lesson time.

Did she let it get to her? Not even a little bit! Lily ended up heading to the test centre despite only completing 26 hours of lessons with Darren, and this was the result:

Pass photo of PMF student Lily

She only went and passed first time anyway—what a superstar! Congratulations, Lily. You’ve really done yourself proud and ended 2020 on a high. Bravo!

Trained for top marks!

PassMeFast’s courses and fast-tracked tests became available in the county of Worcestershire in August this year. Someone who was quick to take advantage of this is our next star pupil, Richard. Hailing from the town of Kidderminster, this guy already had plenty of driving experience, but figured a combo of a PassMeFast refresher course and fast-tracked test would be the key to becoming a qualified driver before the year’s end. And he was right!

Richard took a few lessons with local instructor Tim to brush up his skills and headed to the local test centre. A little while later, we received this photo:

Pass photo of PMF student Richard

Not only did Richard pass, he passed with a completely clean sheet. Yep, we have another addition to the zero minors club! Incredible result, Richard. Very well done indeed!

No gears, no problem

Next we head to Lancaster, where we meet Yang Yang, who had already booked himself a test, but needed a PassMeFast 15 hour course to get ready for it. He also wanted to skip lessons on gear change and learn in an automatic car. Not a problem—enter instructor Michelle!

She and Yang Yang hit the roads of Lancashire to perfect his driving skills and ensure he was feeling nice and confident for test day. It worked like a charm because here he is after his very first attempt at the driving test:

Pass photo of PMF student Yang Yang

Proudly clutching a practical test pass certificate! Way to go, Yang Yang. We hope you enjoy making the most of that brand new driving licence!

New year, new job, new licence!

We head south to the nation’s capital now to meet PassMeFast student Kurtis. He has a job lined up in the new year that requires him to have a driving licence, so he needed to pass his test ASAP. Thankfully, Kurtis came to the right place!

He signed up for PassMeFast’s 10 hour refresher course, as well as a fast-tracked practical test. After patiently waiting for lockdown restrictions to be lifted, Kurtis took to the road to complete lessons with local instructor Hallam. His main aim was to get rid of some bad driving habits that he’d picked up over many hours of experience behind the wheel. That’s exactly what they worked on and Kurtis was soon heading off to the test centre to strut his stuff in front of an examiner.

They must have been impressed, because they handed him a pass certificate:

Pass photo of PMF student Kurtis

Wahey! Kurtis actually ended up passing his test with just 1 minor on the marksheet. Nicely done! He even took the time to leave a short but sweet review about Hallam:

Very good instructor. Would recommend him.”

Excellent job, Kurtis! Enjoy hitting the road and good luck with the new job!

Post-lockdown licence

Let’s end right back where we started, in the West Yorkshire town of Huddersfield. This time, it’s to celebrate PassMeFast student Jennifer becoming a qualified driver. Jennifer works as a trainee teacher, so she wanted to take her 30 hour course at a slower place so she could fit lessons around her busy schedule. She worked through her course hours with Mick, a top local instructor, and practised what she was learning on drives with her dad.

Once she’d passed the theory test, we worked on getting her a suitable practical test so that she could earn that licence as soon as possible. Unfortunately, 2020 had other ideas! Jennifer’s test ended up being booked on the first day of England’s second national lockdown. Talk about frustrating!

Jennifer took all of this in her stride, and patiently waited for her test to be rescheduled and restrictions to be lifted. Come mid-December it was go time! Jennifer headed off to the local test centre, where this happened:

Pass photo of PMF student Jennifer

Jennifer passed her test FIRST time! We love to see it. Great work, Jessica—enjoy hitting the road as a qualified driver!

Goodbye (and good riddance!) 2020

And that’s a wrap on our final top pass photos of the month in 2020! It’s been a strange old year, but we’re thrilled to be able to celebrate so many fabulous newly-qualified drivers month after month (with just the occasional lockdown-related break).

If you fancy getting in on the driving action in 2021, you can start making preparations now! Give PassMeFast a ring on 0333 123 4949 to get started. You can also browse our courses and book online.

Whatever 2021 has in store for you, we hope it’s a good ‘un! Thanks for joining us and we’ll catch up with you in the new year. In the mean time, you can check out our top reviews from December and the last news roundup of 2020.

Until next time, good luck, happy driving and wash those hands!

By Isobel Robb

Isobel enjoys the freedom of the open road and loves driving to new places. She's here to offer helpful hints and tips to improve your motoring skills. When not keeping up to date with the latest driving info you can find her discovering new restaurants or exhausting her Netflix subscription.

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