Greater London Theory Test Centres: Your Essential Guide

Greater London theory test centres

PassMeFast launched in Greater London at the beginning of October 2018. Since then, we’ve helped numerous residents of the Big Smoke earn their licence and get on the road. Want to join them? First you’ll have to pass your theory test!

London is a big place, so, as you might expect, there are plenty of theory test centres to choose from. In fact, you’ll find a total of 8 scattered across the area.

To help you decide which is right for you, we’ve compiled an essential guide to each one. So, read on to explore the various pass rates, transport options, waiting times and more at Greater London’s theory test centres. Let’s get started!

Greater London Theory Test Centres

Mile End


Entrance to Croydon theory test centre

Address 2nd Floor, Central House
27 Park Street
Greater London
Greater London

Waiting times (as of February 2019) 1 week
Nearest railway station East Croydon
2019/20 pass rate 47.0%

First up, we’re heading to the borough of Croydon. This theory test centre sits right in the centre of town and is easily accessible by a range of public transport. Whether you’re arriving from the east or west, you’ll find the train a great option for getting to your test. From East Croydon station it will only take you 5 minutes to walk to the test centre. Those pulling into West Croydon also have an easy trip—it’s just 12 minutes away!

Not a fan of the train? No problem. You can also arrive by tram or bus. Disembark at either George Street tram stop or Park Street bus stop and it’ll take you less than 3 minutes to arrive for your test. No excuses for showing up late, then!

You also have the option to get to your theory test by car, as long as someone is willing to give you a lift. Be prepared for heavy traffic and some pretty pricey parking spaces! You see, the test centre doesn’t provide a place to leave your car. The nearest option to the test centre is Croydon Central car park (CRO 2AA). It’s only a 4-minute walk away but will set you back £5.70 for 2 hours of parking.

In terms of the test centre itself, there are some pros and cons. On the upside, you’ll usually only have to wait around a week for an available test slot. This is pretty short in comparison to other centres around the country. The downside is that the pass rate here is below the national average. As we always say, though, this doesn’t really impact individual learners. Study, revise, get plenty of sleep before your test and you should be fine!


Entrance to Ilford theory test centre

Address 253 High Street
Greater London

Waiting times (as of February 2019) 1-2 weeks
Nearest railway station Ilford
2019/20 pass rate 41.9%

Heading east, we now turn to Ilford theory test centre. The pass rate here doesn’t make it look particularly promising, but we encourage people not to give these stats much weight. At the end of the day, how you perform is down to how prepared you are for the test. Plus, with reasonable waiting times and some great parking options, there are plenty of things that the Ilford centre has going for it!

Those arriving by public transport will be pleased to hear that both bus and train are a great way to travel to this test centre. Ilford train station is only 7 minutes away on foot, whereas the Hainault Street (W) bus stop is a mere 150ft away—talk about convenience!

If someone is driving you to your theory test instead, give them the postcode IG1 1NE and hit the road. Want the best news? There’s free parking available! No, it’s not at the test centre itself (this is almost unheard of) but it is only a 6-minute walk away. Head to Ilford Retail Park (IG1 1NJ) and you can get a parking space for 2 hours completely free of charge! Mind. Blown.

Kingston upon Thames

Entrance to Kingston Upon Thames theory test centre

Address 4th Floor, Drapers Court
Kingston Hall Road
Greater London
Kingston Upon Thames
Greater London

Waiting times (as of February 2019) 1-2 weeks
Nearest railway station Kingston
2019/20 pass rate 51.6%

Next up we travel to south-west London to explore the Kingston upon Thames theory test centre. The first thing you’ll notice is that the pass rates are looking up! Yes, 51.6% is well above the national average. Keep in mind that this in no way means you’re more likely to pass here—that depends on the hard work you put in. When you are ready to take your theory test, the 1-2 week waiting time at this centre means you won’t be hanging around for a long time to secure a slot. Good to know!

Once test day arrives, how are you going to get there? If you’re happy to get the train, you’ll find that the test centre is only an 11-minute walk from Kingston station. If even that sounds like too much time on your feet, get the bus instead. Kingston Hall Road bus stop sits just meters away from where you’ll be sitting the test.

If you’re lucky enough to have secured a lift to your test, pre-warn the driver that there is no parking available at the test centre. You can, however, leave the car at The Rose car park (KT1 2NB). It’s less than a minute away and charges a reasonable (for London, that is!) £3.20 for 2 hours of parking. As this is an area that can get quite congested, we recommend leaving plenty of time to get to your destination—the DVSA does not care for tardiness!

Mile End

Entrance to Mile End theory test centre

Address 3 Quebec Wharf
14 Thomas Road
Greater London
E14 7AF

Waiting times (as of February 2019) 1-2 weeks
Nearest railway station Limehouse
2019/20 pass rate 50.7%

Those residing in East London may find that the Mile End theory test centre is one of their best options. The pass rates and waiting times are almost identical to those of Kingston, which is pretty impressive considering it’s only been open since September 2016. A quick heads up—this test centre is also referred to as Limehouse theory test centre, which can get a little confusing.

In terms of how to get to your test, you’re not short of options when it comes to public transport. Limehouse train station and Mile End tube station are just 15 and 17 minutes away, respectively. To get even closer to the test centre without spending much time on your feet, you’re best off catching the bus. Hop off at Pixley Street and your test location is less than a minute away.

If someone is willing to take on city centre traffic for you, then arriving by car is also a possibility. Tap E14 7AF into a sat nav and follow the directions. As per usual, you won’t be able to park at the test centre itself. Instead, try your luck at the West India Quay car park (E14 4AN), which is roughly 19 minutes away. For 2 hours of parking (which is probably all you need) it will set your back £4.80. Not bad when you consider the area you’re in.


