Tyne and Wear Theory Test Centres: Your Essential Guide

Tyne and Wear Theory Test Centres: Essential Guide

Thanks for joining us for another theory test centre essential guide. This month we’re exploring the offerings from the county of Tyne and Wear, an area in which PassMeFast courses have been available since March 2020. You may have noticed that we also launched in County Durham at this time, and yet that county is not covered in this guide. What gives?! Well, unfortunately, there are currently no theory test centres in County Durham at all. Luckily, though, residents need only pop over the border to Tyne and Wear, where they have a choice of two.

But which one should they go for? Read out essential guide to find out!

Tyne and Wear Theory Test Centres

Newcastle Upon Tyne

Newcastle Upon Tyne

Entrance to Newcastle Upon Tyne theory test centre

Address 1st Floor, Collingwood House
3 Collingwood Street
Newcastle Upon Tyne
Tyne and Wear

Waiting times (as of September 2019) 3-4 weeks
Nearest railway station Newcastle
2019/20 pass rate 49.4%

The first potential location for those looking to take their theory test in Tyne and Wear is Newcastle. We already know it’s a cracking city, but can its theory centre offer learners a solid place to sit the test? It sure looks like it! The pass rate is consistently above average, though admittedly it has dropped a few points in the last couple of years. Wait times for tests are fairly standard and provide you with just enough time to revise all of the necessary material.

If you plan to arrive at your test via public transport, you can go about it a couple of ways. Travelling by rail is a particularly convenient option. From Newcastle train station, it should only take you 4 minutes to walk to the test centre. Alternatively, you could get the bus and disembark at either Grey Street or High Level Bridge North End bus stop. Whichever you pick, it should only take you 2 minutes to walk to the test centre. Newcastle also throws in the option of taking the metro! Simply get off at the Central Station stop and it’ll be an easy-breezy 4-minute walk to your test.

Perhaps you’d rather be driven to your test instead. If that’s the case, help whoever’s taking the wheel by letting them know that the test centre postcode is NE1 1JW. A sat nav should be able to do the rest for you! We’d advise avoiding rush hour and giving yourself plenty of time to make your test appointment, because the roads can get quite busy. If the car needs to be parked, direct the driver towards Dean Street car park. It’s only 5 minutes away from the test centre and you’ll be charged £3.20 for 2 hours of parking.


Entrance to the Sunderland theory test centre

Address 2nd Floor, Havelock Buildings
High Street West
Tyne and Wear

Waiting times (as of September 2019) 2 weeks
Nearest railway station Sunderland
2019/20 pass rate 47.0%

The alternative to Newcastle is the Sunderland theory test centre. This place might not boast as high a pass rate, but it has plenty of other things going for it. That 2 week wait time for tests should already be catching your eye! Book your test in, get revising and make sure you’re fully prepared by the time the big day rolls around. If you need some help studying for the theory test, have a browse of our top theory test revision resources.

But back to the test centre itself! If you’re planning to arrive by train, we have good news—it should take you less than 5 minutes to walk from Sunderland train station to the test centre. Those determined to spend even less time on their feet should opt for a bus ride instead. It only takes 1 minute to stroll there from both the John Street and Fawcett Street bus stops. Talk about a doddle!

If you’re going the taxi route, or getting someone to give you a lift to your test, it’s worth entering the postcode (SR1 1TZ) into a sat nav to save any hassle. The theory test centre itself is quite inconspicuous, therefore it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for a white sign labelled ‘Pearson’ above the door. As for leaving the car somewhere, you’ll unfortunately find that the test centre does not offer onsite parking. Your best bet is to head 5-minutes down the road to Sunniside car park. Here you’ll be charged a very reasonable £2.60 for 2 hours of parking.

And that’s a speedy introduction to the theory test centres of Tyne and Wear! If this has merely whetted your appetite for information and you’d like to take a deep dive into the theory test centres briefly explored above, head over to our complete guide. Inside you’ll find lots of handy extra information, like local amenities and pass rates over the years.

Not set your heart on Tyne and Wear as a location to sit the theory test? There are certainly plenty more options to choose from! In fact, PassMeFast has an essential guide for test centres in places all over the country. Have a browse of some others below.

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