Pass Your Theory Test First Time With Our Top 10 Revision Tips

Pass your theory test with our top 10 tips

About to sit your theory test? Follow these 10 simple steps to give yourself the best chance of passing in one:

Our Top 10 Theory Test Tips

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1. Know what you’re up against

There are two sections to the test. The multiple-choice section has 50 questions and lasts 57 minutes. You need 43 out of 50 to pass. The questions range from road signs to road safety to case studies. The hazard perception section contains 14 clips containing at least one hazard. You have to watch them and click when you see a hazard developing. You need to score at least 44 out of 75 to pass.

The hazard perception section contains 14 clips containing at least one hazard. You have to watch them and click when you see a hazard developing. You need to score at least 44 out of 75 to pass.

2. Read up on the rules

Start with the Highway Code, which provides vital road information and rules. We advise buying resources like the official DVSA handbook or the AA theory test book. They both contain official DVSA questions with answers. Revise them thoroughly—they could show up on your test.

3. Revise on the go

Get the Driving Test Bundle on iOS or Android for £4.99! It contains revision materials and mock tests covering road signs, the Highway Code, theory questions and hazard perception clips. People who have downloaded this app found that many of the questions showed up on their actual test!

4. Brush up on your hazard perception

The only way to prepare for the hazard perception test is through practice. The Driving Test Bundle comes with plenty of clips which give you a wide selection of driving situations. Try them out and make sure you read the explanations if you get any wrong.

5. Put in the hours

There’s no shortcut to success, and your chances of passing will be much greater if you spend plenty of time revising. Luckily, useful tools like revision guides and apps mean that you can now revise at home, on your commute, or during breaks at work or school.

6. Mock tests are key

Once you’re confident, take some official DVSA mock tests. The app bundle also comes with a variety of mocks—it can even compile incorrectly answered questions into one test so that you can improve. You can find more mocks at Safe Driving For Life, Top Tests, Theory Test Online and Hazard Perception Test.

7. Back to basics

Double check to make sure you’ve got the right date, time and location for your theory test. Don’t forget to bring your provisional licence—otherwise, you won’t be able to take your theory test.

8. Use the practice time wisely

You’ll have 15 minutes at the start to practice and get used to the test layout. You’ll also watch a clip explaining hazard perception before you start that section. Additionally, you’ll be given a 3-minute break between the sections.

9. Flag and Review

You have the ability to flag questions in the multiple-choice section. This is useful for when you come across questions you’re unsure on—you can then come back to them at the end of the test. Don’t forget to review all of your answers at the end.

10. Take your time

You’ve got 57 minutes to complete the multiple-choice section, giving you time to review everything once you’re done. If you’re not sure about a question, flag it for the end. You won’t be able to review the hazard perception clips, but as long as you’ve practiced, you should fine.

Good luck!

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