Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your Traffic Signs?

Traffic signs

Traffic signs help to maintain road safety by providing road users with useful information and directions. As such, a solid knowledge of what each different sign means is crucial. Not understanding a sign you encounter on the road could mean that you put yourself or others in danger. So, no matter whether you’re brushing up for your theory test or have been on the road for years, you need to know your traffic signs.

As a quick and easy way of helping drivers get to grips with traffic signs, we’ve provided this handy and fun quiz. This is not an exhaustive quiz, but instead focuses on just a few of the most common signs you’ll encounter. All of the questions included in our quiz feature on the official DVSA theory test. This means you can use it alongside the official iOS app or Android theory test app as a revision aid. We’ve also provided helpful feedback alongside each answer to help you work out the importance of each sign. Click below to start the quiz!

What else will come up on my theory test?

Whilst knowing your road signs is very important, many other different topics will appear on your theory test. These include your attitude and alertness as a driver, the rules of the road and motorway ruleshazard awareness and vehicle safety, amongst other themes. For a better idea of what to expect, check out our theory test quiz. Make sure you’re fully prepared for big day by revising with our ultimate theory test revision resources!

Remember that you’ll also need to answer questions during your practical test. These questions will relate to vehicle safety, and are generally known as ‘show me, tell me’ questions. Since the practical test changes in December 2017 candidates must answer one of these questions before they start driving, and one whilst driving. We’ve provided a full guide to the updated 2017 ‘show me, tell me’ questions to help you get prepared. Finally, if you want to further test your knowledge of traffic signs, learn about our Sorted game!

If you’re not in the mood for the more hardcore parts of theory test revision, why not take a look at our PassMeFast Emergency Stop Game?

By Andy Boardman

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