Back With a Bang: First Day of Practical Tests Sees Lots of Driving Success!

Collage of latest pass photos

Practical driving tests restarted across England and Wales on Thursday and you could not wipe the smiles off our faces if you tried! PassMeFast HQ has been abuzz with excitement for weeks about the prospect of new pass photos and our hard-working learners finally getting the chance to put their skills to the test. When the big day finally arrived, our guys certainly did not disappoint!

In just a few hours we were inundated with pictures and phone calls from delighted, newly-qualified drivers. We thought we’d spread the joy and share just a few of our favourite pass pictures from day 1 of driving tests restarting. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Daniel from Stockport

Daniel was no stranger to driving when he got in touch with PassMeFast, but needed to polish up his skills and get some tests booked. We set him up on a refresher course with Stockport-based instructor, Asan, and got to work organising a fast-tracked theory and practical test for him.

Things were off to a swimming start when Daniel passed his theory test with ease and we soon had a practical test date on the calendar. The pandemic, of course, had other ideas for us! The DVSA swiftly cancelled tests across the board. Daniel, like many learners, was forced to hit the brakes on his driving progress.

Despite the delay, he kept a positive attitude and trusted that we would be able to get him passed as soon as possible. Then, on the first day of tests returning, this happened:

Pass photo of PMF student Daniel

Daniel managed to pass his driving test first time with just 2 minors. If there was ever a moment that required a fist bump/thumbs up hybrid it’s this one!

Very impressive, Daniel—well done!

Sophie from Preston

The good news continues as we head to Preston to meet PassMeFast student, Sophie. She signed up for our 20 hour course and a fast-tracked test. Sadly, the test we initially booked for her was not able to go ahead because it ended up falling right in the middle of a new lockdown. D’oh!

Setbacks may have been happening on the surface, but behind the scenes her CX Adviser was working hard to ensure that Sophie could hit the road as soon as restrictions were lifted. Come mid-April, Sophie was able to get behind the wheel with her instructor, Andy. Here’s how she rated her experience:

“He’s absolutely brilliant! He’s been perfectly understanding and easy to get along with, and he booked all of his lessons straight away so I knew when each lesson was! I’m confident my test will be passed first time.”

And she was right to be confident! This is Sophie mere moments after completing her test:

Pass photo of PMF student Sophie

Woohoo! She also managed to pass the test first time with 2 minors—what are the chances?! Great job, Sophie. Enjoy hitting the road!

Gurvinder from Manchester

The pandemic has not only caused chaos in terms of tests being cancelled, but it has also been a real pain for those whose theory test certificates are about to expire. Someone who knows this all too well is PassMeFast student, Gurvinder. She got in touch with us towards the end of last year to book a 25 hour automatic course. It was also flagged that her theory test certificate expired at the end of April, so she needed to pass before then. Not a problem… Or was it?

When Gurvinder’s February test was cancelled by the DVSA and driving lessons were halted, time really started to become an issue. It’s a good job fast is in our name, eh?

We made sure Gurvinder could hit the road with instructor Khalid as soon as restrictions were lifted and she really put the work in to get test-ready. Come Thursday it all paid off, because Gurvinder was awarded a new, more exciting, certificate:

Pass photo of PMF student Gurvinder

That’s another first time pass! Nicely done, Gurvinder. Congratulations!

Krustoph from Nottingham

Let’s round off this first batch of star learners with Krustoph. He went for PassMeFast’s 35 hour course, along with a theory and practical test. Things initially went just according to plan. Theory test? Passed first time! Suitable instructor found? Yep! Lessons going well? Absolutely! Aaand then the third lockdown hit and—oh, you know the rest by now.

The point is, by April Krustoph had waited long enough and had just a few more hours of lessons to go before his eagerly anticipated practical test.  We were absolutely thrilled, then, when we received this photo:

Pass photo of PMF student Krustoph

He smashed it on the first attempt! Krustoph credited his instructor, Syed, for getting him to test standard: “Honestly Syed is an absolute credit to PassMeFast I couldn’t have done it without him.” 

We only work with the best! Bravo, Krustoph—that’s a top result.

One day in and we’re already spoilt for choice when it comes to pass photos and stories to share. It’s so good to be back! We didn’t forget about those of you beyond the North and Midlands, either. Learners from the South are also doing us proud—keep an eye out for the latest pass photo of the week to find out who we’re talking about!

If you feel inspired to earn a licence yourself, PassMeFast’s intensive courses and fast-tracked tests are available across Britain. Have a browse of our packages online or give us a call on 0333 123 4949 to find out more.

Until next time, good luck and happy driving!

By Isobel Robb

Isobel enjoys the freedom of the open road and loves driving to new places. She's here to offer helpful hints and tips to improve your motoring skills. When not keeping up to date with the latest driving info you can find her discovering new restaurants or exhausting her Netflix subscription.

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