Derbyshire Driving Test Centres: Your Essential Guide

Here at the PassMeFast Blog, we’re working our way around the UK to bring you useful information on the practical test centres in each county. Our handy guides will provide you with details on the local area, potential test routes, access information and more. In this guide, we’ll be focusing on the Derbyshire driving test centres.

With just three test centres to choose from in Derbyshire, learners have a clear-cut choice here: Buxton, Chesterfield or Derby (Alvaston). Read on for the lowdown on all three and get prepared for the big day!

Test Centres

Derby (Alvaston)


Buxton street view image

Address The Dairy
7 Green Lane
SK17 9DS

Parking? No
Toilets? Yes: male, female and disabled
Disabled access? You can get into the test centre in a wheelchair
2016/17 pass rate 53.6%

We kick off our roundup of the Derbyshire driving test centres by heading to the one which boasts the highest pass rate: Buxton. Given the often stark differences between city and countryside driving, it should perhaps come as little surprise that Buxton, the most rural of Derbyshire’s three test centres, takes top honours here.

As a relatively compact town, it shouldn’t come as a shock that the Buxton test centre is located within easy walking distance of local public transport, with Buxton train station less than 15 minutes away on foot. If arriving by bus, there are no fewer than ten bus services that serve stops around the Five Ways Junction adjacent to the test centre. Of course, most learners with PassMeFast won’t need to worry about public transport—home and workplace pickups come as standard with our courses, after all!

Lying on the border of the Peak District National Park, learners here are removed from the high-speed dual carriageways that are a feature of driving in and around inner cities. This doesn’t mean, however, that you won’t face some tricky road conditions. For starters, the town centre here features numerous roundabouts, meaning that you’ll need to be confident in tackling these. If learning to drive in winter, you may also need to be particularly vigilant in case of icy conditions.


Chesterfield street view image

Address Bus Garage
Approach Road
S41 7LT

Parking? Yes
Toilets? Yes: male and female
Disabled access? You can get into the test centre in a wheelchair
2016/17 pass rate 47.6%

Our second stop on our trip through the Derbyshire driving test centres is, appropriately, Derbyshire’s second largest town: Chesterfield. The Chesterfield driving test centre sits in the north east of the county, lying relatively close to the border with South Yorkshire and the city of Sheffield. This means that local learners may wish to check out the South Yorkshire driving test centres, too.

Chesterfield test centre is close to the town centre, as well as to Chesterfield train station. Given that the test centre is located next to the Stagecoach bus depot, though, arriving by bus may also be a good choice for those taking public transport to the test centre.

Unlike the aforementioned Buxton test centre, dual carriageways are a feature of driving in Chesterfield, with the A61 (Rother Way) running just to the east of the town centre. With national speed limits applying on this road, you’ll need to be able to adapt to driving at higher speeds than you may be used to. In the same vein, it may also be useful to get some practice on motorway driving with your instructor—after all, with the M1 just a few miles from Chesterfield, you’re quite likely to be using it once you’ve passed. (Don’t worry, though—motorway driving won’t feature on your test!)

Derby (Alvaston)

Derby (Alvaston) street view image

Address Off Belmore Way
DE21 7AY

Parking? Yes
Toilets? Yes: male and female
Disabled access? N/A
2016/17 pass rate 45.5%

It’s time for us to pull into the last of the three Derbyshire driving test centres, as we head to the town that the county is named for: Derby. The test centre in Derby is found in the east of the city, close to the suburban area of Alvaston. Derby (Alvaston) driving test centre has the lowest pass rate amongst the county’s practical test centres. However, at 45.5%, the test centre is only marginally below the national average—and it’s certainly not impossible to get your licence here!

Given that its location isn’t exactly central, arriving at Derby (Alvaston) test centre by train isn’t a feasible option. The town’s main railway station, for example, is two and a half miles away, while the closest train station, Spondon, is barely an improvement, at around two miles away. You needn’t worry, though: your driving instructor will typically be able to offer home and workplace pickups to take you to and from your lessons and tests. Be aware, however, that practising at this test centre is not allowed; you will only be able to access the site if you have a test appointment.

The test centre’s proximity to several major A roads, including the A5111, A52 and A6, means that you’ll definitely encounter one of these during your lessons, and are highly likely to do so during your test. You may also face some tricky roundabouts close to Derby Commercial Park, as well as dealing with slower speeds and a range of hazards in the suburban areas of Derby.

With each test centre having its individual quirks, there’s plenty to bear in mind as you head into your practical test. Don’t worry, though. When you book a course with PassMeFast, you’ll be learning alongside some of the best in the business: qualified, DVSA-approved instructors who have the skills and experience to turn even the most nervous of beginners into a confident driver.

Best of all, with our courses featuring intensive and semi-intensive structures, your transformation will be complete in a matter of weeks. We’ll even secure you a fast-track practical test to get you on the road lickety-split! Call us on 0333 123 4949 or book online to take your first step towards driving today.

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