Our Pass Photo of the Week—Stephanie from London!

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Well hello there, devoted readers/bored self-isolators! It’s a funny old time, eh? We hope social distancing isn’t getting you down too much. Sure, you may have eaten all of your snacks for the week in a single day, forgotten what your best mate’s voice sounds like and resorted to rationing your final roll of toilet paper square-by-sad-little-square (thanks a lot, panic buyers), but it’s not all doom and gloom! Not if PassMeFast has anything to do with it, anyway.

We’re here to spread some positivity of the non-viral kind by celebrating another fantastic PassMeFast student. Our latest title-winner provides us with a triple-whammy of driving inspo, in the form of a great photo, pass story and review!

This week’s top pass photo of the week goes to… Stephanie from London! 

Pass photo of PassMeFast student Stephanie

Stephanie discovered that PassMeFast covered the Greater London area and booked a 10 hour refresher course to help her polish up on reverse parking. In no time at all she was hitting the road with her instructor, Carlos, honing her driving skills until she was test-ready.

Things were going swimmingly… until, that is, the DVSA decided to cancel her test out of the blue. Booo! This kind of thing is frustrating, but unfortunately out of our hands. What is in PassMeFast’s hands, though, is the ability to fast-track tests! We got our team straight on it and they managed to secure her a test date weeks before the new one that the DVSA had scheduled—result!

Stephanie finished her course hours, headed to the test and came out with a first time pass! Wahey! She was even nice enough to take the time to leave some kind words about her experience with PassMeFast:

“The best decision I ever made! The whole process was smooth and efficient. I could not fault this company at all—I had a great experience with both the CX Adviser and my instructor. Worth every penny! Thank you PassMeFast!”

Thank YOU, Stephanie, for providing us with a great example of the fast results an intensive course can achieve. Enjoy hitting the road with that new licence!

Roll up, roll up!

PassMeFast is working hard to ensure that plenty of learners are still able to earn their licences as soon as possible. Give us a ring on 0333 123 4949 to discuss revised time frames for courses in your area. We’re also happy to book courses that don’t begin until the summer, should you wish to get a head start on earning that licence once this whole thing is behind us.

Whatever you decide to do, be sure to check back in next week to find out who steals the crown from Stephanie!

Until next time, wash those hands! Oh, and happy driving!

Concerned that the coronavirus may have an impact on your driving course? Get the latest information here.

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