Our 10 Top Favourite Pass Photos

Top 10 Favourite Pass Photos

Since PassMeFast began, we have helped hundreds of you learner drivers pass your practical tests. But it’s more than just statistics; we enjoy getting to know each and every one of you. From the moment you start finding out about our different courses, we love learning your story: all about any prior driving experience you might have had; any time restraints you’ve got for learning to drive; any particular issues you feel that need to be addressed.

It makes the process personal for us, and helps us tailor each course to suit you and your needs. That might mean placing you with a specific type of instructor, or emphasising the flexibility in doing your course either intensively or semi-intensively. Ultimately, what we find out helps us to help you on your way to driving independence—and happily ever after.

It was tough whittling down all the success stories to our all-time favourite practical test passes, but here are the ones that made the cut.

1. On the road at any age

Better late than never! First up, there’s Richard. Don’t let anyone tell you that an old dog can’t learn new tricks, because this man is proof that age really is just a number. At 70, he’s the oldest person we’ve had come through PassMeFast to date. Many pensioners find that driving is a lifeline for them, presenting opportunities that help to combat the loneliness or isolation that many can experience in later life. Now Richard, too, can enjoy the freedom of driving.

Richard with his pass certificate and the car in which he learned to drive


2. Don’t grind your gears—go auto

When things aren’t going your way, you might need to look at the situation from a different angle. Libby had previously taken lessons in a manual car, but found that the style of driving didn’t suit her. Instead of giving up, she decided to adapt and play to her strengths—and came to us for an intensive course in an automatic car. The proof was in the pudding: Libby now has an automatic driving licence, after passing with just 3 minors.

Libby with her pass certificate


3. Gaining confidence—and a licence

Next on our list of favourite pass stories is Charlie. She had to juggle childcare, uni and placements alongside her driving lessons. And, as if her busy schedule wasn’t enough, she also found the practical test extremely nerve-wracking. This had already caused her to fail several times before she found us. Her PassMeFast instructor was able to be flexible around all of Charlie’s other commitments, and also raise her confidence levels significantly. Shortly after booking in, Charlie found herself finally passed and on the roads; one less thing to worry about.

Charlie with her pass certificate standing beside her learner car


4. Lightning-fast learning

Rhys was keen to pass his test as soon as physically possible. He booked in before his birthday to make sure that we had time to find him an instructor, took his theory test a few days after turning 17,  did his course hours in double-quick time, and was passed in the blink of an eye. He had been legally able to drive for less than a month when he got his full driving licence—quite some achievement! 

Rhys with his pass certificate and the car in which he learned to drive


5. A happy ending at last

Some of our pupils come to us after starting to learn to drive many years ago. For various reasons, their first attempts at learning haven’t culminated in a pass: life may have got in the way; funds may have run out; circumstances may have changed. In Leanne’s case, she’d had some lessons, but never got to a test-ready standard. So, 15 years later, she decided it was time to re-learn. There’s no time like the present, and Leanne’s present was a solid pass on her practical test: the perfect end to this lengthy story.

Leanne with her practical test certificate


6. Cool as a cucumber

It was all a matter of course for Decklan, who took his pass into his stride. Legend has it that Decklan is so successful in life that a small matter of passing his practical test was due no more than a nod of the head and a casual pose for the sake of posterity.



7. Beaming with pride

At the other end of the emotional spectrum, we have Eugene. His pass photo embodies the happiness you’d expect when you’ve just got yourself a driving licence. He dragged his instructor, Sue, into the shot, flashed those pearly whites, and snapped this epic selfie. A celebration of a job well done, and we loved being part of his journey.

Eugene with his pass certificate and driving instructor


8. Getting in the fast lane

There’s no one who can attest to that feeling more than Aisling. She had been learning for over a year with other instructors, was frustrated with the process, and on the verge of giving up—when she heard about our courses. Convinced that one intensive course could do more than all her hourly lessons put together, she decided to give it one last shot.  Her 15 hour course was spent getting used to the car and ironing out any skills she was struggling with, before flying through her test.

Aisling with her pass certificate


9. The end of a long road

While we’re on the subject of not giving up, our list of favourite driving test passes would not be complete without Sasy. Never quite able to pull his pass out the bag when it came to the test, he stuck with it—and eventually succeeded. A true testament to determination and patience (both his and his instructor’s!) and, as our longest running pupil, we’re quite sad to see him go. Yet another fledgling learner we’ve let loose into the big wide world of independent driving.

Sasy with his pass certificate and the PassMeFast car in which he learned to drive


10. Pass with your pup

Last, but not least: Jenna. She had been struggling with nerves on her driving test, but needed her licence before starting a new job. Over her course hours, she built up confidence and practiced her driving skills with one of our highly-graded instructors. It wasn’t long before she was test-ready, and passed her practical with just 1 minor. And what better way to celebrate than with a four-legged friend?

Jenna with her dog and the car in which she learned to drive


We’ve had a great summer; with the practical test changes set to take place in December 2017, it’s been a busy time. You can see some of our recent favourite pupil passes here. Alternatively, you can follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with the latest PassMeFast success stories.

Did you know that PassMeFast is now in West Yorkshire? Keep up-to-date with all of our goings-on, including our South Yorkshire launch, in the news section.

By Katie Scott

Katie grew up in the middle of nowhere, so knows the true value of getting behind the wheel. From the rules of the road to handy hints and tips, she'll give you the lowdown on all things driving. Always on the move, when she's not in the car, you'll probably find Katie darting around the squash courts or out running in the rainy British countryside.

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