Our Pass Photo of the Week—Jack from Blackburn!

Pass photo of Jack in PassMeFast frame

Welcome to the weekend! Let’s take our minds off the big dark cloud of lockdown and turn our attention to something more positive. It’s a brand new month and we have plenty of fabulous pass photos to consider for our top pass photo of the week crown!

Full disclosure: this top pass photo recipient passed his test late last week, before lockdown restrictions came into place. That doesn’t make his pass story any less inspiring or relevant, though! Let’s hear how he went from learner to qualified driver.

This week’s top pass photo of the week goes to… Jack from Blackburn! 

Pass photo of PassMeFast student Jack

What a photogenic smile! When Jack got in touch with us, he explained that he had plenty of driving experience and had recently failed a test. You know what that means, readers—he was a perfect candidate for one of PassMeFast’s refresher courses!

Yes, Jack went for our 10 hour course and we set him up with Blackburn-based driving instructor, Guy. They spent the lessons improving Jack’s existing driving skills and helping him to feel more confident with roundabouts and manoeuvres.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes at PassMeFast HQ, Jack’s CX Adviser, Anna, was hard at work scheduling a suitable test date and liaising with Guy to ensure that the course was running smoothly. She was also able to answer any questions or queries that Jack had along the way.

The lessons were soon complete and it was time for Jack to head over to Nelson practical test centre to put what he’d learned into action. It went very well indeed and Jack came out of his test clutching that all-important pass certificate—hallelujah! Here’s what he had to say about his PassMeFast experience:

 “Pleased with the overall service. Took a lot of the stress and hassle out of booking and arranging my test and lessons. Anna my CX Adviser was very helpful and was on hand to answer any questions I had in the process.”

Thanks for the solid review, Jack! We’re so pleased to hear that we were able to make the experience stress-free for you. Congratulations on earning your licence!

Roll up, roll up!

Now that Jack’s achieved his driving dreams, who’s up next? If you fancy throwing your own hat into the ring, PassMeFast is here to make the process as smooth-sailing and enjoyable as possible for you. We have a range of bespoke driving courses, so you’re sure to find something to suit your needs. Not sure how many hours you need? Give our course recommender a quick go!

For the latest news on how lockdown is impacting driving lessons and tests, keep an eye on our coronavirus updates page.

Until next time, good luck and happy driving!

By Isobel Robb

Isobel enjoys the freedom of the open road and loves driving to new places. She's here to offer helpful hints and tips to improve your motoring skills. When not keeping up to date with the latest driving info you can find her discovering new restaurants or exhausting her Netflix subscription.

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