East Sussex and West Sussex Theory Test Centres: Your Essential Guide

PassMeFast has finally made it all the way to the southern coast: hello East and West Sussex! Learner drivers in this area will be thrilled to learn that our intensive courses and fast-tracked tests are available across both counties. So, when you’re not enjoying a stroll through the beautiful South Downs or chilling by the seaside, you can learn to drive in the most efficient way possible—with the help of PassMeFast!

The theory test is one of the first hurdles you need to clear to earn a driving licence. To make this stage a little easier, we’ve created an essential guide to all of the theory test centres in East and West Sussex. Check it out below!

West Sussex East Sussex

East Sussex Theory Test Centres



Entrance to Brighton theory test centre

Address 4th Floor, Victoria House
125 Queens Road
East Sussex

Waiting times (as of September 2019) 1-2 weeks
Nearest railway station Brighton
2019/20 pass rate 52.9%

Apparently no one told the occupants of the Brighton theory test centre that first impressions are important. When you first show up to this place, you may be a little put off. We’re just going to say it: the place looks sketchy. If it makes you feel any better, the theory test centre is located on the 4th floor, which means it’s not behind the windows covered in graffiti.

Now let’s focus on the positives, of which there are a few. First of all, check out that pass rate—52.9% is well above the national average! Secondly, this test centre is really easy to get to by public transport. It’s on the same road as Brighton train station and should only take you about 6 minutes to walk between the two. For a shorter 1-2 minute walk to your appointment, take a bus and get off at either North Road or Imperial Arcade bus stop.

Learners arriving at the test centre by car can take note of the postcode, BN1 3WB, and whack that in a sat nav for directions. There’s no parking available outside the test centre and these roads are quite small and windy, so you’ll want to come armed with a plan if the person driving you plans to stick around. To avoid being completely ripped off (the nearest car park charges a whopping £12 for 2 hours of parking!!) go to the Churchill Square Shopping Centre car park (BN1 2RU).  It’s a 7-minute walk away and costs £4.50 for 2 hours of parking.


Entrance to Eastbourne theory test centre

Address Senlac House
53-58 Seaside
East Sussex
BN22 7NE

Waiting times (as of September 2019) 1 week
Nearest railway station Eastbourne
2019/20 pass rate 48.3%

Your next option in East Sussex is the Eastbourne theory test centre. This place enjoys a double whammy of having an above average pass rate and a very short wait time for tests. Not to mention, you get an excuse to visit a lovely seaside town if you decide to travel here for your theory test! The centre actually sits quite close to the seafront, about a 16-minute walk from Eastbourne train station. Taking the bus instead? Get off at either Leaf Hall Road or St Aubyn’s Road bus stop. Both are a 2-minute walk from the test centre.

If you’re instead choosing the taxi service of Mum and Dad, or maybe even an actual taxi, just know that the postcode you’re heading for is BN22 7NE. You’re heading to Senlac House, which from the image above you can see is clearly signposted. The only problem is that there is no onsite  or nearby parking available. The closest option is a good 17-minute walk away. If you’re happy to do this, you’re looking for Redoubt car park (BN22 7AE). It’s on the seafront and charges a fairly reasonable £2.50 for 2 hours of parking.


Entrance to Hastings theory test centre

Address Phillips House, Ponswood Industrial Estate, Drury Lane
St Leonards
East Sussex
TN38 9BA

Waiting times (as of September 2019) 2-3 weeks
Nearest railway station St Leonards Warrior Square
2019/20 pass rate 47.5%

Finally, East Sussexers could also opt for Hastings theory test centre. This one usually has the longest wait time for tests out of the 3 in the county, but it does have an above-average pass rate. Plus, it’s reasonably easy to get to, as long as you’re taking a bus. Disembark at Ponswood Road bus stop and you only have to stroll for about 6 minutes before reaching your destination. Roosevelt Court bus stop is a 9-minute walk away.

The downside of theory test centres that are located on industrial estates is that they tend to be quite far away from the action. Case in point: this test centre is a 27-minute walk away from St Leonards Warrior Square train station, which is the nearest rail option.

You might think that getting a lift to your theory test solves this problem, but that’s not quite true. Let the driver know that the postcode you’re heading to is TN38 9BA and they should be able to get there just fine. You also need to let them know, however, that it’s best to just drop you off and come back later. Parking options in this area are scarce. The nearest option—Saint Leonards Warrior Square car park (TN37 6HL)—is a 27 minute walk away and charges £4.70 for 2 hours of parking. It also only has 26 spaces, so you need to hope they haven’t all been taken before you arrive.

