Our Pass Photo of the Week—Jamie Clayton from Love Island!

We had to apologise for not bringing our Pass Photo of the Week to you for a while, but this one is worth the wait — meet Jamie Clayton of Love Island fame!

Here’s his PassMeFast story:

*Cue Love Island theme tune*

Jamie “pulled us for a chat” early in 2021, we ran through his requirements and got him booked in for a 20 hour course with both the theory and practical test.

Jamie had been struggling to get a test booked no-thanks to lockdown, so he’d been giving PassMeFast’s fast-track system the eye for a while. Smart move, because we managed to get him a theory test a couple of weeks after booking on.

“I got a test!”

Jamie “cracked on” with his theory test revision and he passed it in one attempt — I think that deserves a salmon into the pool!

Anyway, the theory is just first base for learner drivers, so we started fast-tracking a practical for Jamie. Now, icky Covid mugged us all off a bit, so tests were few and far between. “It is what it is,” Jamie said, and he waited patiently for us to work our fast-track magic.

Eventually, Jamie got a test around 3 months faster than if he’d booked with the DVSA — oi oi!

The next step was for us to find Jamie his perfect match…

Putting all his eggs in one basket

When it came to “coupling up”, experienced PassMeFast instructor Darren looked like Jamie’s “type on paper”. Luckily, there wasn’t too much flirting during lessons, but Darren helped Jamie get up to speed and ready for his test.

Jamie took things quickly, using his lesson hours fairly intensively over a week and entered the villa… sorry… the test centre feeling confident and ready to woo his examiner.

So… did Jamie get pied? 

Nope, one test is all it takes for Jamie. He smashed it with just 4 minor faults and is now coupled up all cosy with his full driver’s licence. Well done, Jamie!

See Jamie’s photo over on Insta

It really was a pleasure to help Jamie get his licence — he was super patient and understanding about the covid backlog. So, we all just wanted to say: thanks, Jamie!

Wanna see your name in lights? 

Book with PassMeFast to get fast-tracked tests and expert tuition from DVSA-registered instructors. And don’t worry if you’re camera-shy, we won’t force you to have a pass photo taken to get your licence with us! 😂

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By Sam Plant

Sam spent the first 2 years of his PassMeFast career with the Customer Experience team, and now he’s sharing his driving experience with the rest of the world! When not writing, you can find Sam reading, playing games, or following Port Vale.

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