Clean Sheets, Unexpected Injuries and a 7 Day Superstar—It’s Our Top 5 Pass Photos From April!

PassMeFast's top 5 pass photos April

Waving goodbye to April is always a little tough. The Easter bunny has packed up his basket of treats, the pride you felt about how many eggs you could consume in one sitting is now tinged with a sting of shame as you’re left traipsing an alarming number of boxes to the recycling, and your annoying pranks can no longer be passed off as charming April Fool’s antics. On the upside, spring is in full swing (give or take a few April showers) and so are the driving ambitions of learners across the UK!

If you can shake yourself out of your chocolate coma long enough to check out our top pass photos from the month of April, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed! Unlike the rest of us, these 5 learners have spent the past few weeks displaying an impressive amount of discipline as they worked towards earning their driving licences. Join us in celebrating their incredible achievements below. Who knows, some of that self-improvement energy might rub off!

Practically perfect

Kicking off the list with a bang is the very impressive Emily. Having recently been through some tough times, she decided to grab life by the, errr, steering wheel (we’re a family friendly site) and start checking off items on the list of things she’d always wanted to accomplish. Luckily for us, near the top of that list was learning to drive!

Emily got to work completing PassMeFast’s 25 hour course, hoping it would give her just enough time to perfect the manoeuvres and feel confident for the test. Here’s how the big day ended:

Pass photo of PassMeFast learner Emily

Boom! Not only did Emily pass her test first time, she finished with a completely clean sheet. Another addition to the PassMeFast zero minors club (it’s starting to get a bit crowded in there!) and a big dose of driving inspiration for the rest of us. Great job Emily!

Perfect pace for a pass

Next up it’s time to learn a little bit about Emmanuel. A complete beginner to driving, Emmanuel decided to go with our 40 hour course. After just 30 hours of lessons he had his first crack at the driving test, but didn’t quite manage to get over the finish line. Armed with his first-hand experience of the practical and some remaining course time still to use, he got straight back behind the wheel to prepare for round two.

After a few more lessons, this is where Emmanuel found himself:

Pass photo of PassMeFast learner Emmanuel


Yep, clutching a pass certificate in a deserted car park. Living the dream! Seriously, though, Emmanuel really did us proud. Here’s what he had to say about his PassMeFast course:

“I would definitely recommend this company for anyone learning how to drive, my  instructor was so patient and at the same time got me to learn at the right pace. Thank you.”

Thank you for the kind words, Emmanuel—congratulations on your achievement and enjoy hitting the road as a fully qualified driver!

One week was all it took (fallin’ in love with driving)

Like many learners who contact PassMeFast, Alkisti had some previous driving experience and wasn’t quite sure how many more hours of lessons she would require. While our course recommender tool is great for pointing you in the right direction, you really can’t beat a course assessment with a DVSA-approved instructor. So, that’s exactly what we provided for Alkisti!

After an hour of driving, it was determined that PassMeFast’s 15 hour course would be the perfect fit. It also introduced Alkisti to instructor Nahida, whom she liked so much she requested as her course instructor. Her wish was our command!

Here’s Alkisti 7 days later:

Pass photo of PassMeFast learner Alkisti

That’s a smile that says ‘I just aced my driving test’, if ever we saw one! Let’s hear how it went down from the woman herself:

“Amazing service from the PassMeFast team. My instructor Nahida was exceptional. I loved her unique teaching style and I’m happy to say I passed first time, one week after starting lessons. I will definitely be recommending their services!”

And an amazing performance from you behind the wheel, Alkisti—well done!

No pain no gain?

Sometimes the process of learning to drive can be a real test of character. Things don’t always go smoothly and threats to your progress can crop up in many forms. While this is no doubt frustrating, what’s important is how you deal with it going forward. Are you going to throw in the towel, or keep persevering?

Callum is an example of someone who would not let a few pesky hurdles get in the way of his driving goals. Despite having to contend with both an illness and an injury during his 35 hour course, he was determined to get his hands on that pink licence.

Did his positive attitude pay off?

Pass photo of PassMeFast learner Callum

You bet it did! Not only did Callum pass his test, he managed to do it in style—picking up just 2 minors. Impressive stuff, Callum!

Masked by her pass

There’s only one spot left on our top pass photo list, and we’ve decided to hand it to the lovely Chloe. While her first driving test didn’t go quite to plan (in actual fact, most learners fail on their first attempt), she got straight back to it with a PassMeFast refresher course. After spending a few hours perfecting her skills and tackling roundabouts like a pro, it was time to head back to the test centre.

The next update we received was this photo:

Pass photo of PassMeFast learner Chloe

Don’t worry, guys, we’ve had official confirmation that this is in fact her. We see you Chloe! And, perhaps more importantly, we see that driving test pass certificate in your hands! Congratulations and good luck for your driving future.

Well, that’s your lot in terms of top pass photos for April. We hope you enjoyed them as much as we did! Thankfully, pass photos are just like Cadbury’s Creme Eggs—we will never get sick of them. So, you only have to hold tight for another month before we’ll be celebrating the achievements of a brand new set of PassMeFast learners! And if that’s just too long to wait, there’s always the archives or our top customer reviews in April. (Don’t forget to check out our April news roundup, too!)

Fancy becoming a PassMeFast success story yourself? Give us a ring on 0333 123 4949 to discuss your options, or check out our range of courses online.

Until next time, good luck and happy driving!

By Isobel Robb

Isobel enjoys the freedom of the open road and loves driving to new places. She's here to offer helpful hints and tips to improve your motoring skills. When not keeping up to date with the latest driving info you can find her discovering new restaurants or exhausting her Netflix subscription.

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