PassMeFast’s Top 10: YouTube Channels for Theory Test Revision

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If you’re looking to take your theory test soon, it’s important that you put aside plenty of time to revise for it. It isn’t something that you can just blag your way through. Plus, you need to have a good foundation of theory test knowledge in order to become a safe driver who knows the rules of the road. Along with standard theory test revision books and apps, YouTube is a great place to head to for helpful advice and information. Not sure where to start? We’ve compiled a list of the top ten YouTube channels for theory test revision, just for you. Check them out and let us know what you think!

10. Safe Driving For Life

First up on our list is Safe Driving For Life. Recognise the name? That’s because they’re the official publishing partner of the DVSA. Though they don’t have a ton of varied content on their channel, it’s a good place to start on your revision journey. They have a playlist that covers the entirety of the Highway Code—something we recommend all learners read when they begin building up their theory knowledge. This is because the multiple-choice section covers many of the topics in the Code.

The playlist itself was created to help users of British Sign Language learn the official Highway Code, and is a must-watch for anyone taking the theory test. Each video takes you through a different Code topic—ranging from road markings to traffic signs to general rules and advice. Please be aware, however, that the Highway Code is updated on a regular basis to keep its rules and information relevant. As such, you’ll want to read the latest edition of the Highway Code on GOV.UK as well.

If you like to learn the old school way, start with the Highway Code, which provides vital road information and rules. We advise buying resources like the official DVSA handbook or the AA theory test book. They both contain official DVSA questions with answers. Revise them thoroughly—they could show up on your test.

9. FM Driving School

Next up on our list of YouTube channels for theory test revision is FM Driving School. This London-based school offers a range of playlists dedicated to learning to drive and impressing the driving examiner. What we’re interested in here, however, is their theory test playlist, which focuses on the hazard perception section.

There are six clips in total. Whilst it might not seem like much, they’re extremely handy in explaining what developing hazards are and how you can get the highest scores possible in the hazard perception section. FM Driving School use their own dash cam footage in these videos, which makes them completely unique (unlike some online resources that end up using the same set of clips). Obviously, these videos, unlike the actual test, aren’t interactive. When you click on them, you’ll only pause the video, but, you’ll still get notified when a hazard occurs. We’d recommend watching these clips before trying any hazard perception mock tests.

8. Driving Crawley

Coming in at number eight on our list is Driving Crawley, a YouTube channel led by an ADI intent on helping learners pass their theory and driving tests. Though this channel is relatively basic in what it offers, it’s still a good starting point for learners who are looking for something slightly more interactive when revising the theory test.

There are 14 clips in total in the Pass Your Theory Test playlist—two of these clips are directly from the DVSA, showing learners what the format of the multiple-choice and hazard perception sections are like (a must-watch for all learners taking the theory test). There are a couple of videos offering tips and tricks on how to pass both sections of the test, along with others that walk you through basic must-knows like road signs, calculating stopping distances and pedestrian crossings.

7. Ben Stockdale

Next up on our list of YouTube channels for theory test revision is Ben Stockdale. Now, this guy has created videos, or lessons, for a range of topics, however, we’re focusing only on his playlist dedicated to driving lessons. What’s so great about this series of videos is that they were created by someone who was in your shoes not that long ago. As someone who passed his theory test, Stockdale is able to offer handy (and relatable) tips and advice. Though he doesn’t cover every element of the theory test, it’s a good stepping stone on your learning journey.

There are 32 videos in total in this playlist. Now, some of them relate to the actual driving test, so they won’t necessarily be relevant just yet. The rest of them go through the fundamental aspects of the theory test—ranging from speed and braking distances to what you need to know about driving in adverse weather conditions. There are two videos in particular that we want to draw your attention towards. The first is Every UK Road Sign Explained, which is something all learners should watch. The second is 50 Theory Test Questions Answered in which, as you guessed, he takes a mock test and walks you through the answers. This is a nice way to get acquainted with the test format.

6. The Driving School TV

Next on our list is YouTube channel, The Driving School TV. This channel follows instructor Francis, who aims to show learners handy tips and tricks to help them pass their theory and driving tests. Though there’s not much content on his channel as of yet, what’s there already is still very useful and there’s likely to be more to come in the near future.

Though there are playlists dedicated to driving lessons, test routes, driving test tips and general news, you’ll want to leave these until after you’ve passed the theory test and actually started learning to drive. Instead, you’ll want to focus your attention on the Theory Test Revision playlist. Here, you’ll find short episodes that consist of three real-life driving clips with nine questions. You’ll be given a short time to look at four potential answers, before instructor Francis picks the correct one and then walks you through a thorough explanation.

