Berkshire and Hertfordshire Theory Test Centres: Your Essential Guide

Berkshire and Hertfordshire theory test centres

Listen up all you Berkshire and Hertfordshire locals! We’re going to provide a rundown of all the theory test centres located in your fine counties. If you’re on a quest for a driving licence, one of the first things you should do (apart from contact PassMeFast) is to think about where you’d like to take your theory test.

There are 4 test centres to choose from in this part of the country, so this doesn’t need to be a drawn-out affair. In fact, we’re going to provide a handily digestible guide to each one that includes only the most important info. Waiting times, pass rates, directions—they’re all here!

Let’s get started!

Berkshire Hertfordshire

Berkshire Theory Test Centres



Entrance to Reading theory test centre

Address Havell House
62-66 Queens Road

Waiting times (as of September 2019) 3-4 weeks
Nearest railway station Reading
2019/20 pass rate 50.3%

The first theory test centre offering from Berkshire is located in the central town of Reading. It sits across the river from the heart of town, but is still very easily accessible by public transport. Those arriving by train, for example, will find that it takes around 12 minutes to walk from Reading train station to the test centre. A bus will get you even closer to the front door! Hop off at the Eldon Road stop and you can walk to your destination in less than 5 minutes. Handy, eh?

Those planning to skip the public transport option and catch a lift instead should make note of the postcode: RG1 4AZ. Tell whoever’s driving to enter that into a sat nav, keep an eye out for Wesley Church (which is just next door) and you should arrive at your test with little hassle. The same cannot necessarily be said for the parking. You see, the test centre does not provide parking spaces for those taking a test. You can, however, find some nearby. The closest option is Queens Road car park, which is 3 minutes down the road and charges £4.40 for 2 hours of parking.

Let’s finish up with Reading theory test centre on a positive note! That pass rate is pretty impressive. 50.3% is a good few points above the national average. Remember, though, that you shouldn’t give too much weight to these stats because your result is all down to how you perform on the day. Make sure you know what to expect and squeeze in plenty of theory revision!


Entrance to Slough theory test centre

Address Brooklands House
Petersfield Avenue

Waiting times (as of September 2019) 2-3 weeks
Nearest railway station Slough
2019/20 pass rate 44.9%

You’ll find the other Berkshire theory test centre all the way over at the far north-east of the county in Slough. Right out of the gate we’ll address the fact that the pass rate isn’t much to shout about. It’s below the national average and, in all honesty, hasn’t looked great for the past few years. The thing is, though, this isn’t really something for individual learners to worry about. The only thing that determines how well you do on the theory test is how prepared you are. Outside factors like pass percentages have little to no impact on your score, so focus on revision rather than the rates!

If Slough is your test centre of choice, we’d recommend arriving by public transport. The test location is, after all, only a 9-minute walk from Slough train station. If even that is a little too much walking for you, get on a bus and disembark at the Queens Road bus stop. From here it’s only a 4-minute walk to the test centre!

Getting a lift instead? Just make sure that the driver is made aware that there is no on-site parking available at the theory test centre. This isn’t an issue if you’re getting dropped off, but if the person needs to stick around, you’ll have to search for a car park. Thankfully, we can fill you in on the closest option! Head to Slough Station North car park, which is about 6-minutes away. It’ll set you back £5 for 2 hours of parking. Not the cheapest, but that’s the price you pay for convenience!

Hertfordshire Theory Test Centres



Entrance to Stevenage theory test centre

Address Ground Floor Suite One
Middlesex House
Meadway Corporate Centre
Rutherford Close
Open in Google Maps
Waiting times (as of September 2019) 3-4 weeks
Nearest railway station Stevenage
2019/20 pass rate 47.8%

Heading over to Hertfordshire now, where we’ll start with the Stevenage theory test centre. This place is located in a business park—so, not exactly in the centre of town, but still fairly easy to reach by public transport. If you’re up for a 25-minute walk, you can head straight to the test centre from Stevenage train station. Not what you had in mind? Don’t give up on public transport just yet, because Rutherford Close bus stop is situated just 2 minutes from where you’ll be taking your test.

If you’ve managed to organise a lift to your theory test centre, jot down the postcode (SG1 2EF) to help the driver find their way. You need to be aware, though, that there is no parking available at the test centre itself. To make matters worse, the nearest options are over a 20-minute walk away. Not an issue? OK, make your way to the Primett Road car park. It’s a fairly lengthy 22-minute walk from the theory test centre, but you’ll only have to pay £1.50 for 2 hours of parking. Swings and roundabouts!

The pass rate at Stevenage test centre isn’t amazing, but it’s also above the national average of 47.1%. As a result, we wouldn’t give this much thought when deciding which test centre to take your test at. A waiting time of 3-4 weeks is also fairly normal when it comes to theory tests, and gives you just enough time to revise both the hazard perception and multiple choice sections of the exam!


Entrance to Watford theory test centre

Address 1st Floor, Cassiobury House
11-19 Station Road
WD17 1AP

Waiting times (as of September 2019) 5-6 days
Nearest railway station Watford Junction
2019/20 pass rate 47.1%

And now for your remaining option in Hertfordshire: the Watford theory test centre. The first thing that stands out about this place is the incredibly short waiting time for a test appointment. Learners can often bag one less than a week in advance, which is great for those who are in a rush or retaking! While the pass rate isn’t great, it’s also not that bad. Plus, as we always say, these stats aren’t that important for learner drivers. As long as you put the work in, there’s no reason you can’t pass your theory test first time at this test centre.

Those travelling by public transport will be thrilled to learn that this test centre is super easy to get to without a car. Take the train to Watford Junction (which also doubles as a tube stop) and you only have to walk for 2 minutes to reach your test! If you prefer the road to railways, taking a bus to the centre is similarly convenient. Both West Street and Watford Junction bus stops are a 3-minute walk from the test centre.

If someone’s nice enough to drive you to your test, let them know that the postcode is WD17 1AP and follow instructions from a sat nav. As soon as you reach the centre of Watford, keep your eyes peeled for a red brick building with steps leading up to the entrance. This is the theory test centre so you can hop out! Driver planning on sticking around? They won’t be able to park at the centre itself, but they can find a few car parks in the surrounding area. The closest option is the Watford Junction Station car park, where you’ll be charged £6 (yikes!) for 2 hours of parking.

Berkshire and Hertfordshire theory test centres

And there you have it! Our essential guide to the Berkshire and Hertfordshire theory test centres is complete. Hopefully you now have a much clearer idea of where you’d like to take your test. If you settle on a particular centre in this area and would like to learn even more about it, have a browse of our complete guides over on the PassMeFast website. There’s one each for Berkshire and Hertfordshire. Inside you’ll find addition details like yearly pass rates and handy local amenities.

Not quite had your fill of theory test centre essential guides? There’s plenty more where that came from! Check out similar guides to the centres in some of the other counties PassMeFast covers:

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