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Love or hate v-day (and all it stands for), most of us know a car will never let you down. Okay, that might just be what we try to tell our vehicles—a little forcefully, perhaps—en route to their MOT. But we’re all for a bit more love in the world, and our little runarounds do give us the joy of the open road, an incomparable sense of freedom—and the perfect place to belt out some tunes.

To celebrate all things warm and fuzzy, we got you to tell us the top things you love about driving. We also asked you a series of ‘In your car, Have You Ever…’ questions on our Instagram stories (don’t worry, we kept it clean). Thanks to all of you who played along; here’s what we found out.

Love is in the air car

A car with love heart balloons in its boot
Image source: Emin Sefiyarov via Unsplash

It’s just the two of you, alone, with the world shut out… we think taking a drive is the perfect backdrop for romantic conversations. And our research* appears to back this up, with 34 out of 132 people we surveyed confessing they’d said ‘I love you’ to someone for the first time whilst in a car.

If that’s not enough to get the butterflies going, our results also informed us that loads of you have been asked out in your car: 36% in fact! A true celebration of love. Funnily enough, (although we’re sure it wasn’t at the time), 36% of you also said you’d experienced a break-up in a car. We just hope it wasn’t the same group of you who got asked out there…

And while 67% of you had heard bad news on a drive, a whopping three-quarters of you had received good news—and we are absolutely here for that! But the biggest positive response? 70% had shared a kiss in the car. With the engine off, and parked up safely, of course.

Top 4 reasons to love driving

A woman sitting atop a car against a backdrop of blue skies and mountains
Image source: Joe Pilié via Unsplash

When we asked ‘Have you ever told someone that you love your car more than them?’, we were a little surprised to find 24% were guilty of this! Not that we can blame them; after all, there are loads of reasons to love driving. Your top things were:

A sense of freedom

There’s no arguing with this one. Get behind the wheel and the world is your oyster. Whether you want to pay someone a visit, head to the shops, go on holiday or simply run your day-to-day errands, cars really do allow you to be spontaneous. You’re even the boss of your own commute. That’s pretty invaluable stuff right there.

Feel the rhythm

Another reason a lot of us love our cars is the opportunity it provides to enjoy some music. Emotional ballads, 90’s pop or R&B: whatever your jam, your car feels like a good place to belt it out. And (safety first!) you can check out the least distracting songs for driving here.

Night time drives

The road to yourself and a sense of peace: night drives can be great, alone or with company. City or country, there’s something special about jumping in the car after dark.

Empty roads

Similar to the night-drivers, who doesn’t love a stretch of blissfully clear tarmac? The open road is a serene place for unwinding—and especially enjoyable if you’ve got some stunning landscape to enjoy.

What would you break up with when it comes to driving?

Relationships aren’t all plain sailing, and when asked what bumps in the road you and your car had faced, the main answers that came up were:

🚗 Traffic jams
👷 Road works, and
🚦 Temporary traffic lights

We hear you! Day-to-day inconveniences can be surprisingly frustrating.

Romantic drives in the UK

Ladybower reservoir
The Snake Pass offers motorists access to the Peak District. Image source: Matthew Feeney

It’s not about the destination, but the journey, as the old cliché goes. So, grab the people you love, and take an adventure along any of these epic routes.

Snake Pass

Perhaps we’re biased, given our head office is quite close by, but Snake Pass is one of our favourite roads in the UK. Not one for the heights of winter (when it’ll most likely be closed), but in better weather you can head through the Peak District in Derbyshire to enjoy winding roads and resplendent countryside views. Wonderful scenery for a romantic drive.

Applecross Pass

Who needs continental Europe when you’ve got this zig-zag route on the West coast of Scotland? Its hairpin bends aren’t for the faint of heart, but if you’re up for an adventure, the impressive crags a stunning backdrop for a day date.

Did you know we launched driving lessons in Scotland in 2021? See which length course would best suit you.

The Central Sperrins Route

There are a whole host of beautiful places to drive in Northern Ireland, but one that particularly caught our eye is the central Sperrins route. Mountains, valleys and pretty villages, this really does have it all.

The Coastal Way

A seaside date without the chilly sea breeze: there are dramatic views to be had along The Coastal Way—a route in Wales famed for its beauty. And if you want to stretch your legs, there are epic walks and wonderful local eateries to stop off at too.

A City Centre Near You

If you and your loved one are more into big city lights, take a drive through any built-up area when the sun goes down, and soak up the nightlife together from the cosy interior of your car’s front seats.

Festive Favourites

Finally, one to remember for the festive season. Nipping out in the car to view Christmas lights is a magical activity to do with kids—and a fun outing for couples too. Find a nearby neighbourhood that really goes to town on their decorations, and embrace that child-like excitement they’re bound to bring.

And finally… The one where we pop the ultimate question

While not strictly driving-related, in keeping with the theme of love, we just had to ask:

Were Ross and Rachel on a break?

60% said yes, but the other 40% thought not. Make of that what you will.

*Yes, it was an Instagram poll. Yes, you are welcome to join in all the fun (and pick up news, tips and occasional discounts) by following us over on Insta and TikTok.

By Katie Scott

Katie grew up in the middle of nowhere, so knows the true value of getting behind the wheel. From the rules of the road to handy hints and tips, she'll give you the lowdown on all things driving. Always on the move, when she's not in the car, you'll probably find Katie darting around the squash courts or out running in the rainy British countryside.

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