How To Make Sure You Don’t Miss Any PassMeFast Emails

Spam folders — we all love the way they shelter our inboxes from scams, bots and strange propositions. But sometimes an email spam filter can be a tad too keen and send important “non-spam” emails into the wrong folder, leaving you wondering: “Why aren’t I receiving any emails from PassMeFast?!”

When this happens, you can miss some really important info; like an update on your driving course, test date or instructor’s details.

To stop any spam spanners from being thrown into the works, we’ve created a quick guide on how to add PassMeFast to your safe senders list. This will tell your email provider that you want to receive our emails so you can always get the latest scoop on the progress of your course.

How to stop important PassMeFast emails from being filtered into spam

Adding us to your safe senders list (and receiving all our emails) is dead easy whichever email provider you use.

We’ll be using Gmail, the most common email provider, as our primary example in this guide. If you’re not a Gmailer, don’t worry, because all other major email providers are really similar!

1. Find an email from PassMeFast 

If the email has already gone to spam, first you’ll want to hit the ‘Not Spam’ or ‘Report as not spam’ button. This will teach your inbox that this particular email is safe, but follow the next couple of easy steps to teach it that other emails from PassMeFast are okay too.

If you haven’t received an email from us yet (for example, if you’re about to book a course), then you can accelerate straight to Step 3!

Once you’ve opened a PassMeFast email in your inbox, either hover your cursor over the contact details (desktop) or press the contact (mobile devices). This will expand the contact details so you can press the ‘More info’ button (circled below).Screenshot showing how to add a contact on Gmail

2. Add to contacts

Once you press ‘More info’ you’ll be taken to a screen where you can ‘Add to contacts’. Simply hit that and the sender will be in your safe list. Just like magic, their emails won’t be sent to spam!

Adding a contact on Gmail

If you’re using Yahoo! Mail, then you can follow the same instructions.

If you’re using Outlook, click the down arrow next to the Outlook logo in the top left corner of your screen. Select ‘People’ and ‘New’ to add a new contact. Then enter the contact details that you want to add to your safe list and save.

Waheyyy — you’ve succesfully added a contact to your safe list!

3. Create a filter

To be extra sure you don’t miss a trick, you should add the PassMeFast.co.uk domain to your safe senders list. This means emails from any of our team will land in your inbox and not in spam.

If you’re a Yahoo! Mail user (yahooser?…), jump here to learn how to create a filter.

Got an Outlook email address? You’ll want to use this guide here.

You’ll need to do this from a desktop device but it only takes 20 seconds. First press the cog in the top right corner of your Gmail screen. Then select the ‘Filters and blocked addresses’ tab from the menu. From here you’ll select ‘Create new filter’ and add PassMeFast.co.uk into ‘From’.

Once you’ve done that, click the ‘Create filter’ button in the bottom right.

Screenshot of Gmail showing how to create filter so PassMeFast.co.uk emails are 'Never Send to Spam'

Then you’ll be asked to choose the filter settings. All you want to do here is select ‘Never send it to Spam’ and create the filter.

Screenshot of Gmail showing how to list PassMeFast.co.uk under 'Never Send to Spam'

You’ll then be sent back to the ‘Filters and blocked addresses’ and you should see that Gmail has learned that emails from PassMeFast.co.uk should never be sent to spam.

Screenshot of Gmail showing PassMeFast.co.uk listed under 'Never Send to Spam'

And that’s job done for you Gmailers — you won’t miss any updates from us going forwards!

TL;DR: Click the cog in the top right corner to access ‘Settings’ > Select ‘Filters and blocked addresses’ tab from the menu > Select ‘Create new filter’ > Add PassMeFast.co.uk into ‘From’ text field > Press the ‘Create filter’ button next to ‘Search’ > Select the ‘Never send it to Spam’ checkbox > Create filter

Adding a filter in Yahoo! Mail

If you’re using Yahoo! Mail then you want to select the ‘Options’ cog icon in the top right corner. Then choose ‘Filters’ and press ‘Add’. Call the filter name whatever you want, but we go for ‘PassMeFast Emails’,

After you’ve named your filter, find the ‘Sender’ column and select ‘Contains’. Add PassMeFast.co.uk and make sure that the ‘Then deliver the email to the following folder’ field is set to ‘Inbox’.

Press ‘Save’ and you’ve done!

Just to recap: Options > Filters > Press ‘Add’ > Name your filter > Select ‘Contains’ under the ‘Sender’ column > Add PassMeFast.co.uk into text field > Make sure ‘Then deliver the email to the following folder’ field is set to ‘Inbox’ > ‘Save’

Adding a filter in Outlook

It’s also easy to make a filter in Outlook. First, find an email from PassMeFast and select it. Once selected, press the ‘Home’ tab and look under the ‘Delete’ section of the toolbar (top left of the screen). Finally, click the small down arrow next to ‘Junk’ and select ‘Never Block Sender’.

In summary: Find email from PassMeFast > Select the email > Select ‘Home’ tab > Locate the ‘Delete’ toolbar > Click the down arrow next to ‘Junk’ > Select Never Block Sender

And there you go — done and dusted! Now you’ll receive all PassMeFast emails and won’t miss any updates on your course.

If your specific email provider isn’t mentioned here and you can’t figure out how to add us to your safe sender list, just drop me a comment below. I’m a bit of a nerd so I’ll be more than happy to help! ????

By Sam Plant

Sam spent the first 2 years of his PassMeFast career with the Customer Experience team, and now he’s sharing his driving experience with the rest of the world! When not writing, you can find Sam reading, playing games, or following Port Vale.

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