Our Pass Photo of the Week—Scott from Crewe!

Pass picture of PMF student Scott in a branded frame

Well hello there! If you’ve landed on this page it means you’re ready for a large helping of driving inspo. And let me tell you, PassMeFast is ready to deliver! The number of key workers coming through our (rigorously cleaned and expertly sanitized) doors is still on the up, and we’ve even re-started lessons for some of those non-essential workers who have been ever-so-patiently waiting for their driving journeys to resume. Yes, as lockdown restrictions are lifted, so are our spirits, because we’re getting to see many more learners achieve their driving dreams!

So, which freshly-qualified driver managed to stick out in this sea of success stories like a glorious, motoring whiz of a sore thumb? You’re about to find out!

This week’s top pass photo of the week goes to… Scott from Crewe!

Pass photo of PMF student Scott

Scott is a support worker from Crewe who initially came to PassMeFast for a course assessment to see how many hours he would need to get test-ready. You see, Scott had already worked with a number of driving instructors, but hadn’t managed to pass his test. The feedback from his assessment explained that Scott is a good driver who just needs to polish up on the manoeuvres and work on his observation skills.

PassMeFast’s solution? A 5 hour refresher course with Cheshire-based instructor Noel! The two soon got to work ironing out any of Scott’s bad driving habits. In the meantime, his Booking Agent secured him an all-important emergency test appointment. When the big day came, Scott was more than ready to take on the challenge. He passed his test with just 2 minors on the mark sheet! Woohoo! Here’s how he summed up his experience of learning to drive:

“I failed my first test with 3 different instructors and decided to pay for a 5hr [PassMeFast course]. My instructor Noel was brilliant and got me where I needed to be and I passed with 2 minors.”

Noel certainly is brilliant, but so are you, Scott! What a great achievement—very well done indeed!

Back up and running

If you’re looking to learn to drive, the good news is that restrictions on driving lessons have been lifted. As of Wednesday, practical tests are also now available for non-key workers. You do need to keep in mind, though, that the DVSA is currently working through a backlog of learners whose existing tests were cancelled when lockdown began. To get an idea of how long the wait is for a practical test in your area, give our friendly team a call on 0333 123 4949.

When you book a PassMeFast course, we set you up with a DVSA-approved instructor in your local area. Any tests you require can be fast-tracked and you’ll even get your very own Booking Agent! This driving fairy godmother will organise your course and answer any queries you have along the way. Not sure how intensive courses work or which one is right for you? Have a browse of our courses page to find out what’s on offer and how many hours you are likely to need.

Be sure to come back next week to find out which newly-qualified driver earns the honour of being our top pass photo!

Until then, good luck and happy driving!

By Isobel Robb

Isobel enjoys the freedom of the open road and loves driving to new places. She's here to offer helpful hints and tips to improve your motoring skills. When not keeping up to date with the latest driving info you can find her discovering new restaurants or exhausting her Netflix subscription.

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