Our Pass Photo of the Week—Model & Vlogger Sian Lilly Garnett!

Fashion (turn to the left), fashion (turn to the right), oooooh fashion!

This week we’ve got Bowie’s dream of a pass pic. Driving and fashion come together because Sian Lilly Garnett has just got her licence with PassMeFast!

How Sian spotted us

Sian is used to sashaying down the catwalk but decided it was time to get driving. Who better to call than PassMeFast?

So, that’s exactly what she did. In fact, she called us the same day that she put her thinking cap on and passed her theory test. Now that’s what we call efficiency! We talked Sian through our timescales and booked her in for a 30-hour automatic course. Then we started work on fast-tracking her practical test with an aim for a practical test in September.

Now we wait…

The longest part of your standard PassMeFast course is waiting for the practical to be booked. Especially since the pandemic brought the DVSA to a grinding halt! And things were no different here, so Sian waited patiently while our team worked their magic and secured her a test.

And they pulled it off! We managed to secure a test in September that Sian was happy with, and we moved onto the next stage of her course — assigning her instructor…

Time to roll up her sleeves

With a test date in the handbag, Sian was paired up with local auto instructor Mohammad and they made an intensive lesson plan. She’d only spent 5 hours behind the wheel before meeting Mohammad, but was a confident beginner and picked up her new skills pronto.

Before she knew it, her lesson hours were complete and it was time to sit her practical test for the very first time… Eek!

Did she fall apart at the seams?

Of course she didn’t!

Sian buckled down and proved herself to be the model driver. She passed her test with just 4 minors — well done, Sian!

Sian Lilly Garnett with her driving test pass certificate

☝️ Sian tells us about her experience with PassMeFast (and reveals her brand-new whip!) ☝️

Want to follow in a similar fashion?

It was an absolute pleasure to help Sian win the freedom of the roads!

Ready to strut your stuff? Build your very own course for one-to-one tuition from DVSA-approved instructors and fast-tracked tests (including the theory, if you need it) — PassMeFast is your faster route to driving!

Learning to drive or recently passed? Marmalade has young drivers covered with a range of insurance options from learner to full licence, to drive their own car or share the family car.

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By Sam Plant

Sam spent the first 2 years of his PassMeFast career with the Customer Experience team, and now he’s sharing his driving experience with the rest of the world! When not writing, you can find Sam reading, playing games, or following Port Vale.

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