5. Spot On Driving School

Coming in at number five on our list of YouTube channels for theory test revision is Spot On Driving School. Led by Ann-Marie, this channel’s aim is to help learners master the driving techniques needed to be a safe and confident driver. Not only does she offer content on the theory test, she also provides handy tips for the driving test and updates on the latest news in the world of driving. Even better, she posts new videos on a regular basis.

You’ll want to start off by heading to her Theory Test Lessons playlist. Here, you’ll find videos covering basics like pedestrian crossings and entering dual carriageways, not to mention ones that walk you through the actual format of the theory test. Another playlist of note is the Social Media Videos one, which consists of relatively short videos (posted on Facebook) that take you through additional fundamentals like fuel consumption and eco driving. Ann-Marie even hosts live video chats in which learners can ask questions relating to the theory and driving tests.

4. Richard Jenkins

Next on our list of YouTube channels for theory test revision is Richard Jenkins’ channel. Now, if you want to pass the multiple-choice section of the theory test, you’ll need to know the fourteen theory test topics inside and out. And what do you know? This channel will help you do this—walking you through everything you need to build up your theory test knowledge.

Head to Jenkins’ Driving Test Tutorials playlist and you’ll find a range of videos relating to driving basics like road junctions and dual carriageways. The real prize here, however, is the series of theory test topic videos. In each of these videos, Jenkins takes you through what each topic entails and the common themes involved. He even takes you through example multiple-choice questions and offers thorough explanations to make sure you understand the topic completely. With the videos lasting between three to eight minutes, it shouldn’t take you long to get through at all.

3. LPOD Academy

We’re almost at the finish line here people! Coming in at number three is LPOD Academy, a school that’s dedicated to improving the way learners learn to drive. This channel has a lot of content related to actual driving lessons and routes, but, obviously, you’ll want to avoid this until after you’ve passed the theory test or started lessons. What you’ll want to focus on is their Theory Test Training Course playlist.

Once you’ve actually covered the topics of the multiple-choice section (as shown in Richard Jenkins’ channel), this is your next stop. There are 42 videos in total, with around three videos dedicated to each theory test topic. In these videos, you’ll be shown 20 multiple-choice questions. Once shown the four potential answers, you’ll have five seconds or so to pick one before the correct answer is highlighted. You’ll then be able to listen to a voiceover which will offer a more thorough explanation. This is a great way of getting to grips with the topics and understanding the types of questions you might encounter on the actual test.

2. UK Driving Theory Test

The runner up on our list of YouTube channels for theory test revision is UK Driving Theory Test. Though this channel hasn’t been updated for three years, the videos are still a great way to practice for the multiple-choice section of the theory test. Here, you’ll find 12 mock theory test videos. We’ve put this channel in second place not necessarily because it’s the best in terms of teaching material, but mainly because it’s something you’ll want to leave until you’ve completed most (if not all) of your revision.

As with the actual multiple-choice section, you’ll be shown 50 questions in the video. Each video is around 20 to 30 minutes long, which is less than the 57 minutes you’ll get in your actual test. As such, if you ever feel like you need more time, you should run a timer in the background and pause the video to reflect the timing of the real-life test. Once all answer options are listed for a question, you’ll get around five seconds to pick an answer before it’s highlighted.

1. UK DVLA Theory Tests 2018 – 2019

Last, but not least, is UK DVLA Theory Tests 2018 – 2019. As you’ve probably guessed by the name, this channel offers learner drivers a range of mock theory tests. Now, it hasn’t been updated since 2018, but the mock tests on offer are still extremely handy. If you can make your way through these videos, scoring upwards of 43 each time, you know that you’re well on your way to passing your theory test. (As mentioned with number two, we’d avoid attempting these tests until after you’ve finished your revision.)

There are 16 mock tests in total. The channel handily mentions the difficulty level in some of the titles, e.g., easy or difficult, so you can pick one according to your current learning ability. The videos contain 50 questions and will give you around 20 seconds to pick your answer from the four options. They last around 30 minutes, so if you need more time, simply pause the video. Once you’ve flown through these mocks, the channel has one final challenge to pit you against: a marathon mock test with 150 questions!

If in doubt, start with the Highway Code, which provides vital road information and rules. We advise buying resources like the official DVSA handbook or the AA theory test book. They both contain official DVSA questions with answers. Revise them thoroughly—they could show up on your test.

And there you have it—our complete rundown of PassMeFast’s top ten YouTube channels for theory test revision! Use these channels, alongside our handy theory test revision resources guide, and you’ll be sure to ace your test in no time! If you’re looking for further tips and advice, check out these 5 simple steps to pass the theory test!

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