My Learner Driver Experience: Jack

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It’s time for another instalment of My Learner Driver Experience, the series that gives you a personal insight into exactly how members of the PassMeFast team earned their driving licences.

This month it’s the turn of CX Adviser, Jack. He’s been a part of the team since summer 2019 and has since then guided hundreds of learners to driving test success. Interestingly, he did most of this work while yet to pass the test himself. All that changed this month, though!

Check out Jack’s interview to read an honest account of what it’s really like to learn to drive during a pandemic. He certainly drops a few gems of wisdom along the way. Enjoy!

The stats

How old were you when you started learning to drive? 22

How old were you when you passed your driving test? 23

How many attempts did it take for you to pass the theory test? 2

The learning process

What transmission did you learn to drive in? Manual.

How many lessons did you need? 43

Why did you want to learn to drive? To make my life easier and to stop feeling like a liability to all of my friends who have to pick me up!

What was your biggest challenge? Picking myself up after my first fail. It seems like you will never pass and you think you’re destined to get Ubers everywhere—but it is important to dust yourself off and go again!

What did you enjoy most during your lessons? The progress you make. In lesson 1 you’re like, ‘What is this all about?‘, but then as the hours go on and you start to pick it up it is a good feeling learning something that was completely new to you at the start.

What was your instructor like? A friendly guy who instilled confidence in my driving ability, when I did not necessarily have that confidence myself.

Learning to drive in a pandemic

What was it like learning to drive during a pandemic? Hard. I wanted my lessons to have a rhythm to them and to be somewhat intensive but both lockdowns impacted this. Luckily, after the long periods without driving I picked it up again relatively quick!

Did you feel safe learning to drive during this time? Yes, there are lots of precautions in place to ensure learning is safe and secure.

What safety precautions did your instructor take? He wiped down the car before and after each lessons and we both wore masks when in the car. 

What COVID safety measures were in place during your test? Masks, social distancing and there were fewer tests taking place. 

The practical test

Where did you take your test? Cheetham Hill test centre.

How many attempts did it take for you to pass the driving test? 2

How many minors did you get? 8

Reflecting on the experience

Overall, how did you find the experience of learning to drive? It was a positive one but it was hard. Now that I have passed it is more of a weight off my shoulders than anything and I am glad I won’t have pre-test nerves again!

Do you plan on continuing to drive in the future? Yes! I am looking at getting a car soon and hopefully plan to drive myself home at Christmas—fingers crossed!

And, finally, Jack’s top tip for learner drivers:

“Keep pushing, even if you fail however many times. The worst thing you can do is give up. My instructor says it does not matter how many attempts it takes, as you will pass eventually—and I do believe that!”

Our fingers are crossed for you to make that Christmas drive, Jack! What a great insight into how COVID-19 restrictions have impacted driving lessons and tests. Despite all of the setbacks 2020 threw his way, Jack persevered and earned that licence. We love to see it!

You can learn a little more about Jack in his Meet a CX Adviser profile. Or, if you want to delve into more Learner Driver Experience interviews, check out the ones we did with Andy, Jordan and Jade.

For all of the latest driving news and tips, keep an eye on the PassMeFast blog!

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