South and West Yorkshire Theory Test Centres: Your Essential Guide

South and West Yorkshire theory test centres

The theory test is the first really important stage of your driving journey. Without a theory test pass certificate in the bag, you won’t even be able to book a practical test, let alone sit one! So, it’s only right that you take the theory element seriously. Find out what you need to know, study hard and book yourself a test appointment at your local centre.

Depending on where you’re from, chances are you’ll have more than one theory test centre to choose from in your local area. This is certainly true for those living in South and West Yorkshire—altogether, there are 5 theory test centres in this region.

Now, having options is great, but not if you find it hard to make a decision. If you are struggling to pick a test location, PassMeFast is here to swoop in and help you out. Consider us your theory centre fairy godmothers! We’ve compiled a quick guide to all of the South and West Yorkshire theory test centres. Trust us, once you know information like pass rates, wait times and transport links, choosing your preferred location will be a doddle. Let’s get cracking!

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South Yorkshire Theory Test Centres



The entrance to South Yorkshire theory test centre

Address Office 6 Silver House
Silver Street
South Yorkshire

Waiting times (as of February 2019) 3-4 weeks
Nearest railway station Doncaster
2019/20 pass rate 45.0%

First up, we head to South Yorkshire and the Doncaster theory test centre. This one is conveniently located right in the heart of the town and is easily accessible by train and bus. Planning to arrive by rail? Good news! It should only take you around 10 minutes to walk from Doncaster train station to your test. Those travelling by bus should hop off at Bowers Fold bus stop, which is only a minute from the test centre.

Those who’ve managed to snag a lift to their test should have a similarly simple journey. All you need is the postcode (DN1 1HL) and a trusty sat nav. The centre sits right next to the A638, so once you’re on here it shouldn’t be hard to find. Keep in mind that there is no parking outside the test centre itself, but you do have a couple of options just 2 minutes away. Check out the Parkopedia page for this postcode to find out more.

OK, so the pass rates here aren’t great, but that’s no reason to write this place off. In all honesty, pass rates don’t really mean much for individual learners. As long as you do plenty of revision and arrive in good time, there’s no reason your test day can’t be a success!


Entrance to Sheffield theory test centre

Address 3rd Floor
Orchard House
Leopold Street
S1 2GY

Waiting times (as of February 2019) 3-4 weeks
Nearest railway station Sheffield
2019/20 pass rate 45.9%

For those who prefer big cities, South Yorkshire’s most attractive option is likely to be the Sheffield theory test centre. You can’t exactly complain about the transport links here—you have the option of train, bus and tram!  The closest stations will be Sheffield (train) and City Hall (tram and bus). If you’re looking to limit the amount of walking you have to do, the bus is the best option as it drops you just a minute away from the test centre. The train and tram stops are 10 and 5 minutes away, respectively.

Getting there by car is also an option, as long as whoever’s driving you is happy to take on city centre traffic! Stick S1 2GY into a sat nav and hit the road. The A61 surrounds the city centre, so this is where you’re likely to be directed. Once you find the centre, it’s time to find a parking spot. There aren’t any at your destination, but you do have affordable options close by. You’ll find specific details on price and location on Parkopedia.

Pass rates at the Sheffield theory test centre are slightly below the national average, so not much to see here. Either way, stats aren’t going to help you pass your theory test—it’s time to get studying! Flip through the highway code, hone your hazard perception skills and basically make sure you really know your stuff before test day rolls around.

West Yorkshire Theory Test Centres



Entrance to Bradford theory test centre

Address 1st Floor
Caspian House
61 East Parade

Waiting times (as of February 2019) 5-6 weeks
Nearest railway station Bradford Forster Square
2019/20 pass rate 40.2%

Moving on to West Yorkshire, we kick things off with Bradford theory test centre. Though it’s situated just outside the centre of town, you still have lots of options when it comes to buses and trains that stop near this location. Both Bradford Forster Square and Bradford Interchange are within walking distance. If buses are more your vibe, you can hop off at Leeds Road East Parade, Church Bank Upper Park Gate or Church Bank bus stop. Which is the most convenient just depends on the direction you’re coming from.

Ditching the idea of public transport in favour of a nice quiet car journey? Fair enough. Pop BD1 5EP into the car’s sat nav and follow the instructions. One of the best things about this theory test centre is that there is parkng available on the street outside. We’d recommend arriving in plenty of time if you want to nab a good spot. It’s not the end of the world if they’re all taken—you can find nearby car parks on Parkopedia.

There’s no denying it—the pass rates at Bradford theory test centre are not good. To be fair, they’re not terrible, either, and they really don’t make much of a difference to your personal chances of passing. Your mark is all down to how much work you put in. You can’t skip the studying part, we’re afraid. To make the revision process a little more fun, you could always have a play of some car-related games. We created one called Sorted, which is particularly great (if we do say so ourselves…).


Entrance to Huddersfield theory test centre

Address 5th Floor
Ramsden House
New Street

Waiting times (as of February 2019) 4-5 weeks
Nearest railway station Huddersfield
2019/20 pass rate 45.4%

Those contemplating booking in at the Huddersfield theory test centre will be pleased to learn that it is also easy to get to using public transport. If you arrive at Huddersfield train station, it’s only an 8-minute walk to the test centre. Taking a bus is also a feasible way to arrive at your test. Simply disembark at either the Peel Street or High Street bus stop. Both stops appear on numerous routes, so buses should be fairly frequent.

If someone’s nice enough to give you a lift to the test centre, just tell them that the postcode is HD1 2TW and they should be able to find it. Keep in mind that this theory test centre actally has 2 entrances—one at the font and one at the back. While there’s unlikely to be parking spaces available directly outside the test centre, there are some very affordable options nearby. Have a scour of the Parkopedia page for this location to find your best option.

The pass rates here aren’t exactly anything to shout about, but this shouldn’t impact your final decision. The theory test is the same wherever you take it, so success is down to how prepared you are on the day. You can always take a practice quiz to get an idea of where you’re at in terms of your driving knowledge.


Entrance to Leeds theory test centre

Address 1st Floor
Gallery House
The Headrow

Waiting times (as of February 2019) 3 weeks
Nearest railway station Leeds
2019/20 pass rate 45.4%

Rounding off our trip to West Yorkshire is the Leeds theory test centre. As you can imagine, being located in a major city means that this centre is easy to get to by a range of different transport. It’ll take you less than 12 minutes to walk to your test from both Leeds train station and Leeds coach station. Not close enough? Fine, take the bus! The Headrow bus stop stands mere metres from the entrance of the test centre.

With transport links that good, it’s probably not necessary to get a lift to the test centre. If the offer’s there, though, and you prefer to be driven, enter LS1 5RD into a sat nav and set off. Leave yourself plenty of time to account for the traffic you’re likely to encounter in the city centre. As is often the case, the test centre does not provide on site parking, but you have plenty of options in the surrounding area. To get an idea of nearby car parks and how much they’ll charge, head over to Parkopedia.

The Leeds pass rate sits just below the national average. Remember, though, that this doesn’t mean you have a lower chance of passing here. The theory test is the same wherever you take it. The way you prepare for it is what makes the difference. Not sure where to start? Have a look at our guide to passing the theory test, if you’d like some help forming a study schedule.

Want more?

Hopefully this quick guide has given you a solid idea of where you’d like to take your theory test. If you’d be interested in finding out even more about these particular test centres, you’ll find lots of useful bonus material in our complete guides:

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