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When our pupils have finished a course, they often leave a review on Google or social media, telling us how they felt about the process. This is not only helpful for potential pupils to get a feel for the company, but is also extremely useful for us here at PassMeFast. Positive or negative, we always look to the feedback to improve our service.

It was tough narrowing down all of the reviews* we’ve ever received to our top 10. But here, in all their varied glory, they are:

1. Cream of the crop

There are a lot of driving schools offering intensive courses out there, so how do you know which one is the best to go with? Aaron looked around a number of options, and found that we stood head and shoulders above the rest.

“I tried speaking to a few different fast pass driving schools before I came across PassMeFast, and none of them came close in terms of general help and guidance. Right from the start they understood what I needed and were very good at arranging things around my schedule. My instructor was Noel, who was brilliant and worked miracles to make me pass in less than a week. Amazing service all round, from start to finish. Would recommend to anyone!”

2. Change of plans

Sometimes things happen that are outside of our control. One example of this is when the DVSA cancels a test last-minute. This happens more often than you might think. There may be weather concerns, or an examiner may become unavailable. When this happens, the DVSA will reschedule the test—but this is unlikely to fit in with your preferences (it is often much further in the future), and will almost certainly cause a gap between your scheduled lessons and new test.

If this is the case, we can look for another test for you, just as we did for Gosia. Her review says this:

“I have taken a 35 hour course with PassMeFast very recently. Couldn’t be happier with the experience, service and the result. Service was absolutely seamless, I didn’t have to worry about a single thing. They have delivered everything I had asked for, from the theory test location to hours I required due to my work schedule. The instructor I have been assigned was amazing. I cannot praise Shanaz enough. She was incredibly knowledgeable, patient, personable and very accommodating. The communication between the office staff and myself was spot on. My test was rescheduled by DVSA, which was completely out of the control of PassMeFast team, however they managed to help me almost immediately and resolve the issue without any hassle whatsoever. 10/10; would recommend without a doubt.”

3. Good, honest advice

One thing we pride ourselves on is our honesty. It’s well within an instructor’s right, as reaffirmed in the ADI Code of Practice, to refuse to take a pupil to a test. This may happen if they feel that the student would be a danger to themselves, the examiner, and other road users. That’s why we’re keen that pupils book onto an appropriate course first-time round. If you’re taking an appropriate course, you’re also much more likely to pass.

To make sure you can make an informed decision, we’ve provided detailed descriptions of each course on our website. However, the descriptions are only there as a guide. It can also depend on how quickly you pick up the necessary practical skills, and how confident you are on the roads.

We know that you won’t always get it completely right, so very occasionally, if our instructors feel strongly that you would benefit from a few more hours, they will tell you. If we’ve got time to fit them in before your booked test, then we can simply upgrade your course. This means you’d only have to pay the difference, rather than failing a test, and having to re-book from scratch. If you decide to upgrade and there isn’t time to squeeze extra hours in before your practical, we can usually change your test for you.

Emefa’s instructor told her early on that she would need more time to get test-ready. Emefa took his advice, and has that to thank for a first-time pass.

“Tabeeb, my instructor, was super awesome. I initially booked 10 hours, but he assessed me way before my test was scheduled and advised I needed more hours. I took this advice and passed first time. Very patient guy and tailors the lessons to your needs.”

Of course, if you’re really not sure how many hours you need, or are torn between 2 different courses, we do also offer a course assessment. This includes one hour of driving with a qualified instructor, who is then able to give you their professional opinion on the most suitable course for you. The vast majority of those who have decided to book onto the recommended course pass on their first attempt.

4. Turn in the road

We’re the first to admit that we’re not perfect. Human error; failings in technology… we’re not completely immune to the occasional mistake. But when we do get it wrong, we always aim to put it right.

At the beginning of his course, Tim wouldn’t have rated us highly. By the time he finished, he left this glowing, 5* review:

“After a rough start with my first instructor and admin issues, PassMeFast could not have been more amazing. I would like the thank Noel and Rory especially.

I highly recommend PassMeFast. They take as much stress as possible out of booking a test and work around your schedule.

Thank you PassMeFast.”

5. Comprehensive feedback

Some reviews are more detailed than others, and we really appreciate the comprehensive nature of Alaa’s. We’re so glad he enjoyed every aspect of his course!

