PassMeFast’s Key Worker Hall of Fame!

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Here at PassMeFast, we just love a good pass photo. Regular readers of the blog will know that we’re constantly celebrating the achievements of our lovely learners by sharing their pass photos and stories whenever we get the opportunity. When lockdown restrictions were introduced and test centres across the country announced they would be temporarily closing, we figured we’d have to kiss goodbye to this favourite pastime of ours. But then, something extra special happened…

In acknowledgement of the vital roles they play in keeping our society going through this turbulent time, the DVSA announced they would be providing emergency tests for essential workers. This was music to our ears! We knew that we had the available instructors, knowledgeable staff and experience of requesting tests from the DVSA to help these special people have a smooth journey to passing their test. And so, for the past few months, we’ve been doing just that!

Now, we’ve decided to create a dedicated space to put their incredible achievements on display. Welcome to PassMeFast’s Key Worker Hall of Fame! As you peruse the following pass pics, keep in mind just how impressive the achievements actually are! Not only did these guys manage to balance learning to drive with an incredibly demanding job, they also passed the driving test under unusual and trying circumstances. Enough chatting! Let’s get to know the inspirational key workers who became qualified drivers during lockdown…

April’s heroes

Pass photo of PMF student Ayesha

Ayesha was one of the first of our students to be granted an emergency driving test. As a doctor working on the front lines, a driving licence would allow her to get to and from work in a convenient and safe way. We were thrilled to receive this pass photo after she completed PassMeFast’s 20 hour course! Find out more about her pass story here.

Pass photo of PassMeFast student Ellie

With the DVSA grappling with a completely new test application process, things got off to a pretty slow start with the old emergency tests. It wasn’t that much longer, though, until we managed to secure a practical test date for key worker Ellie from Sheffield. A member of the NHS Blood and Transplant team, Ellie got test-ready by completing PassMeFast’s 25 hour automatic course. She managed to pass the test FIRST time and is now the proud owner of her very first car. Great stuff!

Pass photo of PMF student Amy Dora

Last up in our list of April heroes is Amy from Hampshire! This hardworking nurse was eager to earn a licence in order to make her daily commute more manageable. We set her up on a 20 hour automatic course and the DVSA managed to squeeze in a test for her just before the month came to an end. As you can tell from the pass photo, she aced it. Amy is now happily hitting the road as a fully qualified driver!

May’s heroes

Pass photo of PassMeFast student Paige

By May, the emergency test system was in full swing. One of the first of our essential workers to pass this month was Nottingham resident Paige. As a newly-qualified doctor, her work life was about to get very busy! Thankfully, she had quite a bit of previous driving experience, so only needed to take our 5 hour course before being test-ready. To learn more about Paige’s road to earning her licence, check out her feature in our pass photo of the week series!

Pass photo of PassMeFast student Isabella

Next up it was time for health and social care worker Isabella to impress us with her driving skills! She took PassMeFast’s 25 hour course in Coventry with local instructor Andrew. She had just enough time to complete her lessons before heading to her emergency test appointment. Like the true pro she is, she passed it first time! You can find out more about Isabella’s pass story here.

Pass photo of PassMeFast student Sackson

Heading south to Croydon, we meet Sackson, who works in the health and social care sector. He signed up for a course just before lockdown, and had to deal with the disappointment of having his initial practical test cancelled. Thankfully, we were soon able to get him a new test date. Sackson took all of these changes in his stride and focused on completing his 5 hour refresher course. He went on to pass his test and is now able to skip public transport and drive to and from work—yay! Learn more about Sackson’s pass story here.

Pass photo of PassMeFast student Seval

Sticking to the London area, our next key worker is NHS health visitor Seval. She took PassMeFast’s 20 hour course in Barnet. After breezing through the lessons and quickly earning a licence, she even took time to provide us with some feedback. Seval told us, I’m really pleased I chose PassMeFast for my lessons(…) I couldn’t have asked for a better service.” We’re so pleased we were able to help Seval achieve her driving dreams! Read more on her pass story here.

Pass photo of PassMeFast student Linda

Also earning a licence on 27th May was Staffordshire resident, Linda. This student social worker took PassMeFast’s 15 hour automatic course and ended up providing us with one of the most professional looking pass photos we’ve ever seen! Seriously, give us tips on how to find our angles, Linda! Anyway, the more pressing point is that, with the help of instructor Paul, Linda passed her driving test and is ready to hit the road. Woohoo!

Pass photo of PassMeFast student Hellen

Surrey local Hellen managed to secure her own emergency test appointment, but needed help finding an instructor who could fit in lessons beforehand. PassMeFast was more than happy to oblige! We set her up with Anne, who tutored Hellen through a 5 hour automatic course. This was time very well spent, because Hellen passed her driving test first time! She can now easily get to and from her job as a support worker by car.

Pass photo of the week Leander

Rounding off the month of May is Leander, who took PassMeFast’s 20 hour course in Nottinghamshire with instructor Darren. Leander works for the NHS as a phlebotomist (that’s someone who takes blood samples, to you and me) so was quickly granted an emergency test. After earning her licence she was lovely enough to leave us a nice review, singing the praises of both her Booking Agent and Instructor, and explaining that she’d had an absolutely amazing experience from start to finish!” Read her full pass story here.

