Pass Story: From Beginner to Driver in 7 Days

Here at PassMeFast, we like to help people get their licence quickly. After all, it’s in our name! Some readers, however, might question exactly how fast PassMeFast is. One pupil who proves just how fast is Daniel, who came to us as a beginner—and passed in seven days.

We got in contact with Daniel to get a bit more info about why he chose PassMeFast. Read on to learn more about his story!

Why Daniel chose PassMeFast

Learning to drive

Many of PassMeFast’s learners came to us because they needed to pass their test by a specific date. For others, it was a work-related impetus that spurred them on. For Daniel, both factors came into play, as he needed to be able to drive for his job as a filmmaker and editor—and was also about to move house.

With time of the essence, an intensive course was a natural choice. By finding a driving test cancellation appointment, our team was able to arrange a practical test for Daniel in plenty of time, meaning he’d be ready for move-in day at the end of April.

Personal preference also came into play for Daniel. “I work better doing everything in one big block,” explained Daniel. Taking all of this into account, we put together a plan that would see Daniel take a 40 hour driving course over 7 days.

The course

Huddersfield test centre

Before booking his course, Daniel had only had around three hours’ worth of experience behind the wheel. This meant packing a lot of tuition into a short time period. It was a tall order—but PassMeFast was up to the job!

Instructor Alan put Daniel through his paces over seven days, with around seven and a half hours of lessons each day. Though Daniel did have the opportunity to take breaks, it was certainly a fairly gruelling schedule.

Nonetheless, while Daniel did admit that the pace was somewhat mentally and physically tiring, he noted that “if you want it badly enough, you work for it”. This left him with just one thing left to do: head to Huddersfield, one of the ten West Yorkshire driving test centres, to get his licence.

Daniel’s pass story

The fast pace of Daniel’s lessons wasn’t the only obstacle he had to overcome. He also started the week with “a lot of anxiety and panic about being behind a wheel”. So, how would he fare when it came to taking his practical test?

As it turns out, he was to fare very well indeed. Daniel passed his test at the first time of asking, picking up only a few minor driving test faults along the way.

How would Daniel celebrate his fantastic achievement? Taking his new car for a spin? A night on the town? No—he had a nap! (After a week’s worth of solid driving, we can’t blame him!)

When he came to, Daniel was effusive with praise for his instructor, Alan, who he described as “nothing short of a miracle”. He said that he’d definitely recommend PassMeFast to others in a similar situation, joking that “I’m now driving, no one’s been injured, and it’s all down to the service”!

If, like Daniel, you need to get on the road fast, we can help! We have a range of intensive courses suitable for everyone, from refresher courses for experienced learners and our mid-range 30 hour course, all the way through to 48-hour courses for total beginners. All you need to do is get in touch. Call us on 0333 123 4949 to get things started.

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By Andy Boardman

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