West Sussex Theory Test Centres



Entrance to Chichester theory test centre

Address Metro House
West Sussex
PO19 1BE

Waiting times (as of September 2019) 3-4 weeks
Nearest railway station Chichester
2019/20 pass rate 49.2%

Moving over to West Sussex, now, and we start with the Chichester theory test centre. It boasts a nice, healthy pass rate that sits a couple of points above the national average. The wait time of 3-4weeks is a little on the long side for Sussex, but pretty standard in comparison to the rest of England. You can use this time to get plenty of revision in, which is vital if you want to pass the test first time!

The test centre sits to the north of the city and is in a convenient location that’s nice and easy to get to by public transport. Great news for learners! From Chichester train station it takes about 15 minutes to walk there. To shorten the time spent on your feet, get on a bus as well or instead. Exit at Orchard Avenue or Franklin Place bus stop and it’ll only take you a couple of minutes to get to your appointment.

The city location might put you off taking a car (with someone else in the driving seat!) to your theory test, but this test centre benefits from having lots of affordable parking options nearby. The postcode of the test centre is PO19 1BE, but if you’d rather drive to the best place to park first, head to Northgate car park (PO19 6AA). It’s only a 2-minute walk from the test centre and charges just £1.60 for 2 hours of parking. Decent!


Entrance to Crawley theory test centre

Address 1st Floor, Belgrave House
Station Road
West Sussex
RH10 1HU

Waiting times (as of September 2019) Less than a week
Nearest railway station Crawley
2019/20 pass rate 49.7%

Next up is the Crawley theory test centre. This one is great for those learners who are in a particular hurry to pass, because wait times for test appointments here can be less than a week! The pass rate is also above the national average, which is comforting (though in all honesty the stats don’t matter for individual leaners).

If this is your test centre of choice, you can head there by train, bus or car. The train is a really great option because Crawley train station is just a little way down the road and across the street. So, to walk from there to your test should take about 2 minutes! The same goes for if you catch a bus and hop off at Crawley bus stop.

Catching a lift to your test? Getting there by car can be easy if you just enter the postcode RH10 1HU into a sat nav. Once you enter Crawley you can also follow signs to the train station. While you can’t park at the test centre, you do have options close by. For convenience we recommend going to The Railway car park (RH10 6AA). As you can probably guess from information we’ve already provided, it’s a 2-minute walk from the test centre. It’s also cheap as chips! You can enjoy 2 hours of parking for just £1. Sold!


Entrance to Worthing theory test centre

Address 1st Floor, Chatsworth House
31 Chatsworth Road
West Sussex
BN11 1LY

Waiting times (as of September 2019) Less than a week
Nearest railway station Worthing
2019/20 pass rate 47.9%

Rounding off our list of Sussex theory test centres is the Worthing branch. This test centre’s pass rate is only just above the national average, but we wouldn’t worry about that much, or at all really. If you’re lucky you might be able to secure a test appointment within 7 days or less here, which is pretty impressive! Just make sure you’ve studied all of the relevant material before you set off.

If you’re heading to this coastal town from another location, the journey can be super straightforward if you go with public transport. Worthing has 3 train stations, but the one you need is the main Worthing train station (avoid East or West Worthing as they are further away from the test centre. From this central location it should only take you 13 minutes to walk to the test centre. If you’d prefer to be dropped off just around the corner from the test centre (we’re talking a few hundred feet!), take a bus instead and get off at the High Street bus stop.

Finally, of course, you could be driven to your theory test. Be it by a friend, family member, or taxi, let the driver know that the postcode is BN11 1LY. If they need a place to park while you sit your test, they should make their way to Union Place car park (BN11 1LG). You’ll find it’s a 2-minute walk from the test centre and charges £3 for 2 hours of parking. Not exactly on the cheap side, but it’s certainly convenient!

East and West Sussex theory test centres

That covers all of the theory test centres located in East and West Sussex! Have you made your mind up on which to go for? If you’re still debating and would appreciate some more information on each, you can take a look at our complete guides over on the main PassMeFast website. There’s one for East Sussex and one for West Sussex.

Than again, maybe you’re considering another county altogether. It that’s the case, we have plenty more essential guides to explore:

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