Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire Theory Test Centres: Your Essential Guide

It’s time to explore some more of the theory test centres scattered around the UK. This month we have good news for learner drivers in Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire, because your counties are next to take the spotlight! The fact that we’re heading to these areas also means that PassMeFast’s intensive driving courses and fast-tracked tests are available here. Woohoo! Your learner driver experience just got a whole lot easier.

Join us, then, as we take a trip to the various Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire theory test centres. We’ll cover pass rates, wait times, directions and much more!

When it comes to revising for the theory test, start with the Highway Code, which provides vital road information and rules. We advise buying resources like the official DVSA handbook or the AA theory test book. They both contain official DVSA questions with answers. Revise them thoroughly—they could show up on your test.

Gloucestershire Oxfordshire

Gloucestershire Theory Test Centres



Entrance to the Cheltenham theory test centre

Address The Coliseum
18-20 Albion Street
GL52 2LP

Waiting times (as of September 2019) 2-3 weeks
Nearest railway station Cheltenham Spa
2019/20 pass rate 53.4%

We’ll start proceedings in Gloucestershire. The first of the county’s two theory test centres is located in the famous racing town of Cheltenham. First of all, take a long, hard look at that pass rate. Pretty impressive, right? That being said, remember that such stats have no real impact on individual learners. To truly improve your chances of passing the theory test you need to make sure you do enough revision. The 2-3 week wait time for appointments should give you just enough time to achieve this.

How do you plan to make your way to Cheltenham theory test centre? If you’re taking public transport, a bus is the option that allows you to spend the least time on your feet. Hop off at either the Pitville Street or John Lewis bus stops, and you need only walk for about a minute to get to the test centre. The train is also an option, but you will have quite a walk ahead of you. The closest station is Cheltenham Spa, which is a 30-minute walk from your destination.

If the option is available to you, you can of course cut out all of the literal legwork by getting a lift to your theory test. Take note of the postcode (GL52 2LP) and hit the road! You’re looking for a white building with a red entrance. As is the norm, the test centre does not provide parking. If your chauffeur wants to leave the car while you sit the test, tell them to head to the John Lewis car park (GL52 2RR). It’s only a 4-minute walk away and costs £3.10 for 2 hours of parking.


Entrance to the Gloucester theory test centre

Address Eastgate House
121-131 Eastgate Street

Waiting times (as of September 2019) 2-3 weeks
Nearest railway station Gloucester
2019/20 pass rate 45.0%

The other test centre in this county is in Gloucester. In contrast to Cheltenham, the pass rate here isn’t anything to write home about. 45% is actually a couple of points below the national average. As we’ve mentioned, though, these figures aren’t really something to be concerned about. The theory test is the same wherever you take it. As long as you do your revision and show up on time, you should be absolutely fine!

Turning to some more positive news, this test centre is really easy to get to by public transport. Grab a bus, for example, and you can be dropped off practically outside the door! Just ask for the Atik Nightclub bus stop. Then again, the train is also a good option. Head to Gloucester train station and you only have a 7-minute stroll ahead of you to get to your theory test.

If even those easy-peasy options aren’t to your liking, you could get a taxi or ask someone you know to give you a lift. You’re heading to the postcode GL1 1PX. As you can see from the picture above, Eastgate house is a brick building with black railings lining the entrance. There’s no parking available at the centre, but if the person who drove you in plans to stick around, there are car parks nearby. The one we recommend is Station Road car park (GL1 1QD), which is only a 3-minute stroll away. On top of that, it charges a very reasonable £2.20 for 2 hours of parking. Not bad at all!

Oxfordshire Theory Test Centres



Entrance to the Oxford theory test centre

Address 3rd Floor
58 St Aldates

Waiting times (as of September 2019) 3-4 weeks
Nearest railway station Oxford
2019/20 pass rate 51.1%

Now let’s turn to Oxfordshire, where we have a short job because there’s only one theory test centre option. As you may have expected, it’s located in the city of Oxford. Famed for housing some of the biggest brains in Britain, it’s perhaps no surprise that the pass rate here is fairly high. In fact, it’s a good 4 points above the national average. As theory test pass rates go, that’s quite impressive! The wait time for an appointment is also fairly reasonable, at 3-4 weeks.

To make your way to your test appointment here there are a couple of public transport options. We’ll start with bus because this is extremely convenient. You see, if you get a bus to the Police Station bus stop, you’ll find yourself less than 100m from the test centre! Those who prefer to travel by rail or are heading in from out of town can also take a train instead. Disembark at Oxford train station and you just have a 17-minute walk ahead of you to reach your destination.

Lucky learners may know someone who is willing to drive them to their test. If this sounds like you, take note of the postcode: OX1 1ST. Pop that info into a sat nav or the maps app on your phone and follow the directions. The test centre is situated to the left of Christ Church Meadow, so look out for that. For parking options, you’ll have to look beyond the test centre itself. We recommend heading to Westgate car park (OX1 1EB). It’s a 14-minute walk from the test centre, charges £4 for 2 hours of parking and has over 1,000 spaces.

Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire theory test centres

That concludes our brief jaunt around the Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire theory test centres. If you’re itching for a more detailed look, check out our complete theory test centre guides for Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire. Not tied to either county above and curious about the other theory test locations on offer? Have a browse of some of our other essential guides below…

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      This is all dependent on when the Government allows the DVSA to restart non-emergency tests. Unfortunately, no new information has been released as of yet.

      Keep an eye on the DVSA official site for the latest news. We’ll also be updating the blog as soon as new information is available.

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