June’s Heroes 

Pass photo of PassMeFast student Sheila

By the time June rolled around, emergency tests for our key workers were coming in thick and fast! The month kicked off with a big day for NHS worker Sheila from Leeds. After completing our 20 hour course with instructor Andy, she was heading to her driving test. The fact that she’s on this list means it went very well! Sheila earned a first-time pass and is already making the most of that new licence by hitting the road. We love to see it!

Pass photo of PassMeFast student Amy

Let’s head to Burton-on-Trent now, where our next key worker earned her licence under lockdown. Care worker Amy signed up for our 15 hour course and an emergency test, in the hope that a licence would make her life a lot easier. We’re pleased to say that it certainly did! With a little help from instructor Naveed, Amy polished up her driving skills and passed the practical test FIRST time. She’s now able to travel with ease and perform her job to the best of her ability. Well done, Amy!

Pass photo of PassMeFast student Elisha

Support worker Elisha from Manchester went for PassMeFast’s 30 hour course. She was determined to earn a driving licence, so we set her up with local instructor Colin so that she could get to work. Thanks to Elisha’s key worker status, we were soon able to get her an emergency test from the DVSA, which she passed on the first attempt! Elisha is now a fully qualified driver, able to get to and from work with ease. Great stuff!

Pass photo of PassMeFast student Catherine

Catherine (or Katy to her friends) is a social work manager from Surrey. She booked PassMeFast’s 30 hour automatic course to help her master specific skills like parking and tackling roundabouts. She took this at a semi-intensive pace with local instructor, Shabir. When lockdown was implemented, we were able to request an emergency test from the DVSA, which Catherine went on to pass! Now she’s ready to hit the road as a qualified driver. Job done!

Pass photo of PassMeFast student Esther

Care worker Esther earned her licence by completing PassMeFast’s 10 hour automatic course. Working with instructor Mark, she hit the streets of Liverpool to brush up her skills and get test-ready. Emergency test in the bag, it was soon time for the big day. Skipping the gears looks like it was a sound plan, because Esther passed her test and is now the proud owner of a brand new licence. Great job, Esther! Time to hit the road!

Pass photo of PassMeFast student Anthony

PassMeFast student Anthony, from Derbyshire, has the interesting job of making parts for the ventilators used by the NHS. This certainly puts him in the key worker category, which means we were able to secure him an emergency driving test. Before the big day, Anthony completed PassMeFast’s 15 hour automatic course with instructor Phil. The two turned out to be a bit of a driving dream team, because Anthony managed to pass his test with a completely clean sheet! Yep—another addition to the zero minors club! Find out more about his pass story here.

Pass photo of PassMeFast student Precious

NHS worker Precious signed up for PassMeFast’s 10 hour automatic course. After perfecting all of her driving skills with the help of instructor Anne in Greater London, Precious headed off to her emergency test. We’re thrilled to say that she passed the test to become a qualified driver! Precious now has a safe and convenient way of getting to and from work. Woohoo!

PassMeFast frame surrounding pass picture of Kayleigh

Kayleigh from Merseyside needed a licence to help her travel to her job as a nurse in Greater Manchester. With only a little bit of previous driving experience under her belt, she decided to go for our 30 hour course. Her instructor William got to work building up her confidence behind the wheel and it was soon time to head to her emergency test appointment. The fact that she’s made it onto our list means it went very well indeed! Kayleigh aced her test first time and is ready to hit the road. Great job!

PassMeFast frame surrounding pass picture of Ellie Z

The key worker passes just keep on coming in June! Care worker Ellie, from Berkshire, took PassMeFast’s 15 hour course with instructor Brendon. Thanks to her work in the health and social care sector, the DVSA was happy to provide Ellie with an emergency test, despite the lockdown. Ellie certainly didn’t let this opportunity go to waste! She passed her test and even took the time to pose for a lovely pass photo, along with her adorable furry friend. Nice going, Ellie!

Pass photo of PassMeFast student Amy in hall of fame frame

Support worker Amy took PassMeFast’s 20 hour automatic course in Stockport with instructor Phil. Her road to earning a licence wasn’t exactly smooth sailing! She had to fit lessons around her busy work schedule and deal with unexpected cancellations from the DVSA. Nevertheless, she kept a cool head and positive attitude throughout. This really paid off as Amy ended up passing her emergency driving test first time with just 1 minor! Very impressive—well done Amy!

Pass photo of PassMeFast student Ann in hall of fame frame

Ann came to PassMeFast because she wanted to be able to drive to and from her job as an NHS care worker. We were more than happy to oblige, so set her up on a 20 hour manual course with instructor Colin. After hitting the roads of Manchester and mastering all of the necessary skills, Ann headed to her emergency test and returned with some excellent news. She passed her driving test on the first attempt! Bravo Ann—enjoy the freedom and convenience that new licence will bring!

There’s more driving superstars to come…

What an impressive bunch, eh? Keep checking back in, because we’ll be adding more newly qualified drivers to our Hall of Fame every week. Trust us when we say there a plenty of key worker learners waiting in the wings!

PassMeFast would like to say a big thank you to all of the key workers out there who are keeping the country going. You’re doing us proud and we’ll be forever grateful!

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