Handwriting a checklist
For Alaa, we ticked all the boxes

“Here are some reasons why I would recommend PassMeFast to anyone:
A. User-friendly website
B. Courses are tailor-made to everyone’s needs (driving level and availability) and prices are affordable and competitive
C. Clear, prompt and friendly communications via their phone and email
D. Professional and friendly team (Ellie, Rory, Jordan and Samir)
E. Personal and friendly approach… beyond expectations (you will see for yourself)

Above all, I had Noel as my instructor, who was my instructor, a mentor and a coach, fun to deal with…. 4 hours session with Noel feels like 4 minutes.

Thank you team PassMeFast & keep it up!”

6. Lost for words

On the other hand, there are times when just a few words can sum up your feelings. When Rhoda wrote her review, we like to think she just looked at the keyboard, in awe, for several minutes, before proclaiming:

“GREAT EXPERIENCE. Absolutely great experience.”

7. When at first you don’t succeed…

We have very high pass rates, but that doesn’t mean everyone who comes to PassMeFast passes first time. Even using highly graded driving instructors, as we do, can’t guarantee you to sail through straightaway. All manner of unexpected things can happen in a practical, as well as the added pressure and nerves that are part and parcel of taking a test. But if you do fail, what really matters is what happens next

“I booked onto a 5 hour course and was really shocked with how quick everything was sorted, after waiting months for a new test date each time I failed. Ameed was my instructor and his teaching was excellent. However, due to my daft self, I did fail the test. I booked onto another 5 hours and requested to do it in the same model of car I had in my previous lessons (due to Ameed changing his car, I didn’t want to get used to another car again). PassMeFast did amazingly in finding me a new instructor, and also discounting my next 5 hours!

Nahida was my new instructor and I couldn’t sing her praises enough. Within the 5 hours of lessons I felt really comfortable to ask any questions and get any last minute doubts reassured. Nahida really did give me the confidence and mindset to take my test and finally pass!

Thank you!”

To see more pupils who have passed with us, check out our all-time favourite pass photos, and the top passes from the summer.

8. At ease

Learning to drive can be a nerve-wracking experience—so we aim to make the process and smooth and stress-free as possible. And, as Jeanine found out, if you have concerns at all, we are on hand to help.

“I booked a 5 hour session—and even in such a small amount of time, PassMeFast were really supportive. They got everything in place [for] the time and dates I wanted; they were constantly in contact with me from start to finish; they also found me a fantastic instructor. He was brilliant, and helped put all my worrying issues at ease more or less straightaway, and with his help I got a pass first time. I’m extremely happy with my experience with PassMeFast, and would highly recommend them to everyone I know.”

Girl sitting cross legged looking at the view
We aim to make the learning to drive process as stress-free as possible

9. Above and beyond

It’s not just the actual ‘learning to drive’ that we organise. There is a lot of admin involved throughout the process: from finding you a fast-tracked test, to matching you with a suitable instructor. And in some cases, such as Meg’s, there are added complications that we need to address. But we don’t mind; after all, that’s what we’re here for.

“I took the 5hr lesson package, as I am an experienced driver from overseas. They found me a test within a month and an amazing instructor, Frank Walsh. I passed first try!

They made some extra effort to find me a test even though it involved them spending long amounts of time on the phone with the DVLA because I was trying to upgrade a foreign driver’s licence. It was worth the money and I would definitely recommend.”

10. Passing fast

Emily took one of our longer courses—but whichever course you opt for, we always aim to get you passed as soon as possible within your time frame.

“I recently took a 35 hour course with Pass Me Fast; the team were incredibly helpful and very organised and got me a practical test date within 3 weeks of me booking the course and fit my course around it. My instructor Sue was amazing, a really lovely person and a fantastic instructor. I couldn’t have asked for anyone better; with her help I managed to pass first time. Thank you PassMeFast!”

Thanks to all of you who have reviewed us so far. We read every single one of your comments, and your feedback helps to shape our company’s approach and future. We’re proud of the work we’ve done so far, but we’re not slowing down; our recent Cheshire and Merseyside launch is just one example of our forward-facing approach. To see more of our reviews, head to Facebook or Google and have a browse.

*To date. Some instances of grammar and punctuation have been corrected; otherwise, reviews are as written.

By Katie Scott

Katie grew up in the middle of nowhere, so knows the true value of getting behind the wheel. From the rules of the road to handy hints and tips, she'll give you the lowdown on all things driving. Always on the move, when she's not in the car, you'll probably find Katie darting around the squash courts or out running in the rainy British countryside.

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