Our Pass Photo of the Week—Dillon from Manchester

Aaaaand breathe! It’s been a while since we brought you our favourite pass photo of the week, and through no fault of PassMeFast’s learners… Since tests resumed in April, passes have been flying in left, right and centre. But, because we’ve been so busy working through the covid backlog, pass photos were forced to go on the back burner for a little while.

Anyway, we’re back in action and bringing you our favourite pass photo from the past week. This time on the PassMePodium is Dillon, from Manchester — let’s learn all about how he passed his test!

Dillon’s road to gold

Dillon came to PassMeFast towards the end of 2020 with the basic driving skills on lock. Unfortunately for Dillon (and half a million other learners), covid  yanked the handbrake on driving lessons and tests across the UK, so he was in a sticky situation. Our guy has his head screwed on though — he booked with PassMeFast so we could get him sorted with an instructor, a theory and practical test ASAP.

So Dillon booked our 15-hour course, and we started working our fast-track magic!

Within just 3 weeks, we’d secured Dillon a theory test and he smashed it. He deserves all the credit — 3 weeks isn’t long to study for the test, but he took it in his stride and passed in one attempt. Dillion was serious about passing fast and we were serious about helping him, so we got cracking on his practical test.

Now, through no fault of his own, this is where Dillon’s road to driving developed one or two potholes. The nation was teetering on the brink of national lockdown (again), but we got a test for him. We then paired him up with one of PassMeFast’s best instructors, Nahida — so far, so good!

He and Nahida started the 15-hour course a week before the test date. Everything was going well. Nahida saw Dillon was making strong progress and Dillon was feeling confident to face the practical test. And off they went…

Unfortunately, Dillon’s good fortune was running on empty and a hiccup on his practical test meant he had to retake it. Even more unfortunately, the UK plunged into national lockdown the day after his unsuccessful test.

Poor Dillon couldn’t have been much more unlucky!

No drama, though — we sorted Dillon out with a discounted 10-hour course to get him back out for a test ASAP. As soon as lockdown lifted, he got back behind the wheel with Nahida’s expert guidance and worked towards his new test date in July 2021.

They say a picture speaks a thousand words and Dillon’s pass photo is a perfect example of that — just look at that smile! It’s obvious that Dillon passed his next test, and it’s obvious that he was super chuffed with his performance!

We’re also chuffed for Dillon — we can’t think of many people more deserving! Joshua (Dillon’s customer experience adviser) and Nahida have both said it was a pleasure to work with him. Considering how frustrating it is to be a learner driver during a worldwide pandemic (trust us — we know the pain!), this is a real testament to him.

Well done, Dillon! Enjoy the open road.

On your marks, get set, go!

Did you spot a couple of Olympics references throughout this blog? Team PassMe are one of the fastest in the driving course game and we can help you reach the finish line ahead of standard DVSA wait times.

Ready to go for gold? No matter your skill level, we have a course for you. Book online or give us a ring on 0333 123 4949 to discuss your options.

We’ll be back soon with our next favourite pass photo. Keep an eye on our socials (Facebook, Twitter, Insta) for all the latest pics, hints and news!

Enjoy the Olympics! Speak to you soon.

By Sam Plant

Sam spent the first 2 years of his PassMeFast career with the Customer Experience team, and now he’s sharing his driving experience with the rest of the world! When not writing, you can find Sam reading, playing games, or following Port Vale.

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