Entrance to Sidcup theory test centre

Address Planwell House, Lefa Business Park
Edgington Road
Greater London
DA14 5BH

Waiting times (as of February 2019) Less than a week
Nearest railway station Sidcup
2019/20 pass rate 47.3%

A little further south from Mile End you’ll find Sidcup theory test centre. This is a particularly great choice for those who want to get the theory test done and dusted as soon as possible. That’s because the waiting times here are so short, you may be able to secure a test appointment that’s just a few days away! Sure, the pass rate lies ever so slightly below the national average, but that’s really nothing to worry about.

There are a couple of issues you should note when planning how to travel to Sidcup theory test centre. It’s located in a business park, making it a bit of a hassle to get to via train. The nearest station is Sidcup itself, which is still a fairly lengthy 39 minutes away. Thankfully, that is not your only option. As long as you’re willing to take a bus, you can get very close to the test centre without having to walk far. The Ruxley Corner bus stop is only 6 minutes away.

You could also ask (or pay) someone to drive you to your theory test. Getting there shouldn’t be much trouble, but parking is another story. The spaces you see by the centre are not available to test centre visitors and the nearest car parks are a significant distance away. Have a browse of the Parkopedia page for this postcode to see for yourself. If you do plan to arrive by car, we recommend getting dropped off and picked up again, rather than having whoever’s driving stick around for the duration of your test. Not ideal, but you can make it work!


Entrance to Southgate theory test centre

Address 2nd Floor, Crown House
47 Chase Side
Greater London
N14 5BP

Waiting times (as of February 2019) 2 weeks
Nearest railway station Southgate Tube Station
2019/20 pass rate 44.7%

Finally getting around to the north of London, we have the Southgate theory test centre. Now, in comparison to some of the other Greater London centres, you’ll notice that the pass rate is fairly low and the waiting times are not as short. Be aware, however, that in comparison to the rest of the country, the numbers here are still fairly promising. Give Southgate a chance!

Getting to this test centre by public transport couldn’t be easier. Hop on the tube and take it to Southgate, and your test location is a mere 3-minute walk away. Alternatively, you could take the bus and be dropped off right next door! Yep, the Southgate Police Station bus stop sits just next to the test centre—so no funny business while you’re there!

You can also take a car to the test centre, though you won’t find any parking spots when you get there. This is fairly common for theory test centres. There are some very handy car parks nearby, though. For just £2 for 2 hours you can use the Minchenden car park (N14 6BN), which is 8 minutes away from the test centre. Or, if you love a bargain and don’t mind a walk, we’d advise you head straight to the Osidge Lane car park (EN4 8JT). Parking here is completely free, but you will have to walk for 30 minutes to reach your test.


Entrance to Southwark theory test centre

Address Ground Floor
22 Shand Street
Greater London

Waiting times (as of February 2019) 3 weeks
Nearest railway station London Bridge Tube Station
2019/20 pass rate 51.8%

Making our way over to central London, it’s time to take a look at Southwark theory test centre. Pass rates here are looking nice and healthy—in other words, they’re a good few points above the national average. This is a positive sign, but doesn’t really have an effect on your personal chances of passing. Make sure you know exactly what to expect on test day and do plenty of revision. The waiting times at this test centre sit around the 3 week mark, so you have plenty of time to study!

Before sitting your test, you need to work out how to get there. Those planning to navigate the public transport system would do well to choose the tube or a bus. The Tooley Street City Hall bus stop is a mere hop, skip and jump from the test centre. Or, if you’re happy to take a wee stroll, make your way to the London Bridge tube stop. From here it’s around a 7-minute walk to your test, depending on how many tourists you have to wade through!

If someone close to you doesn’t find the prospect of driving through central London utterly horrific, you can catch a lift to your test. There’s no parking available at the test centre, so get ready to whip your wallet out and spend some serious dough if you plan on leaving the car somewhere nearby. The closest car park is London Bridge (SE1 3RU). Here you will be charged a not-at-all reasonable NINETEEN POUNDS FOR 2 HOURS OF PARKING. Welcome to the capital! That bus is looking pretty attractive now, eh?


Entrance to Uxbridge theory test centre

Address Wellington House
4-10 Cowley Road
Greater London

Waiting times (as of February 2019) 3 weeks
Nearest railway station Uxbridge Tube Station
2019/20 pass rate 41.6%

Rounding off your theory test centre options in Greater London is the one located in the west London district of Uxbridge. Pass rates here are pretty low, but, on the upside, you won’t have to sell your first born child to afford a parking spot!

As is the case with a lot of the more centrally-located London test centres, the best way to reach your test is by tube or bus. If taking the former, disembark at Uxbridge underground station. From here it should only take you 4 minutes to walk to the test centre. As for the bus, you want to head to the Hinton Road bus stop. It’s an even speedier 2-minute walk from where you’ll be sitting the test.

Driving to the test is also an option, as long as someone else is willing to do the honours, of course. Enter UB8 2XW into a sat nav and hit the road. As always with metropolitan areas like this, you should leave plenty of time to reach your destination, as traffic can get a little crazy. Once you arrive, it’s time to find a parking spot. We’d recommend making your way to the Grainges car park (UB8 1BS)—it’s only 5 minutes away from the test centre and charges £1.40 for 2 hours of parking. A bargain for this part of town, if you ask us!

And that does it for the theory test centres of Greater London! We hope these guides have helped you to narrow down your choice and start preparing for the test itself. For an even more detailed exploration of the test centres listed above, you can have a read of our complete guides to the Greater London theory test centres.

If you’re not necessarily tied to London and fancy checking out the theory test centres in some other counties, we have plenty of guides just like this one. Here are a few more places to consider:

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