Our Pass Photo of the Week—Rebecca from Rotherham

Pass picture of PMF student Rebecca in a branded frame

We’re finally at that time of the week where we share our top pass photo from the last 7 days! Though the majority of lockdown restrictions have been lifted (fancy a pint, anyone?), and learners are now able to start taking driving lessons once more, key workers are still the only ones able to take the practical test—until Wednesday, 22nd July at least!

Today’s pass photo prize goes to a hard-working nurse associate who managed to go from learner to qualified driver in mere weeks!

This week’s top pass photo goes to…Rebecca from Rotherham!

Pass photo of PMF student Rebecca

It was in late May when Rebecca decided that she needed to get her licence once and for all. As an associate nurse in the NHS, it was vital that she was able to get to and from work, without having to depend on public transport. So, she picked out PassMeFast to help her go from learner to qualified driver. As Rebecca already had some driving experience under her belt, she booked onto our 25 hour manual course.

With her theory test already passed, we were able to crack on with setting Rebecca up with DVSA-approved instructor Roy. Due to her busy schedule, Rebecca was only available evenings and weekends for lessons. Fortunately, Roy was more than happy to adjust his schedule. With the help of her instructor, Rebecca was able to master all the basic and advanced driving skills necessary to pass the test—she even got the hang of the pesky driving test manoeuvres!

As a key worker, we were able to secure Rebecca an emergency driving test appointment at Rotherham test centre. And what do you know? She passed her test first time and can now hit the road as a qualified driver!

What an achievement! Well done, Rebecca. Thank you for everything you do on behalf of our wonderful NHS!

Start your own journey!

If you weren’t already aware, the government has announced that learner drivers can now continue on with their driving lessons. Soon enough, we won’t just be posting pass photos of key workers anymore! You can find more information about this in our handy post detailing the return of driving lessons in England.

Want to feature in our top pass photo of the week? Interested in becoming a PassMeFast alumni? Get your driving journey started today by looking at our courses page. Our courses can be taken at a pace suited to you—whether that’s intensive or semi-intensive. We’ll match you up with a local instructor in your area, book your tests and be there to answer any questions you might have along the way. If you’d like to discuss a course, you can give us a bell on 0333 123 4949, or contact us online.

If you’re looking for more driving inspo, head on over to our key worker hall of fame! It features pass photos and exclusive stories from all the key workers who have earned their full driving licence with PassMeFast.

As for us, we’ll be back again next week with a brand new top pass photo. Until then, stay safe!

By Bethany Hall

Whether you’re a learner or a pro driver, Bethany is here to help. From defensive driving to the Highway Code, she’ll tell you everything you need know about driving. If she’s not on the road, you’ll probably find Bethany with her head in a book or binge-watching the latest TV show.

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