Meet a CX Adviser: Paul

We’re already halfway through 2021—and already onto our sixth edition of Meet a CX Adviser this year alone! In case you’ve never checked out the series before, this is where we speak to our Customer Experience team and find out more about life at PassMeFast.

In this article, we’ve spoken to Paul, who joined the team in the middle of 2020. How has his experience been at PassMeFast? Find out below!

About Paul

Age: 31

Do you have a driving licence? Yes.

At what age did you pass your test? I was 17.

How many times did it take you to pass? One.

What was your first car? A Vauxhall Corsa.

What car do you have now? A Ford Fiesta.

What’s your dream car? A Bentley Continental GT!

What do you do to relax? Watch a film.

What are your hobbies and interests? Drums, writing music, jiu jitsu, gaming, films.

Paul at PassMeFast

When did you join PassMeFast? August 2020.

What made you decide to join PassMeFast? I was referred by Jason, who said it was a great place to work.

What’s your favourite thing about being a CX Adviser? Helping people.

What’s the funniest thing that’s happened since you started working at PassMeFast? The Christmas get-together!

What’s your favourite pass story? Hard to pick, but one of my favourites was a key worker who passed quicker than they expected.

What’s the most common problem learners come to you with? Manoeuvres!

What’s the best piece of advice you’d give to new drivers? Don’t just be eager to pass—take the time to learn and enjoy being in a car.

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By Andy Boardman

Andy has been part of the PassMeFast Blog team from the very beginning. He'll provide you with plenty of useful motoring advice, helping you to get the most out of every trip. When he's not writing here, you're most likely to find Andy on the way to his next destination.


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    Francoise Morley

    Hello!, I hold a full UK driving licence since 1988, I am 63 and just received Reminder from DVLA that “their records show that my driving licence, which must by law be renewed every 10 years, is due to expire. They offer the service on line BUT as soon as I give them my “Union europeenne passport number which include letters” they blank me as they ask for UK passport number, I am French holding a valid EU passport issued by the French consulat in the UK. I hold full settlement to remain in the UK (married to British Citizen, Grand-mother and pensioner).. etc, etc….Please advise. Kind regards.

    1. Reply

      Sam Plant

      Hi Francoise,

      I’ve never actually dealt with a case like yours before, I’m afraid!

      I’d have thought they’d accept a French passport — have you tried asking them about this on the phone?



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